War Cry

*unbelievably slow updates* One Direction is put onto a three year break. All of the guys have decided what to do with their lives in the meantime. Liam Payne chose to go into the army. He was glad to meet his best friend, she was nice and funny and someone so easily to get along with. She made his army experience a lot more enjoyable. But what if another band member finds her just as enjoyable as he does? Would he be jealous? Or would he be happy for her?


9. Chapter 8

Anna Kendrick is Isabel and Leighton Meester is Stella and his parents are his actual parents :)

Chapter 8


“Guess what?” Tanya asked me as soon as I finished my routine work out. 

“What?” I panted as I stretched my legs, bending my right one at the knee and grabbing it from behind.

“It’s skype day!” Tanya said with an excited grin.

“Yeah, I know. Are you excited?” I asked, dropping my leg.

“Yeah! I miss home,” she replied, still grinning but with a longing look in her eyes

“Same,” I replied then we stayed quiet for a bit before she told me she was going to go in now. I told her I would follow her after I finish stretching.

Every other month or so, we’re entitled to a skype session for two hours with our family and whoever we can get a hold of. We can’t have it all the time because it’s not that easy to get satellite in where we’re located so we all have to take it in turns. Besides there’s about thirty of us in a platoon, not everyone can have a skype session everyday. When I got into the room, Tanya was already calling up her sister’s skype. Everyone back home already knows about skype day and this would be the only time I get to see them for another two months.

I called up my mum’s skype, that she got the day I told her about our skype day last week. “Liam!” They all cheered at once and I heard that Tanya’s family did the same. My parents and my two sisters were there, so were Zayn, Perrie and surprisingly Harry.

“Hey guys,” I greeted with a wave.

“Man, I thought we weren’t going to see you with a buzz cut again,” Harry joked with a grin. I rolled my eyes.

“And I thought you were on the road. When did you get back?” I asked him.

“Zayn rang me up last week while I was in Plymouth so I drove all the way to Wolverhampton,” Harry replied.

“What were you doing in Plymouth?” I asked, incredulous. Harry didn’t really like the south.

He shrugged then said, “admiring the view.” 

“How is it there, Liam?” My oldest sister, Stella, asked.

“It’s hot,” I answered.

“Way to be vague,” she told me with a roll of her eyes.

“Fine, it’s different. The village is beautiful and there are these two little kids, Asya and Hamisi, and they’re such angels,” I told them and my other sister, Isabel, grinned. She has a strong love for little kids and I can only imagine how much she wishes to see them.

“You’re avoiding a topic,” Stella asked with her eyes staring right at the camera. She was quite freaky like that, always knowing when I was lying.

“No, I’m not,” I denied quickly.

“Yes, you are,” Perrie agreed as she leaned forward, her yorkshire accent reminded me of home a lot.

I sighed and looked to my left at Tanya. She was already looking at me and she nodded her head in encouragement. I looked back to the screen and braced myself for my first war memory. I recounted the story of my frightening first mission in which I watched two little girls die and in which I killed a man. Their faces were sympathetic and horrified. 

“Jesus,” Isabel breathed.

“Nope, just me,” I joked to ease the tension. I heard Tanya snort beside me. I turned to look at her and she was shaking her head.

“What?” I called out to her.

“You’re an idiot, Liam,” she replied shaking her head. I heard her family ask who I was on her screen and she turned back to them.

“Who was that?” My mum, Karen, asked.

“My friend,” I answered.

“But it sounds like a girl... Liam, who is it?” She asked and I looked at Tanya and i could hear her family asking the same thing. 

“Want to swap?” I asked Tanya and she shrugged.

“Guys, Tanya and I are going to swap. She can meet you guys and I’ll meet her family,” I told them.

“Woah, meet the parents already,” Harry joked and I rolled my eyes.

“You idiot, she’s my friend,” I scolded. Tanya got up from her seat and stood behind me to show her face to them. I looked at her and smiled but she stuck her tongue out at me so I pinched her nose.

“Guys, this is Tanya, the world’s most annoying friend,” I said, gesturing to her and she scoffed and pushed my shoulder. I chuckled.

“Please, you’re practically in love with me,” Tanya teased.

“I’m not!” I denied frantically, looking at my family on the screen. “I’m not, I swear,” I repeated.

“He is, he’s just in denial,” she told them with a mischievous grin.

