Story Of My Life

Ever wish you could go back in time and change something? Like you wanna go back in time and change how you handled something? That's how I feel. I would change 1 thing. That'd be telling him how I felt. It would have changed my life!


8. Chapter 7.

I pushed that thought to the back of my mind and continued a conversation with the girls. 

"Who wants to play a game of truth or dare? We can go get the guys."El suggested.

I nodded along with Dani and Perrie. 

"BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Perrie yelled, causing all 5 boys to come running.

Dani giggled at them and began to speak, "Wanna play truth or dare with us?"

They all nodded. Harry sat down next to me, then pulled me onto his lap. Liam did the same with Dani, Louis did the same with El, and Zayn did the same with Perrie. I felt kind of bad for Niall, he must feel so awkward now. He's the only one not dating. Poor Nialler. 

"Okay, Skylar, Truth or Dare?" El asked with a grin on her face.

I rolled my eyes, "Um, I pick uh truth?"

She pouted, "Oh come on, you're no fun!" I laughed.  "Okay, okay. If you had to pick one of the boys to date besides Harry who would it be and why?"

I gulped. I know who I want to choose. But I can't. Niall either doesn't remember me, or he is trying not to. So instead of telling the truth like I'm suppose to in this game, I just went with, "I don't know, I don't know any of them to really choose one."

She nodded, "I guess that is an okay answer."

Okay, I looked around the circle to see who I would pick on. Niall. Maybe I can get something out of this. "Niall truth or dare?"

He looked up at me and was confused for a second before saying, "I pick truth."

I nodded and pretended to think of something even though I already knew what I wanted to ask him. "Okay..uh. What is one thing from your past that you lost, and you wish you never did?"

"Uh. That is a hard one..." He thought for a second, "But, I'm going to have to go with my best friend. I wish I had never lost them." He looked down.

H-he misses me? Does he know its me? I nodded, "Oh." 

Niall looked up, "Zayn Truth or Dare?"

Zayn looked up from Perrie's eyes, "Oh uhm, Dare."

Niall chuckled, "Make out with Perrie for a minute."

He smiled and pulled Perrie closer to him. They made out for longer than a minute. I sighed. Dani let out a loud cough to make them stop. 

My phone vibrated with a call, "I gotta take this." I got up of Harry's lap and walked out of the room to answer the phone.

"Hello?" I spoke into the phone.

"Yes is this...uh...Skylar?" The voice on the other line spoke very quietly.

"Yes this is, may I ask who you are?" I asked. I wanted to get back to truth or dare, to see if I could find anything else out about Niall. He has changed so much. It is unbelievable. 

"This is Modest! Management. We need you to date Niall." The person said it really fast, and really clear, like ripping off a band aid. 

"Y-you what? I can't do that. I-I have a boyfriend." I said trying not to sound like a complete freak. Plus I was trying to stay quiet enough so no one could hear what I was saying.

"You will get paid over $20,000 a day." He bribed. 

"I don't care about money, I care about my boyfriend and I care about my best-friend. So I'm sorry, but I can't." I replied and just as I was about to hang up the phone, they said something that made it so I couldn't say no to this. 

"Either you date Niall, or sleep with Harry." The guy chuckled into the phone. He clearly knew I he was making me mad. 

"Fine! But do I have to break up with my boyfriend?" I asked, not wanting to hear the answer.

"Duh! Now bye sweetie. Go get to work!!!" And with that, he hung up. 

I took a deep breath and walked back into the same room as everyone else.

"So, who was on the phone?" Perrie asked.

I walked back over to Harry, sitting back down into his lap. "Just my friend Hailey."

They all nodded. I sighed, resting my head on Harry's shoulder. I yawned. I was getting tired. Yay. Not. 

"I should probably get going." I spoke. Slowly. They all nodded. Harry looked to Niall.

"Niall, can you give her a ride home, I got to go to a meeting with Simon in an hour, and I gotta get ready," Harry gave me a smirk before pecking my lips and walking out of the room.

Niall nodded, "Sure."

I followed him outside to his car, and got in. My house was a 40 minute car ride. This may be a little awkward. Once we were actually on the road, I decided to start up a conversation.

"Niall I-" I started to speak, but he cut me off.

"I know Sky. You're my best-friend. I knew it was you as soon as I saw you." He smiled at me. "I acted like I didn't know you because I felt like you didn't remember me. Then I saw how kept looking at me, and I could tell you did recognize me. I didn't saw anything after that, 'cause I didn't want to make it weird. I'm sorry Sky."

A huge smile crept onto my face, "You should have said something Nialler!!!" I gave him a small hug while he was driving. 

"I know, I'm sorry. Forgive me?" He asked looking away from the road for a second.

"Of course." I grinned. It was so good to be with Niall again! I feel like I should tell him about the phone call I got. But I'm not going to yet. 

"Niall...can I ask you something?" I started, but once again he cut me off.

"Actually, I need to tell you something first and it can't wait...Skylar Brookes. I love you."



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