Lost in your eyes {a Harry Styles fanfic}

He saved her life, now she's lost in his eyes.

"The worst part of love, is when you see it, but the other person doesn't."
~Emma Crystal

Authors note: There is some swearing, so don't read if you are easily offended.

© Copyright
All rights reserved
A.A. Love



15. Stuck in the middle

Niall's P.O.V.

Emma looked shocked. She took a step back and leaned on the wall.

I couldn't stop myself. I kissed her. I kinda felt her kissing back, but she quickly pulled away.

"Niall! I'm with Harry!" Emma shouted.

"I'm sorry. I can't help how I feel about you!" I shouted back and then went down stairs.

"Niall!" She shouted after me. "Niall, if it helps, I've always kind of liked you."

I froze. Did I really just hear her say she liked me?

"Then go out with me. Please. I'm begging you." I said.

"I'm sorry, Niall. I'm happy with Harry. I hope we can stay friends."

"Of course. I'm so sorry for all the drama, I just think the hangover took over." I lied.

"It's okay." She said bringing me into a hug.

We both sat on the couch and waited for Harry to get home. Harry walked in the door and instantly went to the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen and saw Harry making some tea.

"Let me guess, that tea is for me." I said.

"Yeah. You need it." He said laughing.

I couldn't get Emma out of my head. She's so beautiful, but at the same time I can't hurt my mate.

"Harry, can you set me up with someone? Just like you set Eleanor and Louis up." I asked.

I'm hoping that maybe if I got a girlfriend I wouldn't want Emma anymore.

"Niall, I thought you were cool being single." He said looking at me oddly.

"Yeah, I was, but now I'm getting lonely."

"Alright, I'll see what I can do." He said handing me the tea.

Emma's P.O.V.

To be honest, I liked when Niall kissed me. The only thing holding me back is Harry. Harry's mine, and I have to except that. I love Harry, but I felt something with Niall.

I'm stuck in the middle...

Harry's P.O.V.

I left Niall in the kitchen drinking his tea. I walked into the living room and saw Emma pacing.

"Em, is everything alright?" I asked startling her.

"Yes! Everything is fine." She said looking up at me.

I didn't believe her, but I decided to let it go. I walked over to her an pecked her on the lips.

"I love you." She said.

"I love you more." I said and smiled cheekily.

She giggled and said, "That's not possible."

I smiled and continued to hold her in my arms.

"Harry! Tell her!" Niall yelled from the kitchen.

"Niall!" I snapped.

"Tell me what...?"

"I have a surprise for you. We're going to be at the recording studio tomorrow and I want you to come. I wrote a song about you, and I want you to hear it."

Emma's P.O.V.

I jumped up in excitement and hugged Harry. He started kissing my neck.

"Harry, you can have sex once I leave!" Niall yelled.

I laughed and pecked him on the lips. I realized I was still in my sports bra and sweats.

"I should go change." I said getting up.

Harry pulled me back into his arms and whispered, "No, you are staying. You look so hot in that. I'm afraid I can't let you change into something else." He smirked and looked Nialls way.

He started to kiss my neck and then moved to my lips. Niall walked into the room scaring us. We jumped up and Niall smiled.

"How about I just leave." Niall said.

"Actually we were just going to eat breakfast. Do you want to stay?" Harry asked.

"Of course I do!" Niall yelled running into the kitchen.

"Harry, I'm going to get dressed whether you like it or not." I said walking out.

It took me about ten minutes to put on one of Harry's shirts, some jeans, and put my hair up in a messy bun. I then walked downstairs and into the kitchen. There were pancakes and bacon on the table.

Harry looked up at me and smiled.

"I love it when you wear my clothes."

"I know." I said smiling back.

I sat down and put the radio on. Niall and Harry started to talk about the photo shoots they've had in the past. Until I shushed them.

"Hold on, they're talking about my father." I said turning the volume up.

It said, "Jonny Crystal has just broken out of prison and police have sent out a search party for him. If you know anything about him or see him please call the police." I fell out of my chair and ran upstairs. Harry and Niall followed.

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