Steal a Kiss

Charlotte has a past.

Hadley doesn't quite know what to do with her future.

But the two friends since middle school always seem to know how to get through everything.

Charlotte takes a leap and takes a job as One Direction's stylist that will bring her face-to-face with a past lover, while Hadley decides to leave college altogether and join her best friend on tour, despite the secret she's harboring that could ultimately ruin their friendship.

Will the girls be able survive the strain and struggle of broken trust and instant fame, or is all that will remain stolen kisses?

*Hadley written by Lexie Spencer (Official1DLuv), Charlotte written by Haley Randolph. Check out the story, here:*


3. Prologue- Hadley




H a d l e y

The atmosphere was calm, the food served as fine as the expensive wine placed on every table, and the sweetest classical music enveloping you as you chatted politely with your dinner party. Everyone was dressed impeccably, and the aura was so undoubtedly sophisticated that you would think the Queen herself was sitting amongst us. It was the classiest restaurant in the city, and I despised every aspect of it.

I was miserable.

The music was too soft- too boring- I began drifting into sleep, the food was so exotic it doesn't taste quite right, and to top it all off I could not breathe with the way the dress was squeezing my waist; "to accentuate my figure,” my mother said. But I did not see her wearing a corset as she sipped her wine and smiled politely at the couple across from her.

The Henderson's had been a friend of my family for years, and I do not know if I would have been able to withstand the bounty of visits if it weren't for Evan, their son who is my age. We might not be particularly close friends, but he was one of the few constants in my life not double my age.

My father broke my sullen thoughts, his deep voice carrying around the room as he called my name.

"...merge our businesses." I caught only the end of his sentence.

Before I had the opportunity to voice my confusion, however, I was distracted by the sight of Evan standing from his seat and walking towards mine.

Kneeling on one knee and holding a velvet box in the palm of his hand, Evan flashed me one of his charming smiles as he slowly opened the little box, revealing what's inside. It seemed as if my heart stopped when I first caught sight of the stunning diamond ring.

An engagement ring.

Wide-eyed, I stared at Evan, silently asking him what was going on. He just smiled again, his eyes boring into mine, as if we were having a silent conversation between just the two of us and no one else. I looked to my parents for confirmation, and nearly gasped when I watched my father nod slightly.

Without another word to anyone, I turned around and ran out of the room before they could stop me.

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