The Adoption

Milly Rose Donald used to live the most perfect life. She had a perfect family, perfect friends and a perfect school. How can one day change her life forever and who will be there to pick up her broken pieces.

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7. Telling Milly

Kristy's POV:

"so, its all finalized" announced Simon,"there is just one thing left to do, tell Milly". "she's been through a lot", i explained to Simon, "she's not that comfortable opening up about it though". Simon looked at me for a few seconds before slowly nodding. "Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis" Simon shouted, "I will be joining you on the tour bus after the concert, i have some important news". I heard a few "yeps" and "sure cool" for the boys before Mum and I went out side to get Milly. I was so nervous.............

Milly's POV:

"This is amazing" I shouted to Violet, "but wheres Kristy?" i asked. "um" said violet looking down at her feet, "uhhh she went somewhere, um to do something" she trailed of. " Vi, i know you and Kristy are hiding something from me, you guys are supposed to be my best friends, your the only people i have left and you cant even trust me properly?". "Milly, its nothing, here she is anyway" she said nervously. Sure enough there was Kristy and her mum coming towards us. They gave us a weak smile before coming to us. 

Kate (Kristy's mums POV):

"Milly, we really need to talk to you" Kristy finally said. "Milly, your grandma is getting very sick and we don't now how much longer she has got. We........ have all decided to find some foster parents for you. I now your going to love them he is a very lovely man" i said. I watched Millys expression change from happy to confused to angry to sad. "what have we done" whispered Kristy.

Millys POV:

"what" i whispered confused. "I - I cant just leave my grandma......... she is the only thing i have left from my family...... i just cant..............i wont" i choked out. "Milly" Kate said, "Its for the best" i tear trickled down my cheek. "will i ever see you guys again" i questioned. "of course" Violet said. "we are best friends!" said Kristy. " uh, we are here for Milly" a man in a black suit said. " well i guess this is goodbye.........for now. We embraced in a hug and said our goodbyes before i left with the security guard.

Kristy's POV:

"Will we ever see her again mum?" i said crying into her shoulder. "i dont know" she said, "but i really hope so................."

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