“Jesus, Tan, I promise you-” I started to say but she cut me off with a roll of her eyes.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard it before,” she said.

“Anyway,” I enunciated and turned to face my family and the boys who had very amused expressions. “Tanya, this is my dad, Geoff, my mum, Karen, my sisters Stella and Isabel. And the ones in the back are Harry, Zayn and his wife Perrie.”

“Hello,” Tanya said with a wave, “I’m going to introduce Liam to my parents first then I’ll be right back.”

“Sure thing,” Isabel replied then we got up and moved to Tanya’s side and i could hear the murmurs coming from my computer. 

I sat down in Tanya’s computer chair and faced the screen. There were three people seated. Her dad was in the middle and he looked a lot like Tanya. He had the same brown hair but his eyes were green, different to Tanya’s brown eyes. Her mum held some similarities to Tanya but they didn’t look as alike as she did with her dad except she inherited her brown eyes, just not her blonde hair. Tanya’s sister looked like their mum with the same blonde hair but had green eyes like their dad. 

“Right, Liam, that’s my mum, Hannah, my dad, Jude, and my sister Cali,” she said while pointing to each of them on the screen. “Guys, this is Liam.”

“Hey, guys,” I said, giving them a wave. I watched as Cali’s eyes widen and her mum smile and her dad nod.

“I’m just going to talk with Liam’s family for a bit and please guys, don’t scare him off. He’s my best friend,” she pleaded and they all chorused a ‘no promises!’.

“My sister is best friends with Liam Payne! Dad do you know how important this is!” Cali exclaimed, momentarily forgetting that I was right there.

“Yeah, your sister’s told me all about you, Cali.” i chuckled slightly when she squealed so loudly.

“She did? Tell her I love her so much and that she’s the best sister ever!” She squealed and I chuckled.

“Of course I’ll tell her,” I promised.

“So, Liam, you’re in a boy band, I hear,” Hannah stated and i nodded.

“Boy band,” Cali scoffed, “mum, come on, you fan girl over them as much as I do.”

Hannah hushed her daughter, “I am Tanya’s mother at the moment, okay.”

I smiled at them, “yeah, i’m in One Direction.”

“So why are you in the army?” Jude asked with his arms crossed.

“Because I’d rather spend my three year break doing something useful than not doing anything at all,” I replied and Jude nodded approvingly.

“Tanya’s there to serve, okay, so I don’t want to hear any nonsense about her falling in love with you or anything,” he said sternly and I had to suppress a snort.

“Yes, sir. Besides, I don’t look at her like that. She’s my best friend, sir, it would be weird to think of her as anything but that,” I told him and he smiled.

“That’s good, it’s nice meeting you, Liam,” he said and I nodded, saying the same thing. Suddenly, I heard Tanya laugh really hard that I suddenly became very anxious about what they were talking about and I knew deep down, it was Harry’s doing.

“You look nervous,” Hannah commented and I smiled sheepishly at her.

“Yeah because Tanya’s currently talking to my family and a few of my friends and I know they can tell her any embarrassing story about me,” I told them. Jude grinned at me.

“I can tell you tons of embarrassing stories about Tanya,” he said excitedly.

“Me too! Like this one time Tanya and I were out shopping and she pointed out the guy she was seeing and I told her to go talk to him so she did but on the way there she tripped and fell into an old man’s lap,” Cali giggled and I joined in with her laughter.

“When Tanya graduated high school, she had to do a speech to thank teachers and staff and all that,” Hannah started to say, “and in the middle of her speech she farted.” 

“I took Tanya paintballing one day and someone hit her in the ass with red paint and when she was walking out and putting her gear away, the person in charge yelled out ‘oh my god  you’re leaking!’ and every guy there automatically stepped away from her,” Jude started go off his head laughing and I joined him. By the end of it I’ve heard nearly every embarrassing story there was about her.

“Why are you guys laughing so much?” Tanya asked from behind me.

“Nothing,” I answered with a mischievous grin. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously at me then she looked at her family on the screen to see them with a diary she used to write in when she was eight years old.

“Where did you get that?” She gasped.

“I found it, sweetheart,” Jude said, grinning.

“Dad!” She yelled.

