War Cry

*unbelievably slow updates* One Direction is put onto a three year break. All of the guys have decided what to do with their lives in the meantime. Liam Payne chose to go into the army. He was glad to meet his best friend, she was nice and funny and someone so easily to get along with. She made his army experience a lot more enjoyable. But what if another band member finds her just as enjoyable as he does? Would he be jealous? Or would he be happy for her?


5. Chapter 4

Marsha Harris is Jessica Szohr.


Chapter 4


“Liam, we’ve been here for a month now,” Tanya randomly announced at noon. We were both outside in the burning sun in our uniform. We had our combat equipment out as well as some boxing gear. She had her jacket off and she was wearing a black training shirt that everyone at the infantry has. I was wearing the same identical out with my black aviators to keep the sun out of my eyes.

“I know,” I replied as I shrugged off the boxing gloves, “time flies by real fast these days.” 

She nodded in agreement as we both stretched our legs, getting ready to run the track the platoon had set since the first time the Kenya infantry was set up. We’ve met everyone here. Except in the span of a month, eleven people has left since their years have ended and six new people have arrived. Tanya and I were surprised of the amount of newcomers in a month. 

“Are you guys running?” Marsha asked. Marsha Harris came three days after us. She’s 25 and the most friendliest person you could meet. She’s as tall as Tanya which was 5’6 so they’re a head shorter than I am. Marsha’s hair was black and fell down to her waist. She had grey eyes that could make you answer to anything she wanted you to. She’s also the fastest runner I’ve ever met.

“Yeah,” I answered, “want to join us?”

“Yeah, sure,” she replied and began stretching out her legs. I was in the middle of bending my leg at the knee and grabbing my foot from behind while Tanya was up to stretching her arm across her body.

 At first Tanya wasn’t all that fond of Marsha. Technically, Tanya’s not fond of meeting anyone new. Apparently, it was a miracle for her to start talking to me. So when Marsha first came and I started talking to her, Tanya would always analyse her actions and look out for anything suspicious. I teased her for being jealous that I found someone else to talk to but she’d always roll her eyes and claim that she’s the only one who can make jokes about being in love and stuff. But after a few days, Tanya finally came to the conclusion that Marsha was the most friendliest person you could ever meet and she finally opened up to her.

After a few minutes of stretching we started to jog the long strip of dirt down the road with a bottle in our bottle holder around our waist. We started off in a slow jog, just to get used to the running first. Then slowly we started to pick up our pace and by the end we were sprinting, trying to beat each other to the end. It seemed like an unfair advantage, a guy against two girls but I still beat the both of them at the end of the 15 mile track. We were all sweating and panting. I gulped down half of my water to cool my hot body (you can take it both ways, that was the point). 

“Want to go to the village?” Tanya asked, pointing to the huts that were barely visible down the slope. 

“Sure,” I nodded, “we just have to ask Dawson first.”

“Well, of course,” Tanya rolled her eyes. “Want to come, Marsh?”

“No, I’m okay. I need to some other stuff,” Marsha replied and we began walking back to the base.

Once we got back, Tanya and I put our uniform back on before looking for Tyler. We found him speaking to the second Lieutenant Kenneth McIntyre. We waited until the pair of them ended their conversation before walking up to Tyler and saluting him. He saluted us as well with a straight posture.

“Sir, may we please go to the village?” I asked with confidence in my tone as I stared right into his grey eyes.

“Business or pleasure?” He questioned. By business you had to bring all your combat gear and you have to observe absolutely everything. It’s basically spying but out in the open. By pleasure it’s just to visit the people who live in the village and to just explore.

“Pleasure,” I answered. Tyler took his time to answer. It’s actually understandable because you can’t always go to the village just to explore. Tanya and I, however, have never been into the village. We’ve been practicing and training from the minute we got here. All we’ve done was work hard and we’ve never once seen the village out base was stationed near. After what seemed like hours, he finally answered.

“You may. However, be back by 1620,” Tyler commanded. We both nodded and he handed us a set of keys. “These are to the jeep just there–” he pointed to the same jeep that Sam picked us up in from the airport “–you can drive that down to the village.”

Tanya took the keys off him and said, “Is that all, sir?”

“Take anyone who would like to go. Report to me if anything happens and keep your radio on at all times,” he commanded and we both saluted him before he walked away.

