War Cry

*unbelievably slow updates* One Direction is put onto a three year break. All of the guys have decided what to do with their lives in the meantime. Liam Payne chose to go into the army. He was glad to meet his best friend, she was nice and funny and someone so easily to get along with. She made his army experience a lot more enjoyable. But what if another band member finds her just as enjoyable as he does? Would he be jealous? Or would he be happy for her?


16. Chapter 15

Chapter 15


“Did you know it’s Christmas next week!” Tanya exclaimed as soon as she opened my door. She walked straight to my kitchen and opened up the fridge, taking out her favorite beer.

“Um, yes, welcome. Come in, have a beer,” I said sarcastically from my seat on the sofa.

“Great, thank you,” she replied with just as much sarcasm. She walked around my kitchen, pulling out several foods and brought them to my coffee table. She settled herself on the floor and opened up a packet of candy.

“Sure, take my food and eat it. It’s fine,” I said as I dropped from the sofa and onto the floor beside her.

She looked at me and said, “As if you don’t do the same thing when you come over to mine.” Which is true since whenever I go to her loft, I take 70% of her food and drinks with a promise of buying more the next week. “Anyway, back to the point, it’s Christmas next week.

“Yeah, I know,” I replied. She gave me a look of suspicion then got up and proceeded to walk around my house. I followed her as she pulled out boxes, searched under tables and my bed, looked at the back of the closet and under my bathroom sink.

“What are you doing?” I finally asked when she opened the storage seats in my bedroom.

“I’m looking for your presents, duh,” she replied as she took out papers and irrelevant items that I keep inside.

“I don’t buy the presents until the weekend before,” I told her. She dropped everything back in and turned to face me.

“What? Are you kidding!” She exclaimed.

I jumped at the volume of her voice. “What?”

“I thought you already bought your presents because I wanted to see what kind of things you buy the boys. I have no idea what to buy them! I’ve only known them for a month,” she explained.

“Oh,” I said in realization. “We can both go shopping together so I can tell you what to buy and what not to buy.”

She grinned. “Thanks, Li, you’re the best.”

“I know,” I winked.

We spent the next hour playing poker and instead of gambling money, we gambled food. It was surprisingly just as fun as it was gambling money. By the time it was dinner, I had gotten most of her food and she was left with a bag of candy and some nuts.

“Okay, that’s it, I am not going to gamble away these,” she grumbled as she gathered her remaining food and dropped it all onto her lap. I laughed at her frustration and teasingly waved a bag of M&Ms that she so stupidly gambled. She stuck her tongue out at me and I leaned over the coffee table to pinch her nose. She scrunched up her face in annoyance and got off the floor and padded over to the kitchen in her sock-clad feet.

“Stop taking all my food!” I exclaimed as I watched her through narrowed eyes.

“I’m not taking all your food! I’m making dinner,” she huffed then mumbled, “ungrateful swine.”

“Hey, hey, next time warn a guy, aye?” I said.

“Whatever,” she said with a roll of her eyes. “What do you want tonight? Spaghetti bolognaise or chicken pesto pasta?”

“Does it have to be a pasta dish?” I half-whined.

“You only have pasta. I have to work with something,” she retorted with another eye-roll.

I sighed. “Chicken pesto.”

“What’s wrong with spaghetti bolognaise?” She asked as she pulled out the necessary ingredients.

“No offence, Tan, but you overdo the spices in your bolognaise,” I told her as a joke.

She grabbed the wooden spoon from my draw and hit my arm. I clutched my arm as a painful cry left my lips. I pouted as she gave me a smug grin before turning around to turn on the stove.

“Call the boys over, I’m going to cook enough for like twelve people,” she ordered.

“Twelve?” I asked, confused. “There’s only going to be five of us boys?”

“Yeah, but you boys eat two servings each,” she replied. She had a point. She’s only known them for about a month and she already knows exactly how we are. I grabbed my phone and texted them all. They were here in less than two minutes.

“Yes!” Niall praised when he walked into the kitchen. “Tanya’s pesto is the best.”

“You’re lucky it’s her pesto. I had to choose between her bolognaise and her pesto,” I told him. He grinned when he saw Tanya.

“Good choice, mate,” he laughed as he gave Tanya a hug.

Tanya rolled her eyes. “My bolognaise is just as good, thank you very much.”

“No offence, T, but you put too many spices in it,” Niall told her with the most serious expression he could muster. Tanya glared at him and his face broke out into a grin. “I’m joking, T.” He gave her a peck on the cheek and walked out into the living room where the rest of them settled into.

“Are you blushing?” I asked as I stared at her pink cheeks.

