Take My hand


1. take my hand

 Lady in the dark, trapped by the darkness, crying in the void,  crying for the one.

One to save her, no one comes.  Is someone listening to her call, her darkness is listening to it all.

 Closing in on her, spreading fear, terror, and despair.  The dark that has trapped her, whispers in her ear. No one's listening to your call, you are not special, you are unwanted, and you can't be loved.  Who would love you, there is no hope, no right for you. Put on your mask and hid who you are, there is no life for you only doom.


There is someone who hears, who is it, where are they, will they come?  He is a creature of the night; he has had trial and tribulations.  Faced many demons, (his own and others) he is scared and cut from many battles.  They thought they would destroy him, wipe him out, he's not sure why.  Why, he has survived,  he no longer cared live, die, he had no feeling,  no emotion,  nothing to tie him to the Light and in the darkness as he sank,  he began to fade. Fade into the dark, where he could go unnoticed, unchallenged.  He was always at home here, now he would call it his final home. A place were old memories go to die by consuming their masters. The blood of the masters to flow, one last time in one last struggle they never intended to win.


The dark strikes, drawing bloody, she screams, “help me, I need you, please help”, she is cut again and again.  She cries "please stop", the pain, oh.....the pain, the dark does not care, and he loves despair. He will drive the darkness through her, tearing her apart, outside in, inside out; he loves the sound of her shouts. He knows no one will come, no there is nobody that can come this far. If they are, they are lost to the doom, destined to fade away. He laughs an evil laugh, as he watches her bleed, ready to cut her again.


He hears a cry again, he does not care, yet why does he try to find out where it comes.  He smells the blood, a hunter that smell has always drawn him in, he fights himself. I no longer care for the hunt, let others have his fun. He hears the cry again, again and again. Why does he care, he cannot explain it, the voice rumbles from his ears straight to his heart,  ( crazy he thinks his soul is even touched) , no how can this be the cry’s leave me be......the voice is at a whimper now. He knows this sound from many battles, many hunts....the end is near for that one. He should not even think about this, more blood is spilt; it is strong in his nostrils. ....he goes he cannot stop himself.  Yes, he must see, then it will be ok, just one peak, that is all, it's not like he will help the fallen, he cannot help himself how could he help another???


The blood has driven him mad, he gnats faster,  faster,  then he sees a very dim glow....it is where the sound is conning from, he takes paws......he recognises the dark,  he has fought him before and had prevailed but at a cost he could not pay now. Then he sees her.....her dim glow flickering, almost out. ( why, why does he care but yet she is the most beautiful creature he has ever seen, he is swelling with emotion,  it is painful,  he has not had them in so long) , if he is going to do something it must be now. Why, should he, she is not his light, if she had to choose like many did before, she would not pick him. Old broken veteran, of much struggle. So, why should he help, yet he cannot explain.  She is of such rare beauty he cannot help himself, she is crying he cannot stand it; he had to protect her, (Now or never). He goes into action, striking the dark before he can give her the final blow. Out of the darkness he came. He had always worked well in it. (He can see better in the darkness than in the light of day). Astonished by the blow, dark falls and slides through the darkness howling in anger he springs up ready to fight.

The dark looks at him, if looks could only kill. Then he would have fallen right there, the dark look in amazement, you!  Yes, me it's me now let her be, (he was hoping a threat was enough, and he knew it wasn't) I am not in a mood and trailed off. Haven't you learnt to fear the dark? (Dark grins)  You know that I do not fear the dark; I am the tyranny of evil, dark or light. Those days are gone old one, I will give you a chance to leave, only one!  He looked over at her, his mind racing, why?  He could try all he wanted but he knew his heart.  He would stay, he would fight, he would die if necessary (he hoped not), and he could see she was special and need to be saved.  He could see into the soul of all beings, his curse, and hers was pure, it was her destiny to live.  His destiny was not so certain.


