The Adoption

Milly Rose Donald used to live the most perfect life. She had a perfect family, perfect friends and a perfect school. How can one day change her life forever and who will be there to pick up her broken pieces.

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6. For the best?

Simons POV:

i could hardly wait to be a father. I hadn't told the boys and started to worry about there reactions but I was even more worried about the young girls reaction. I had spoken to her friends mother who was taking care of her. She had said taking care of her had been to much work. She had said she had had a hard past and was quite shy with curly reddish brown hair ( I changed the hair colour) and big brown eyes. I had no idea what she really looked like but the way she described her I could tell she was a beautiful 18 year old girl. I could hardly wait to meet her and I promised to myself I would treat her well and protect her no matter what. 


 Kristys POV:

I felt bad for not telling milly about the adoption but simon and mum say its for the best. I would hate to see milly change anymore than she already has in front of me. I suddenly remembered the old milly, the girl who was loud and bubbly with dirty blond hair. The girl who was crazy. The girl who I became friends with. I have always wanted her to dye her hair red though. She looks beautiful with it. Her big brown eyes, tanned skin and curly red hair ( red hair like Ariana grandes hair when it's red). It was just her personality that had changed and I believed sending her to simon was for the best.

Mum and I contained to walk down the hallway. We passed dressing rooms and I swear I even saw LIAM PAYNE. I was starting to become jealous of who milly was going to be spending time with. "Do you need any help" a thick british accent asked. I thick British accent asked. I turned around to become face to face with HARRY STYLES. I was totally fan girling in side but finally said "yes, we are hear to see simon" so I didn't look like a total idiot. "Um sure, he's right up there in that office, nice talking to you" and with that he was off. "OMG mum best moment of my life" I whispered. She chuckled slightly before opening Simons door and walking in.


authors note:

remember if u want to be a character then comment below xx sorry for short chapter going to update another one today as well xxx love you all hope you enjoy. Going to start my movella soon just need more characters so if you want to be a character for my new story then comment below aswell xx thanks for reading xoxox





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