“Oh, it’s okay, Tan. We were just reading your thoughts aloud about how ‘Dylan talked to me for the first time today, he asked me if I had a pencil he could use’” Hannah smiled with the diary in her hand.

Tanya’s head dropped into her hands as her face turned red. “No, I thought I threw that away!”

“Oh, honey, you should by now that I live to embarrass you,” Jude said.

“Why show Liam? Now he’s never going to let me live it down,” she groaned, not meeting me in the eye.

“Oh, Tanya. I won’t breathe a word about how you ‘wish Dylan could be your prince’,” I snickered.

“That’s enough! I’m cutting you guys off. Bye mum, dad, Cali. I miss you and I love you all but I hate you all,” she told them getting ready to end the call.

“No, Tanya-”


“Seriously-” They all protested.

“Bye,” Tanya said with finality then ended the call then turned to glare at me. I tired so hard to keep the laughter in but I couldn’t. All I kept thinking about was her diary when she was eight and how she tripped and fell into an old man’s lap and how she farted during her graduation speech and I couldn’t keep myself from laughing anymore.

“Ugh, I regret introducing you to them,” Tanya groaned.

“Aw, Tan,” I chuckled.

“Go back to your family. You still have to talk to your other friends and you only have 45 minutes left,” she told me, pushing me to my computer.

“Tanya, don’t be angry,” I said, poking her cheek.

“Oh shut up, Payne,” she said and pushed me towards the computer.

“Hey guys,” I said grinning while Tanya pulled a chair beside me with a pout on her face. “I’m going to have to end the call because I still have to call Niall and Louis in Australia. Sorry, I didn’t talk to you for that long. I love you all and I miss you.”

“Oh, okay. Bye, sweetie. I love you.” My mum said and everyone followed through then they sad their goodbyes to Tanya and when they were done I ended the call.

I poked Tanya’s side as I called Eleanor’s skype. “Don’t be such a pouty pants.” But she ignored me until I started to tickle her and then she couldn’t keep a straight face anymore. “So she smiles!”

“Shut up, I’m still mad at you,” she laughed.

“Oh, please, you’re practically in love with me,” I teased, using the same words she used before. She stuck her tongue out at me and I pinched her nose, laughing.

“Liam! Did you get yourself a girlfriend?” Louis’ voice rang through the speakers of the computer and I turned to the screen to see Louis, Eleanor and Niall with shocked/excited faces.

“What?” I asked him, confused.

“You just said she’s in love with you and I’m assuming you’re in love with her too or is that not right?” Louis asked.

“No, we’re friends,” I told them

“Oh,” Louis answered.

“Well, anyway. Guys, this is Tanya and Tanya this is Louis, Eleanor and Niall,” I said.

Tanya waved. “Hello.”

“I could’ve sworn you guys were a couple. You looked like it anyway,” Eleanor said. Eleanor had the tendency to speak her mind a lot and she also had the tendency to make sure that I or Niall or Harry had a potential girlfriend in our lives.

“Nope, just friends,” Tanya replied with a laugh.

Then we all started talking. Niall was staying in an apartment that he rented for the next three years in Sydney and Louis and Eleanor were at Cairns when Zayn called them about the skype call so Louis and Eleanor flew down to Sydney for it. I missed these guys. I told them about what’s happened so far here and they told me what they’ve been up to. I kind of missed being in a tour bus with them, it feels like it was a whole lifetime ago rather than three months ago.

“Our time’s up. Sorry I couldn’t talk to you guys longer,” I told them once my two hour mark was up.

“It’s okay, just as long as we got to talk to you. I miss you, mate,” Niall said.

“I miss you too,” I told him.

“It was nice meeting you,” Tanya said and we said our goodbyes and I ended the call.

“Your friends are nice and so are your family,” Tanya told me and I said the same thing back.

“But your they keep telling me that we should be together and blah blah blah,” she snorted.

I almost cringed at the idea of Tanya and I together. “That does not seem right.”

“We’d be disgusting,” she exclaimed then started to laugh and I joined in with her.

Those two hours were like a breath of fresh air. It reminded me of the life I had at home and it reminded me that I am Liam Payne and it reminded me of what home was. I missed it now more than ever and I could tell that Tanya was missing home as well. But we sort of have to fulfill our time here until we can go back and jesus, that seems so far away.






Sorry this was more of a filler and I’m sorry that you had to wait for so long for a filler chapter.


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