Don't do it

"Wait" he said while grabbing my wrist. "You're beautiful,please don't do it"


3. Old friends

Amber's POV:

I gasped and jumped off the rail onto the bridge.

"You're Vic Fuentes" I said.

"Yup" he said.

"I'm a huge fan" I said

" i could tell from the shirt" he said while pointing to my Pierce The Veil shirt.

I blushed.

"Let's go back to my bus so you can get a ride home" he said

"I don't have a home,my mom kicked me out" I said.

"Oh,well then let's at least get you inside for now,it's going to rain soon" he said while pointing to the sky.

I began to try to follow him but I couldn't because my leg was extremely hurt from my earlier attempt at suicide when I jumped out of a second story window. He looked back and saw me struggling. He picked me up bridal style and began walking me back to his bus.

When we got there he opened the door and saw Jamie playing video games. Jamie looked at Vic and I and chuckled.

"You get left alone for fifteen minutes and you bring home a girl" Jamie said while laughing.

I blushed and looked at Vic.

"Hey Jamie, I found her about to kill herself on the bridge,she hurt he leg so I carried her here" Vic said through gritted teeth.

Jamie stopped laughing and looked at me. The other boys walked in and looked shocked at what Vic had said. Vic walked me over to the couch and gently put me down. I looked horrible,I was wet from the rain which had begun to fall when Vic was taking me home,my eyes were bloodshot from crying, and my cheeks were red with embarrassment.

"Here" Vic said while handing me a glass. "It's water"

I chugged the water and looked at Vic. He looked at me tenderly and moved my hair out of my face. I wanted to stay in this moment forever but then Kellin walked in with a girl under his arm.

"We should go" Vic said

"Wait" I said while looking at the girl Kellin had walked in with.

"Oh my god! Amber,is that you" she said,now I knew who she was,she was Maddy, a girl from school.

"Maddy,what are you doing here" I asked

"I got tickets a few months back" she said "Some of the girls at school were talking about how you were gonna do the thing" she said,whispering her last two words.

"I was" I confessed.

"Oh my god,Amber,no! Why?" She asked.

I opened my mouth to talk but quickly closed it.

"Am I missing something?" Kellin asked.

"No" Maddy said quickly,knowing I wouldn't want any more people to know I almost killed myself.

"It's nothing,really" I said.

"Well if it's nothing then-" Kellin began to say before I interrupted him.

"So Maddy,how did you and Kellin find each other" I said while trying to change the subject.

"I got a bit beat up in the mosh pit and Kellin said he'd take me to get some food and patch me up" Maddy said.

I nodded.

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