“What? No!” She denied as she turned around hurriedly. I walked up to her stood beside her. I touched her cheek and it felt warm. She swatted my arm away with a scowl on her face.

“You are blushing!” I exclaimed.

“No, I’m not!” She denied again. “It’s just the heat of the stove.”

I gave her a suspicious look. She didn’t look up once, just idly stirring the pot. She turned around to grab more of the basil pesto. I followed her movements. She didn’t look up until her pesto was finished. “Are you crushing on Niall?” I teased.

She looked at me with wide eyes. “Of course not.”

My eyes narrowed. I knew she was lying. I felt that same pang of anger I felt when they first met. I haven’t felt it this strongly since that night. I swallowed the anger and tried to push it back as much as I could. “You totally are.”

“Shut up, Liam,” she hissed.

My heart pounded fast in my chest. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she really was crushing on Niall. I forced my lips to pull up into a smirk. “Aw, Tanya.”

“Liam, I swear to god, I will castrate you if you don’t shut up,” she growled before turning the stove off to put the pasta onto the plates.

“Are you mad at me?” I asked. She ignored me and proceeded to put the last of the food onto a plate. I followed her around the kitchen, trying to catch her attention. She continued to ignore me, not once looking at me.

“Tanya,” I said. She didn’t look up. “I’m sorry.”

She continued to ignore me. “I won’t mention it again. Don’t be mad at me.”

Nothing. “Tanya. Please, I’m sorry!”

Again nothing. “Tanya, I won’t say anything again. I promise. Don’t ignore me!”

I grabbed her shoulder and forced her to turn to me. She didn’t protest but she looked at me with an impassive expression. I placed both my hands on her shoulder, looked straight into her eyes and put my best puppy-dog face. I know for a fact she can never resist me when I pull this face. When she didn’t react straight away, I exaggerated the pout of my lips. It didn’t take long for her to burst out laughing.

“There you go, knew you couldn’t stay mad at me forever,” I said smugly.

“Shut up, I’m still mad at you,” she grunted but the smile on her lips contradicted her words.

“No, you’re not,” I said.

She huffed and grabbed some plates then she ordered me to bring the rest. I didn’t disobey her, knowing that if I didn’t do what she told me to do, I’d be in even more trouble with her.


The weekend came around and, as promised, Tanya and I went out Christmas shopping. I told her what the guys liked and didn’t like, what they found funny, what they found interesting and what they wished for. She didn’t go for the wish list since it was a little out of her budget and refused to take the money I offered her.

She bought Zayn an art set that consisted of an A3 sketchbook with acrylic pencils, colored pencils, charcoal pencils, graphite pencils and pastel pencils; so basically almost every type of pencils in the art world. She got Louis a new soccer ball and an outfit that consisted of Hollister jeans and a Topman shirt. She bought Harry a black Armani watch. Lastly, she bought Niall Belieber merchandise since she found it hilarious that he’s such a massive fan but she also got him a new guitar for a serious present.

I bought Zayn a pair of swimming trunks and floaters (it’s a tradition in the band to buy him some sort of swimming material and we each take turns every Christmas/birthday) as well as two pairs of Levi’s jeans. I bought Louis a new Topman suit. It was hard to find something good for Niall since I’ve gotten him great presents in the past and he’s got almost everything he wants right now so I bought him a Fossil watch that he probably would rarely ever wear but it’s the thought that counts.

We then spent half an hour to shop for each other’s presents. It didn’t take me long to buy her something, I’ve known what I wanted to buy her for weeks. I bought her all of our albums since she doesn’t own any of them, a Tiffany & Co. necklace that had an 18-carat white gold chain with a flower pendent that consisted of diamonds and aquamarines because her favorite gemstone is aquamarine.

I’ve never spent so much on a girl before but I didn’t feel weird or anything for buying her something that cost about three grand. In fact it felt the opposite, I was so happy I bought her the necklace.

When we met up again, she was grinning from ear to ear. She had her bags strategically placed on her arm so that I couldn’t see where she got my present. I had her presents tucked into one of the bigger bags. I could see her scanning the bags in my hand, looking for an addition. I winked at her and she knew that I’ve hidden it.

“So, happy with your presents?” I asked her.

She nodded enthusiastically. “I can’t wait to give you yours.”

I smiled and my heart slightly thudded in my chest. “Same.”

“Are you sure you got me a present?” She teased as she looked over the bags in my hand once more.

“Well, now that you mention it, I’m not sure if I bought my best friend a present. It wasn’t like I spent half an hour looking for it,” I replied sarcastically. She stuck her tongue out and I pinched her nose.

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