One Less Lonely Girl

Zara is a massive belieber and for the first time she is seeing Justin live! What she doesn't know is that she is being set up. Read more to find out


5. Huh?

"What in the hell are you tallking about Drew?  I heard what he said, he said 'Hi', duh!" I said.

"No what he said on the phone" drew said.

The lift dinged again and the doors opened. I stepped inside.

"C'mon Drew" I said.

He stood up and walked into the lift.

"Zara" drew said when he walked in.

"What!" i said.

"Didn't you hear what he was say-"

"DREW i dont care what he said. I saw justin bieber and actually talked to him so stop ruining it ok?" I yelled.

Drew huffed.

We stood there in silence as the lift travelled down to Ground Floor.


We stepped out into the Foyer and headed towards the exit.

When we walked out the doors onto the street we saw Justin waiting for a car along the path. He was with Kenny his security guard. I stopped there and stared at him again. Justin looked up and smiled at me. His limosine then drove up to next him and Justin stepped into the car.

"C'mon Zara".

Drew tugged my sleeve.




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