She could not believe who was now her saviour. She knew what he was and didn't care. She had never seen anyone like him. Strong, powerful, unafraid, he had no fear of the dark, her dark tormentor; here in the darkness he was protecting her, never asking for any tribute.  He said, she heard as he challenged the dark. Why, had he said she was special,  what did he mean her destiny?  If she lived she would ask, if he survived. She watched as they battled back and forth, it was a ferocious.  Dark was getting the upper hand, the dark was younger, more powerful but those things do not always win fights. Experience and Glia count to advantage of a smart man.(who ever said he was a man) Mighty blows had been landed on either side, blood flowed from dark. You could see his line where the blood was dripping,  he laughed and told the old one it was done he would finish him and his legend would grow. He stocked over for the kill, he could see ripping his heart out, dripping in the blood of the old one. He knew he fought well, his time had just past,  he had little left to give. He could not give up he must save her......as the dark approaches,  he pushes up trying to stand. No, he had failed his last task to save the pure,  was doomed she would be lost and it was his fault. That broke his very soul. He let out a howl that would wake the dead and scare the living. All those in the darkness knew to hide when they heard that sound. It did bring him the last of his strength would it be enough. (He knew it wasn't)


She was so move by his efforts to fight off her dark tormentor, tears rolled from her eyes,  her heart and soul we so heavy in sorrow, and she thought she would die just watching. How could she feel that way. She could run and get away,  she was free of her dark for the moment,  what to do?  She heard him yell run save yourself,  why, why save me, I do not understand? (Could he really feel for me, no that's not it ) is it?  There is some other plan. I'm  running,  yet I do not move,  stuck I cannot abandon him to the dark I created. I do not know why but instead of running for my life, I was running for his! I did not know what I could do, so I did what I could until. ....(yes that was the question) until what?  I smashed in my dark, this was dumb (was it, could I feel) no dumb! Now I was trapped again but I had courage to fight. I waited ready to go in for my last time. As my dark came toward me I wondered why then, (I heard a voice say)" I hear your cries so I had to save you". He was in my mind how? Why? I heard" you are pure" , I am not, and I have done many things that, well." Stop" , the voice said and" you are pure of heart and that's all you need", I don't think it's going to matter as she looked up into hear dark' s eyes.


He had not touched any minds in many moons,  he was not even sure he still could but to hers he slipped like putting on well-worn gloves. She was comforting to him, her mind embrace his not fighting but welcoming, she felt so good (drifting in a moment of time) , the enemy!  He realized she had drawn him off, (why?  Why’s? , no time) He knew what to do he leapt,  with the of his power.  From behind the dark knew,  too late,  the impact,  the power,  and the pain. Dark new he must retreat or be destroyed on the sport.  He broke free wounded but alive,  dark look at him, you have won for now, you are done and next time I will consume her! He said" maybe but not this time" . They looked one last time and dark was gone.  He looked at her, what a wonder, then he collapsed.  She ran to him, why? She heard you know why. He drifted like being lifted away, a dream a delusion.


She could not leave him,  so she lifts him high, on the wings of her desire.  From the depths blows ,through the never ending darkness. With this connection, she felt no fear, new life,  and new power.  What was she feeling:  love?  No, how, he's not, they would never let us. In this moment she knew, she did and would do what it took to be with him. She took him to the top of the edge of the world, where light and dark meet as equals. She needs him, she knew it and even if he didn't know,  he needed her. His eyes opened and he saw he holding him in her arms, his heart swelled with joy, she had saved him too. His pride was stripped, his power gone,  he was weak in her arms and she liked this,  this feeling of together.  Would it last forever?


No, they were coming for them,  father for her and destiny for him. No, no, no they were just brought together and then to be ripped apart. Because she had taken them so far up it was hard for them to get their quickly.  They are coming,  I can hear, I am to weaken to fight. I wish with all I have I could stay and hold you. It's not to be, crying on him she never felt so broken! ! I don't even know your name,  she said it is" Hope" , what is yours,  I am called" Shadow" , they gazed into each other's eyes,  they knew.  They knew they were meant to be together,  to be one. One, but very soon divided,  pulled apart by forces they could not control.  Time,  if only time,  that is what they need is time,  the one thing neither had, a resolve,  the end.


Yes,  there’s more,  did you think the world would lose Hope. He told her kiss me once before I am as they kissed she felt the draw of their love. Even if she could trick destiny,  she couldn't trick father. In a moment as they were being pulled apart,  a flash and Fate appears,  she smiles at them,  you must choose if you want to be together.  What do you mean?  I cannot tell you, all I can say if you choose each other things will change.!


