My love life with niall

A girl name Samantha (that's me) is the girl friend of Niall horan there is goods and bands to there relishionship. Read and find out what happens!


3. the hate

Naills pov

Sam had to work but I told her that I am taking her out to dinner at 8pm.finally at 7pm she came home and toke a shower that got dressed. When I was just about to get in the shower she mocked on the door. I went to it and said "can u help you"? And she said "babe I need my Mackup". "Why babe you look so good without it" I said back.then she stared at me with her big brown eyes and I said "fine" and let her in. She came in and I got in the shower.

SAMs pov

I put my lip gloss on then my lip stick the put my eye shadeo on and massacre.when I was puting in the last cought, Niall out a towel on then came up behind me and put his strong arms around my neck and put his face in the neck.i said to him "hey babe what time is it"? He walked out of the bathroom and in to the bedroom and said "7:30". " oh ok I am going to watch tv babe" I said to Niall. "Ya ok I am going to work on my hair"Niall replied. I walked into are room and sat on my side off the bed and put my purse on the side Niall sleeps on. I watched a show were all the boys were on good morning America and they were surprising me for my birth day.

Nialls pov

I was puting my fingers throughout my hair one last time when I herd Sam crying. I walked into are room and saw here with her phone in her hand and I walked over and sat next to her. " babe what's rong" I said to her? She handed me her phone and I read what was the comment on twitter. It was more hate. Saying that she is with me just for fame and she is still whith Harry even though he is with sundae.(sorry made it underlined and bold)

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