War Cry

*unbelievably slow updates* One Direction is put onto a three year break. All of the guys have decided what to do with their lives in the meantime. Liam Payne chose to go into the army. He was glad to meet his best friend, she was nice and funny and someone so easily to get along with. She made his army experience a lot more enjoyable. But what if another band member finds her just as enjoyable as he does? Would he be jealous? Or would he be happy for her?


11. Chapter 10

Chapter 10


It took a while settling in Afghanistan. It was a lot more different here than it was in Kenya. Here, you can hear the busy life of the market that was only a mile away. You can only see  a few buildings that housed more people than it should have. And every where you look, you will always see the frightened gazes of the people here. 

In Kenya, people were friendly. The village of Engele was full of bright faces. They spoke to us, the kids weren’t cautious of us like they were here. In Afghanistan, everyone kept their distance from us. They acted as if they were caught with us, they were immediately put into a death sentence. I don’t know if that actually happened because the Taliban were actually unpredictable.

That was another major change for me, the Taliban. In Kenya, there wasn’t one common enemy. People just disrupted the peace in Engele and we just had to stop it from happening again. However, here in Afghanistan, there’s only one group of people that we always have to look out for. The purpose of our base is to keep peace, to stop violence that happens to anyone in the area. Here, it’s a lot harder because the Taliban always uses violence to get their message across and that goes against everything our base’s code.

But now, it’s been three months since I was moved to here and I’ve gotten used to the place. The dirt barren land, the many fences, the lack of infrastructure, and the constant frightened looks that were sent our way from any citizen. So far, nothing major has happened, just a few peacekeeping tasks in which we settle any differences that have erupted between anyone.

“Sir,” someone called out. Everyone turned to that person and he had a concerned look on his face. Gregory approached him with his boots stomping on the ground. I watched him with my eyes. I had a strong feeling that this was important. 

“Yes?” Gregory asked as soon as he was in front of that person. I haven’t gotten many of the names here. There were more people here than there was in Kenya.

“There’s a raid going on at one of the schools. They’re already there and they’ve caused a lot of disruption to the kids. They’re all afraid and there’s a lot of kids younger than ten that are there,” the person said.

Gregory took a deep breath and called everyone forward. He started to tell us what exactly is happening and then proceeded to assign us to groups. Not everyone was going. there only 30 of the 50 that are going to help stop them. He told us what was going to happen and to keep our radios on at all times. 

Everyone got into their combat gear and raced for the cars. Each car had their group and of course gregory put Tanya and I together. I don’t know why but Gregory always trusted Tanya and I’s judgement and instinct. He’s put us in charge of a few minor dealings that the base was always informed of. The others were shocked as well since Tanya and I were the newest to the platoon. They all thought that Tanya and I were together at first to which we both laughed at because there is no way we could ever be together.

Our group of six (including myself and Tanya) turned to face the pair of us. We were put in charge of our group which was to evacuate every child we came across. It was a harder job because sometimes the children don’t listen to us or are too terrified to move. When we got school grounds, we huddled up and went over our plan.

“Alex and Jonathan, you two take the third floor. You evacuate every kid you find. Tanya and I will take the second floor and Brad and Jessica, you will take the first. Don’t kill, only maim because we’re peace keepers not killers. If you need a kill shot you take it,” I told them and they nodded.

“Take care of each other and whatever you do, never leave a man behind,” Tanya finished off. Then we all split up.

We both immediately ran to the second floor, keeping our guns up in front of us just in case. I could hear shouting from everywhere, up on the third and below on the second. I could hear gunshots going off as well and some screams of little kids. My heart was pounding so loudly in my ears, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to hear anyone or anything. My eyes connected with Tanya’s and she nodded, somehow understanding words that I never said. 

Slowly and carefully, we opened a classroom door. We found five children. Two boys about the age of 7, two girls the age of 5 and an older girl the age of 12. The younger ones held tightly on to the oder girls brown sleeve, their little fingers scrunching up the material so hard that it was starting to crease. The older girl’s eyes widened in fear as she took in our fatigues and our looks. I put down my gun and Tanya called the children out with her soothing voice. I was pretty sure that none of them understood what she was saying but followed her anyway because Tanya seems to always know what tone to use and how to use it effectively.

