The Abandoned Street

After Lenay decides to drop out of school and begins the "fun life" a 16 year old should really have, she thinks up the most idiotic things to do to begin her life without the boredom of school and it's work being in her way.
She decides to walk down the long time abandoned street, the short cut, home.

This street was abandoned for a reason. What will Lenay find there?


1. Easy Decision

"Hurry up Lenay!" Yelled my mum, lighting up another cigaret. "You're going to be late for school, again." "Why do you think I slowed down?" I said shrugging, my shoulders. "You need to respect your elders more than you do." She said sternly. "Maybe,if you provided a good example for me." I mumbled under my breath, but as usual she only ever heard what I didn't want her to hear. "Get out of my house! Go on! Skat!" She yelled furiously as she took another drag of her half cindered cigaret. "School," I thought bitterly, "another boring day of school." When the bell rang the rest of the day was a blur, until I got out of my sleepy trance and walked out of the door, nobody was surprised seeing since I was the girl who slept through classes and didn't care of her grades. The teacher hadn't stopped teaching to waste his time on getting me back into class, he didn't care, none of the teachers did.

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