My love life with niall

A girl name Samantha (that's me) is the girl friend of Niall horan there is goods and bands to there relishionship. Read and find out what happens!


4. the fight

Nialls pov

I sat there with Sam and finally she stopped crying and I said "babe don't believe all that fucking crap ok"? " ya I know it's just that I always get hate Niall" Sam said back to me. " babe I know but-" " no Niall you don't get it" she said to me." Really are we going to get into a big fat fucking fight then kiss and make up Sam" I said to her Geting up and walking out of are bedroom. " pleas niall I am sorry" she said to me. I was do pissed off at her so I walked down stares and into the guest bed room and locked the door.

SAMs pov

I went to the guest bed room and said to Niall through the door " babe can we talk"? " what is there to say Sam" Niall said as he came out of the bed room. I just hugged him then he said " I am sorry Sam". " I am to and I love you Niall" I said kissing him lips. The he carried me bridle style up to are room and then wrapped his arms around me and feel asleep

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