We continued to do the same, evacuating and child we see in the classrooms or in the hallways. The gunshots were still so audible through the paper thin walls. By the end of the hallway we’ve picked up seventeen children, each of them terrified to the core. They huddled together as if the presence of another would instantly end their fear. We took the down the stairs and out of the building without any interruptions.

“Is that all of them?” I asked Tanya. She nodded her head once and held her gun up, ready.

“Liam! Liam!” My radio crackled. I made eye contact with Tanya, knowing that whatever was coming next wasn’t going to sound good. 

“What is it?” I asked them.

“You need to go out the back entrance, the front is packed with the Taliban,” Jessica shouted frantically.

Tanya immediately turned to the kids and told them to turn the other way, back into the building but it was a little too late. The shouting of men reached my ears and I brought my gun up and got ready to aim at anyone who shoots my way.

“Jessica, are you still on the first floor?” I shouted into the radio.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Tanya’s bringing in the kids we took out, I’m going to need you to take them,” I told her. “We’ll handle the Taliban out here.”

“Yes, sir!” She replied just as Tanya reached my side. 

There with four men in total, each of them advancing quickly with their guns up at the ready. Tanya and I stood side by side and I prayed with everything I had that we were enough to hold of children inside the building. The men were yelling in Pashto, their spit flying to the ground as they yelled. Their turbans were wrapped tightly around their heads showing little hair. Their eyebrows were set into an angry frown as they approached us in an intimidating manner. 

It wasn’t until they started shooting at us did we decide to act. We blocked the entrance to the school as best we can. A man pointed his gun directly at me and I quickly moved out of the way just as the bullet was shot. The bullet went straight through the wall in the hallway. I pointed my gun and aimed it at his legs so I didn’t have to kill him. He yelled out pain and fell to his knees just as another man shot his gun. The bullet just grazed my shoulder, tearing the fabric of my sleeve and some of my skin. I felt the sting of hair as it hit the bleeding cut on my shoulder.

I hissed in pain and lifted the gun as best I can and shot his stomach. I willed myself to miss the kill point that I knew was close to his stomach. He fell back as the force of the bullet hit him, the blood pouring out onto the fabric of his grey shirt. The man I shot before, lifted his gun and shot at me. I froze for a second before moving out of the way and I felt the bullet hit my wounded shoulder.

I cried out in pain and pointed the gun randomly and shot. When I looked at him again, he was on the floor clutching his left shoulder. I gripped my own shoulder, trying to stop the gushing blood and turned to Tanya. One man was down, two shots at his leg and one at his hip. The other man, she was wrestling with on the ground. I went to go help her as soon as I can.

“Tanya!” I yelled and I instantly regretted it. She looked up at me and the man got his grip on her gun and shot her collarbone twice. She cried out and fell onto her back, her arm at her shoulder. 

“Tanya!” I screamed and before I knew it I had the gun pointed to that man and shot at his chest. It was against protocol but I knew that if I didn’t take that kill shot, Tanya would be dead and I would risk everything i have to save Tanya from dying. 

I ran to her side and pried her hand away from her collarbone to inspect her wound. She was breathing shallow breaths and all I could do was pray that she wasn’t dying. It wasn’t as deep as I expected it to be but since it was two bullet wounds, it was bleeding profusely.   I grabbed her own hand and pushed it down on the wound and I felt her breath hitch. Her eyes were beginning to close and I started to panic.

“No, keep your eyes open, Tanya! Keep them open. We’ll be gone soon,” I told her hurriedly. “Alex, Brad! Get down to the front entrance, Tanya’s wounded,” I shouted into my radio. I didn’t wait to hear for their replies and lifted Tanya up from the dirty ground. Just as I got her settled into my arms, Alex and Brad appeared. 