Change ever thing has already changed. What? He said No! , What? No, too....I will not have you give anything for me. I am eons of time,  you are a spring flower just rising to the sun. I did not help for reward or prize. Why? Why, did you help? I've answered that for you all ready, yes I thought I heard  you speak to me, so those words were true. They were not words but my thoughts as yours became mine. Oh,  I see, I mean you know what I was thinking?  Yes, let them have me, I wish I would continue , so I may protect you and be by your side but you can see that is not to be (Destiny was starting to break through) he will come and I will go. Be careful the dark you created he is hurt but he will be back and you must be ready Hope. He was fading, being pulled back into the darkness.


Her father was breaking in now too, if she did nothing it would all end and she would be afraid again.  She did not feel that way with him, she felt safe, how wonderful to be safe. She felt like nothing she knew before,  she knew what to do next.  She yelled out to him" Take My Hand" , "Take My Hand" , she was reaching for him.  He did not know why, but he had to touch her one last time. He reached out and their hands came together,  it was a strange power between them and he felt they were joining becoming partners (one) , there was a pull coming from behind they were trying to stop what was happening.  I call to him" Don't Let Go" , Take My Other Hand" , don’t Let Go of me" , her words renewed him, his strength was returning.

He did not want her to suffer for him but he could not let go. His heart ached for her touch, he heard her saying" Take my hand."  "Don't let go, I need you! " It was all he needed to hear,  he pulled her to himself,  he could see the strain on her face her father's pull was tremendous. Once their bodies met he wrapped his arms around her. She collapsed into him, looking in her eyes he could see their love, their need, their connection. He leaned in and kissed her, she kissed back, their energy wrapped around them as the kiss grew more passionate. Then they became like  a blinding light,  radiating intense heat. What looked like lighting flashed from them in all directions. Thunderous booms echoed from the lighting. They were free, no one could hold them now. They knew they were together at last freeing them to love and be happy.

No one could come close, nor see into their light. It happened in moments but to them inside the light time was different. They spent years just loving each other, exploring their passion,  connection, love and future. This would always be the best times for them, where between the light and dark, at the edge of the top of the world. They could love each other with no interference from no one but they could enter their home (almost no one) .

 That is another story, let's finish this one.  When the light died down only Hope was standing their but she was different.  Her father reached out to grab her and then it happened. Her shadow stopped him, holding his hand he could hear a low grumble. She looked at him and said she knew her way now she would not be home anymore she had a new one.

Now Hope wonders the world,  both in darkness and in light, crossing boundaries with ease looking for the hopeless and despite bringing hope and strength to the deserving to see them fight their creatures of doom and dark. Hope' s strength comes from her shadow. In the light he hides and follows so nothing can harm her in the night he leads the way, giving her safe path to follow. Like this they are never parted both day and night partners in eternity. They have been challenged by both dark and light, now no one can destroy Hope, she is independent and strong given what she need by the only one who could give it to her no one Will push her around, she will not run with her shadow they control their destiny  at peace together, finding time to share their own passion and love.


When they need time they go back to that place on the top of the edge of the world . Where it all started for them and create their own special light stronger than any dark and brighter than any light. Their love is so strong and pure even the gods envy them for how special it is, they are truly one during these times. The future may be uncertain at times,  they are not worried, as long as they are together.

They each tell me the same story over and over it is a great love story. The only difference is when Hope tells it the Shadow saved her but when Shadows tells it Hope saved him. I've heard it so many times that I believe that they need each other and no one of them could have saved anyone, it took both and a love to last the ages. After all the Shadow is much older and knows the way of Tierney. While Hope is young and believes in righteous beings. Together they were almost unstoppable.

You can feel them move through the realms, spirits change some tremble and others rejoice.  They enjoy each other every day and night no one was more right for each other. Well that's my opinion on their union. Oh, how would I know I'll tell you. I'm their daughter and I loved how I became part of their story that very night.  Now you can tell them all you know the story of Shadow Hope. .....taken.  She bent her head and kissed him.



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