(niall horan fan fiction) run away bride

hi my name Is betty, I was about to walk down the aisle on my wedding day when it hit me, I don't love him any more, so I ran away.... and I hid


7. 1D and me

"Betty, Niall, you need to get changed look at you your soaking" Louis laughed, I looked over to him and laughed too

"ok daddy, I will do that now" I joked giving him a kiss on the forehead to add onto the joke and ran up to the stairs and got into my onsie, my clothes was only wet because of myine and Nialls Kiss, once I had got changed I ran downstairs

"Betty, why did you call Louis daddy? I thought I was Daddy Direction" Liam asked me, I smiled at him

"well me and you guys have different realationships, Louis is my Daddy, you are my oldest brother, Zayn is my older brother, that's is younger than you, Niall is my boyfriend and Hazza is my...." I stopped and started laughing

"whats so funny?" Harry asked

"well, this will probably help you figure out what you are to me..... Harrietta" as sson as I said this Harry jumped over to my seat and started tickling me, I closed my eyes and tried to stop my laughter, it stopped for a minute and then he started again, I was in the middle of saying No when his lips were ontop of mine, I opened my eyes about to smack him in the face when I saw it was Niall so I kissed back

"loving the onsie" he told me when we pulled apart, he loved onsies but I don't think he was on about that, I looked down to check what was on my onsie, it was an Irish flag with Niall's face on it

"of course you would" I laughed "your the one that picked it out a couple of weeks ago" I laughed again

"I know I did" he laughed

"you two are a bunch of big kids"

"im not, poo face is" I said mocking a childs voice

"im not poo face your poo face" Niall copied me I pounced onto Niall but he flipped me over and he was ontop of me tickling me

"Niall get of me"

"you know how to stop me"

"but its not a punishment anymore because Im telling you the twuth" I joked about and saying it how I would of if we were like this when we were five

"true, damn" he thought for a moment and smiled at me

"no Niall, I know what your thinking"

"say it Betty"

"mashverg hasdiergf myerivfdh didrefncds"

"what? I don't understand"

"mummy has my foidnobdrg"

"You have to say it loud and clear so the other guys could hear"

"ahhh, mummy has my dick" as I said this Niall got of me in a fit of laughter and the other boys were laughing at me too

"what the hell is that about?" they managed to ask us

"Betty was playing with a stick in her back garden and her mum took It of her and, her dad was asking her what just happened and she shouted mummy has my dick, because she couldn't say stick"

"you couldn't say a lot when you were young could you Betty" they all laughed

"wait Betty? I thought you said you didn't know your parents" Harry asked

"I was adopted at a young age, these were my adoption parents" I told them

*hours later*

"guys im bored, lets play truth or dare" Harry said in bordem, we all sat in a circle and started the game

"who's first" I asked

"me" Harry shouted "ok, hmmm, Betty, truth or dare"


"I dare you to speak how you used to for the rest of the day" Harry and the Boys laughed and I heard Niall say this will be fun "Betty, your turn" Harry told me, I gave him a look and got ready for the boys to start laughing

"Zwayn" I laughed and carried on "twooth or dware"

"dware" Zayn mocked me

"dwon mwock mwe" I told him laughing "wuuummm, I dware woo two pwank crall ywour mum dooen te I get e gell prwegnwant"

"Niall did you understand any of that?" they asked Niall laughing, I knew they wouldn't understand me

"yeah, I listened to her speak like this for 3 years, she said she dares you too prank call your mum doing the I got a girl pregnant prank" he laughed, Zayn ran of to his room and got his phone then phoned his mum

"hey mum..... well you know that me and Perrie are engaged.....well I think we might need to hold back the wedding......because,i..got her pregnant" he stopped and listened to him mum laughing "im laughing because its a prank call, sorry muh" he talked to her a little longer and hung up, we all did the circle and then it was back to me

"betty truth or dare" Niall asked me

"twuth" I replied "and also can I stop talking like I was because no one can understand me" Harry nodded his head and let me speak normaly again

"ok there is something I have wanted to know for years but I kept forgetting to ask you, I have known you for 15 years and never known this" he started "why did you speak like that for so long" he asked me

"I was deaf for the first 4 years of my life" I told him and they all looked at me shocked "what?" I asked

"you were deaf?"

"yeah but only for 4 years" I smiled


this is a filler chapter

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