Story Of My Life

Ever wish you could go back in time and change something? Like you wanna go back in time and change how you handled something? That's how I feel. I would change 1 thing. That'd be telling him how I felt. It would have changed my life!


4. Chapter 3.

"What's wrong?Are you okay?" Hailey ran up next to me. I was walking a little fast. Guess I didn't realize it. But I wanted to get away from there. Part of me never wanted to see any of them ever again. Another part wants to see Harry. But the biggest portion of me, can't get over the fact that Niall doesn't remember me. When we made eye contact a few minutes ago, I think he realized it was me. Like he actually remember who I was. But then he looked away. I don't know... maybe I'm just over thinking this. 

I looked to Hail who was still waiting for my answer. " I'm fine, nothings wrong. Just wanted to get out of there." She nodded. I looked behind me. Nobody was there. She stopped me. "Wait here, I'm going to walked down to Starbucks, and I should be back in like 30 or less minutes." I laughed."Okay go" She took of running. Wow. 

Now I have to wait who knows how long until Hailey's back with Starbucks. I reached into my pocket to grab my phone. It wasn't there. I checked my other pockets. Not in them either I looked around, nothing. What did I do with my phone? Did I drop it? I sighed. Great luck that I have... I moved slowly towards my car.  My mom is going to kill me. First, I don't tell her where I was going, or what time I'd be home, then I lose my phone! She's going to freak. I kicked angrily at a little pebble. It doesn't do anything to be mean to poor innocent little pebbles but right now, I'm frustrated. I'm mad at myself. I have no clue what to think of everything that's happened to me tonight. I met the most amazing guy ever. I wish he was still with me. 

You don't know how badly I want to see him again. And I literately just saw him a little less than 15 minutes ago. I have this weird feeling in my stomach. I hate it. I don't know what to think.  Harry makes me feel like I've never ever felt before with any guy. The strange part is I just met him tonight.  I don't know what to think of my whole situation. Between Harry and Niall, my life is one big mess. Maybe I should just pretend that this night never happened. I groaned in annoyance. 

"Somebody sounds irritated." A guys voice spoke from behind me. I started to turn around to see who it was, but they had grabbed my arms, so I couldn't turn around. I sighed. "Who are you, and what do you want?" He chuckled and let go of me. I turned to see Harry was a smile on his face. I don't know why, but I smiled when I saw him. I was happy. Weird.

"Harry? I thought you had to leave?" I asked. He reached into his pocket. "Well, you kind of forgot something." He pulled out my phone. Oh my gosh! Thank god he had it! I would have died if he didn't have it! I grabbed it quickly and gave him a huge hug. "Thank you so much for bringing me my phone! I thought I was screwed." He laughed. "Nope, your not. Well I got to go back. Simon only gave me 5 minutes to find you and give you your phone." I nodded and hugged him once more. "Okay, thanks again Harry." He smiled and started to walk away. "No problem. Bye Sky" I smiled as he walked away.

Why does he have to be so dang cute? Oh I wish he'd ask me out. I walked over to my car and got in. I sat in the driver seat and check my phone. New text from Hailey. 

To:Skylar:p you can drive to my house, I have a ride there. See you soon! Bye!

I turned my phone off, and put my keys in. I drove about an hour to her house. I got out and saw nobody was even home. I might as well just go back to my house. I got back in my car and drove home. 

By the time I got home, it was midnight. Mom is asleep. I sighed and made my way up to my room. I put all my stuff down onto my bed, then made my way into the bathroom so I could wash my make-up off. I took my hair out of it's messy side braid and put it into a messy ponytail. I washed my make-up off and brushed my teeth. I walked quietly back to my room and over to my closet. I grabbed a pair of sweat pants and a sweater. I tossed them on, and then made my way over to my bed. I plugged my phone in and then crawled into bed. I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. 


~The Next Morning~

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I smacked it and sighed looking at the time. 8am. To early for me to be up when I didn't even go to bed until at least 1am. I dragged myself out of my bed and downstairs into the kitchen. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table eating eggs. Looked to me as if she had made me some. "Wheres dad?" I asked as I sat down at the kitchen table with my plate. She looked up from her computer. "Oh, he's at work. How was your night last night? Where were you?" I sighed. How'd I know something like this was going to happen? "I was hanging out with Hailey. I was going to text you, but I forgot. I'm sorry." She nodded in forgiveness. I smiled and quickly finished eating. 

I put my plate in the sink, and made my way back up to my room and over to my closet. For today's outfit, I chose to go with comfy clothes. I decided on a pair of athletic shorts, and a t-shirt, with some uggs. I grabbed clean under garments and went to the bathroom. I quickly showered got out, and got dressed. 

For my hair, I brushed it, pulled it back, and put a head band on. Done. That's my outfit for the day. The only make-up I put on was a little eyeliner and mascara. I made my way back to my room, and over to my phone. I sat down on the side of my bed and picked up my phone. No new texts. I wonder what happened to Hailey? She told me last night that had a ride home and she hasn't even texted me this morning. I sighed as I continued to scroll through things on my phone. Then I came across a new contact.

Name: Hazza

Phone:(Insert numbers here)

I laughed. He put his number in. How cute. I texted him.

To: Hazza

Hey! It's Sky!

I set my phone down, as I waited for a reply. 

A few seconds later, he texted back.

From: Hazza

Hey. Wanna hang out today?

I smiled and replied; Yeah sure I'd love to! When? And Where?

From: Hazza

Starbucks, at 1

I smiled at our texts. What is it about this Harry guy? I feel like I really like him. It's so weird. I don't like it. I don't know what this feeling is. Maybe it will go away after I hang out with him later. I hope it does. I sighed and went downstairs to tell Mom.


~Authors Note~

So? What do you guys think? Like my story? Or should I stop? Comment!

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