One Less Lonely Girl

Zara is a massive belieber and for the first time she is seeing Justin live! What she doesn't know is that she is being set up. Read more to find out


1. Dream Come True


My name is Zara.

I live in Sydney, Australia. I am 16 years old with long brown wavy hair and brown eyes.

I'm in year 10.

I have 1 best friend called Drew. He's like a brother from another mother.

He has blonde wavy hair.


I was waiting for the bus to come. I kept on checking my watch as the short hand moved steadily closer to number 9. I couldn't be late for school again I am so close to getting suspended.


FInally the bus turned the corner.

i got my bus pass out of my wallet and put my hand out. the bus slowed and stopped in front of me.

"Hi paul"

"Hello zara! how are you today?"


"haha dont worry only 4 more days left!" paul said sarcastically..

I hate mondays!

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