War Cry

*unbelievably slow updates* One Direction is put onto a three year break. All of the guys have decided what to do with their lives in the meantime. Liam Payne chose to go into the army. He was glad to meet his best friend, she was nice and funny and someone so easily to get along with. She made his army experience a lot more enjoyable. But what if another band member finds her just as enjoyable as he does? Would he be jealous? Or would he be happy for her?


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5


“Sir!” An urgent voice from the entrance of the base shouted. I lifted my head up from the push ups I was doing. I hoisted myself up and listened intently as Tyler ran towards Kenneth. 

“What is it?” Tyler addressed him, ignoring the salute Kenneth gave him.

“Sir! We found something a few miles away from Engele. It’s an empty house and I heard a few people screaming from the where I was in Engele. I think we should check it out as a team. Adimu–Asya and Hamisi’s mum–told me that she’s seen men disappear to there but she never thought much of it,” Kenneth reported. It was alarming to think of all the possibilities that could be going on in there.

I looked to Sam who was doing the same exercise beside me and he had a determined expression on his face. He looked ready for this mission. This was mine and Tanya’s first mission. Sure there’s been other ones but there were only minor and only a handful were needed. But I guess this one had some sort of urgency to it and it’s going to need a lot more than a handful.

“Okay,” Tyler responded to Kenneth and he took pressed a button on his controller and a beeping went off in ever corner of the base. The beeping meant everyone had to report to the front of the base immediately. Men and women from our platoon came running out. I stood where I was since I was already at the front of the base with Sam. We all assembled into rows of 6.

“We have a mission,” Tyler boomed with his loud commanding voice. “We do not know what we will find there but we do know that it’s something of our concern. We protect the villagers of Engele as well as any person who steps foot in our radius. There was a report of screaming in a house miles off of Engele. I want the whole platoon on this mission. It may not be big but I am going on instinct and I feel as though we need to work on this together.”

I listened as he briefed us on what should happen on this mission. I didn’t know if I was scared or not but I knew that if I stuffed this up, I’m gone. Once Tyler was done and putting people into teams, I searched for Tanya’s brown head amongst the people. I finally found her as soon as Tyler told me I was going through the front door and to move over to the side where the rest of the people I was supposed to me with, she was standing beside Marsha. I anxiously watched as Tyler got to her and moved her to a group far different from mine.

Our eyes met and, I swear, the panic in her eyes was perfectly replicated into mine. Tanya and I were supposed to be in this together and we were supposed to protect each other, have each other’s backs. That’s what we promised, what we vowed. Now tell me, how the hell am I supposed to protect her if she’s going through the back and i the front? But neither of us could speak a word in protest as we stared at each other from across the yard.

“Mate,” Sam began from beside me, his hand on my shoulder and his eyes looking across the yard to where Tanya stood beside Kenneth, “it’s be okay.”

I huffed slightly in exasperation. He can’t just tell me it will be okay. He doesn’t know the future. What if she does get hurt? She’s my best friend and I can’t stand knowing that she could get hurt and I’m not there to protect her. But nonetheless, I nodded my head as if I was in agreement.

“Everybody, move!” Tyler’s voice boomed and each of us marched outside in lines to a jeep with the rest of the group we were put in. However, Sam, Marsha (who was going to wait out a few metres away from the house to find anyone who escapes), Tanya and I got into a jeep together along with a few of our other friends. 

“It’s okay, Liam. It’s nothing overly major,” Tanya murmured from beside me. I held a SA80 rifle in my arms, my hand carefully clutching the grip and the massive black bag (which ironically is beige/brown colour) weighed down my shoulders. I adjusted the helmet on my head before answering her.

“I know,” I replied. I didn’t want to seem like a wuss.

“Come on, Liam, you being in love with me is getting in the way of this mission,” she teased with a small smile on her lips. i couldn’t help but laugh. Of course she could make light of a situation like this. But then I saw the hidden frown behind her smile. She was as anxious as I was, maybe even more.

Tanya acted like she was tough and strong. She acts like the anchor for everybody but deep down she isn’t. She’s sensitive and scared. It took her months to sign up for the army. She was supposed to sign up as soon as she turned 20 but she was frightened. She thought she wasn’t ready for it so she held it off until now. Behind her tough exterior she’s as soft and delicate as a bunny. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and gave her a side hug.

“Now you’re being stupid,” she joked as she poked my stomach. I didn’t feel it under all this armour. 

“You guys can just meet inside,” Marsha offered. “I mean she’s going through the back an you’re going through the front. Just meet in the middle and do it all together. Tyler won’t mind just as long as the job is done and everyone is safe.”


“Is everyone set?” Tyler asked through our radios as we all positioned ourselves ready to barge through the door where we could hear many screams within the walls.

“Yes, sir,” our team commander replied and we heard the rest of the team commanders answer the same thing. I held onto my rifle tightly, positioning it closer to my face, ready to aim.

“Move!” Tyler commanded and our team commander kicked the door open. We held our guns up and ready to shoot.

We came across five alarmed men in the first room. They had bottles of some sort of alcohol with a few cigarettes. The first room was empty apart from a few chairs and a large worn out wooden table.

“Hands up!” We demanded all together but none of them did what we told them to do. instead, they all reached into their back pockets and pulled out their small handguns and pointed it at us. Even if we had bigger guns, they could still hit us as many times as we could hit them. 

They shouted to each other in their tongue, all the while staring us down with their almost black eyes. It was frightening to see but I kept a straight face. None of us could move until they have since the five of them blocked the only doorway to the rest of the house. After anxiously waiting for them to move, one of them impulsively shot at us, narrowly missing our team commander. The rest of the men yelled in their foreign tongue and they all attacked us. I tried to run through but one of the men stopped in front of me, a gun pointed straight to my chest.

I could feel my heart pounding fast. Is this it? I asked myself. But before he could pull the trigger, I finally gathered up the courage to aim at his shoulder, above his heart, and shoot at it. I pushed the body away with the tip of my gun and ran passed the door frame, listening to my commander’s instructions. 

I then came across the room that none of the people from our platoon entered. I cautiously pushed the door open with my foot and lifted my gun up at the ready. I carefully stepped in, my eyes moving back and forth looking for danger. it was a fairly large room with nothing but a few mats here and there. There was a bucket in the corner and pieces of fabric lying here and there. 

A shout from the far corner caught my attention and I spun in that direction, my finger on the trigger ready to shoot. What I saw there made my heart stop and my stomach drop. A man had two young girls on their knees, facing towards me. Both girls had tears in their eyes and running down their cheeks yet neither of them uttered a word or moved a muscle. The man behind them had two guns in both of his hands, both of them pointing to their back of their heads.

He yelled at me in his language and I couldn’t understand. I wished I could so I could save the two innocent girls. I kept my gun aimed at his head. His facial expression was angry and his eyes blazed red. He kept shouting but i couldn’t understand him.

Then a loud crack echoed through the room and the two girls dropped to the floor. Both with holes through the back of their heads. I didn’t hesitate a moment to put a bullet through his head. 

How dare you, I wanted to shout at the dead man on the floor with his back against the wall. How dare you kill two innocent girls.






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