They looked at me with concerned looks. They knew how much I cared for Tanya and that I wouldn’t know what to do if she ever died. They went to go help me as I struggled to balance the bag on her back.

“No,” I barked at them. I didn’t mean to but I have to be the one to hold her. Not because I promised to protect her but for my own sanity. I need to know that blood is flowing through her and that I can watch her chest to know that she’s breathing, to know that she’s alive. “Grab her gun, Brad. Alex, take Tanya’s bag,” I commanded. I handed Tanya’s bag to Alex and Alex put it onto his shoulders. I carried her back to the car where everyone else were waiting. There were a few injured people, with stab wounds and bullet wounds.

As soon as they saw me, they all got into their cars. I received a few worried looks as they realised who was in my arms. I looked down at Tanya to see her eyes half closed. My breathing started to quicken as I panicked.

“No, Tanya. Open, remember? Keep your eyes open,” I told her as I sat in the back. I kept her on my lap, her head rested in the crook of my neck.

“It hurts,” she whispered. 

“I know, Tan. But please, keep your eyes open,” I said quietly. She nodded her head and struggled to swallow. Her breathing was getting more shallow but I think that was more on my part. I was so worried about her that I kept thinking that she was going to die. 

“Jess, can you please get a damp cloth?” I asked her with fret evident in my tone. Jessica handed me a white, damp singlet and I pressed it against Tanya’s collarbone. The blood immediately soaked the fabric.

“Do you need one too, Liam?” Jessica asked. 

I looked at her blankly. “What?”

“Your shoulder. It’s bleeding,” she told me. i looked down to see the cut on my arm still gushing out blood, almost the whole sleeve was soaked in red. 

“I-” I didn’t finish my sentence because I was so worried about Tanya that i forgot all about the pain in my shoulder. It was numb to me, I didn’t feel it over the worry I had for Tanya’s collarbone.

Jessica sighed audibly and pressed something cold onto the wound. I didn’t thank her. Somehow the words were caught in my throat. So I didn’t watch her, I looked at Tanya. I looked at the droplets of sweat lining her dark hair. Her eyes were closed and i let her because I knew it was selfish of me to make her keep her eyes open. Her breath was hot on my neck and I hoped that we didn’t have long to go until we got to the base.

As soon as we got to the base, I shrugged Jessica off who was still tending to my wound and ran to the infirmary with Tanya clutched to my chest. I laid her down on one to the beds and went to get all the instruments I needed to fix her collarbone. Just as I as about to start fixing her up, I was pulled by the arm away from her. 

“What do you want?” I snapped in anger as I turned to face the person that pulled me away.

“You can’t do this on your own, Liam. I’m getting our doctor. Her collarbone could be broken,” Gregory told me.

I pulled my arm out his hand and turned back to Tanya. Her eyes were closed and her face looked so strain. I sighed and ran a hand over my face. “Just get the doctor here please,” I told him in a resigned voice. I didn’t turn around to see his answer and went to Tanya’s side instead.

“Hello, Liam,” the doctor said. I didn’t reply and instead held Tanya’s hand as tightly as I could.

He cut off Tanya’s fatigues then cleaned Tanya’s wound and checked for any breaks. Luckily there weren’t any. He numbed her shoulder and I watched as Tanya’s pained face slowly relax. Then he took out the two bullets that were lodged into her shoulder then he cleaned the rest of the blood, stitched it back together then bandaged it up. Then he injected something into her arm. I watched him curiously as he packed up his equipment.

“What did you inject her with?” I asked him, a little suspicious. 

“I only sedated her for a bit because she needs to heal. She’ll be out for a few days because I know that if she knew that I tied her down to bed rest, she wouldn’t listen to me. So I sedated her so she can heal faster,” he replied with no hesitation.

I sighed and nodded. He patted my shoulder then walked out. I turned my attention back to Tanya and I knew that as long as her eyes were closed, I won’t leave her side at all.






Sorry this took a while, I just started school and I’ve been planning for my formal so it’s been a bit busy. 


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