“Are you going to the village?” Same asked from beside us and we nodded. “Okay. Is it alright if I come with?”

“Sure,” I replied and he followed us to the jeep. After a few seconds of arguing over who’s driving, Tanya eventually got into the drivers’ seat before I did which meant she was the one who was driving.

“Sucker,” she muttered as she put the jeep into gear.

“Just because you fought dirty,” I mumbled from the passenger seat.

“Don’t be jealous, Payne,” she chuckled.

“Shut up,” I muttered, not being able to come up with a better comeback.

“Liam, you suck at comebacks,” she retorted with an unattractive snort.

“Whatever, you just happen to say all the right things,” I rolled my eyes. I felt like such a sissy when it came to her. She always knew what to say.

“No, you’re just in love with me,” she winked my way. Sam snickered from the back. Tanya and I have met most of the people in the platoon and most of them are used to the way Tanya and I act around each other. The teasing, the annoying, the teamwork and how Tanya will always say that I’m in love with her. At first people asked me if I really was but they all got the idea that we’re just friends. Now it’s all a joke and the people we’re closest to–like Sam and Marsha–join in with the teasing.

“Sam, shut up,” I told him over my shoulder.

“Oh come on, Liam. It’s obvious,” he grinned, the crinkles under his eyes becoming more evident.

“Told you,” Tanya teased. She turned off the dirt road and parked just outside the village. The jeep was the only car visible. I could see small groups of children playing a couple of hand games in front of a hut.

“Only some of these people can speak english. They’re all friendly and they talk to us sometimes. We keep them safe,” Sam informed us as we got out of the jeep. “We also try to teach some of the children some english since they’ll be growing up in a village really close to the base.”

We took all his information as we looked at the people in the village. The village was called Engele after a belief of angels saving them after a fatal disease broke out in 1982 in which they lost hundreds of men and women and many more children. The disease lasted for six months then one day, it just stopped. People weren’t sick anymore and people stopped getting sick. There were a few more people who died but that was because they were already far too gone in the disease. 

We approached the villagers slowly, trying not to make it look like we were a threat. I watched as some of the people stopped what they were doing to stare at us. But then I watched as a little boy and girl–who looked related–approach Sam with big grins. Sam picked up the both of them with ease and spun them around with a grin on his face. The kids giggled before Sam put them down.

“Tanya, Liam, meet Asya and Hamisi,” Sam introduced us to the little kids. They gave us a shy smile, showing half of their teeth. I bent down with the kindest smile i could muster and put my hand out.

“Hi, kids. My name is Liam,” I said softly. They both shook my hand silently. “Can you say my name for me?” I asked, keeping the smile on my face. Neither of them spoke at first but then Hamisi, the little boy with a cute button nose, opened his mouth to try.

“L-lee um,” he tried to say. I laughed a little and then Asya, the little girl with a small smile growing on her lips, came forward.

“Leeyum,” she said in her cute little accent.

“That’s great,” I told them and they gave me a triumphant smile before stepping back into Sam’s arms. I stood back and let Tanya talk to them. She bent down on her knees before them and opened her arms.

“My name is Tanya. Will you give me a hug?” She said to them softly. They exchanged a look first then they bravely walked forward and gave Tanya a hug. They let go then gave Sam one last hug before walking away.

“They’re so cute and so shy!” Tanya gasped as she watched them walk into a hut.

“Yeah. I watched them grow up practically. I’ve been at this base for four years so they were 2 when I got here. I’ve been visiting them as much as I could ever since. I’ve taught them basic english and they can understand english as well,” Sam told us as we walked into the centre of the village.

In the centre there were many people. The village only had about 300 people. It was fairly small but it was a nice community where everyone will help each other out. Each family had the average for 4 kids. They’re all in a good state, not healthy but good.

By the time it was 4, I’ve met almost half of the kids in the village. I’ve met a few adults and they were a little firm and one-worded but I guess that was just the distrust and the language barrier. The kids would always hang around us and we’d play some of their games with them. They were all so sweet. Even Sam, who isn’t much for childishness or socialising, played with the little kids.

I drove us back to the camp since Tanya was feeling “generous” but really, I had a good argument of her driving us to there. After the five minute drive back to the base, we made with 10 minutes to spare of our curfew. Everyone was packing up some of the equipment was getting ready to eat dinner. 







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