Samantha's life

Samantha Colon is a 19 year old girl, with a makeup youtube channel and she is ready to see what the world is bringing to her.


2. The e-mail

"Hello everyone Jc is here ..." I couldn't stop seeing his videos, I was so excited to meet all of the youtubers and fans "Samantha! Let's dinner!" I eard my mum yell downstairs "I'm coming" I said "So, Samantha what happened this morning?" "Oh, yes, I almost forgot to tell you, I was invited to the youtube meet in LA" "That is great, right?" "Yes mum, it's awesome!" I answered "And when is it?" "I don't know yet, they will e-mail me soon, I hope" When the dinner finished, I went to my room ready to sleep, but first check all the social networks, then I received the e-mail "Hi Samantha, like I promised here is the details. It's in June 30, we have an hotel room reserved for you where other youtubers will be too. The meet is in the usual place at 3pm. I hope you're having a good night. Sincerely, Jack Houston"
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