The Abandoned Street

After Lenay decides to drop out of school and begins the "fun life" a 16 year old should really have, she thinks up the most idiotic things to do to begin her life without the boredom of school and it's work being in her way.
She decides to walk down the long time abandoned street, the short cut, home.

This street was abandoned for a reason. What will Lenay find there?


6. Camp Site

Warmness overwhelmed my crusty cheeks as I woke up groggily from a fairly alright sleep, I realised instantly where I was and how I got here. Flashbacks took me back to when I entered the ruddy street. "Oh, hey!" Said a boys voice. "Holy shit!" I yelled in reply, inching backwards in sheer fright. "What? What?" He said looking around terrified, as if he would see the Grim Reaper behind him, ready to take his life. "Sorry," I said with an awkward smile on my face, "I forgot where I was."

"It's okay," said Isaac, "so tell me, how did you get yourself down here?" He asked with pure interest. "I recently dropped out of school and I wanted to do something wild,"

"Really?" He said. "Yeah, stupid I know." I replied, seeing his facial expression. "Well, what about you, then?" I said, eager to change the subject. "How did you get yourself down here?"

"A group of my neighbouring kids tied a band to my head to cover my eyes, they held onto my arms and guided me forward. 'Shh,' they said, 'we'll take the band off of your eyes when we get there.' Where? I asked them. 'Don't ask questions,' the head girl of the group hissed at me, 'if you want to become apart of the popular guys, you won't ask questions.' The head guy whispered gruffly into my ear. I didn't say anything after that other than 'Okay.' We had walked for a while and the people guiding me let go of my arms. Someone pushed me and I fell down, probably down the same place you fell from." Said Isaac looking down but excited to have someone to tell his stories to. "That was a long time ago though, I imagine." He continued. "How long ago?" I replied equally excited to have someone handsome and interesting to talk to. "I donno," he said, a look of puzzlement came across his face as he stroked his slender finger under his chin. "It's been a while and I've lost track of the days and nights that I might have spent down here." He said looking up, "not much light comes in through the thick cemented roof above us." He said, his hazel brown eyes glimmering in the dim light of the flickering flame before us. I think I felt some sort of spark, was I forming some sort of liking for him?

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