How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


39. The Animal

Harry’s POV


    I sat in the floor in front of my fireplace, indian style. The low flames flickered and danced as I watched, admiring how free but yet trapped they are. I wonder if that’s how Anna feels, being here. Being able to rome over the house now but yet can’t go past the front door. Is this how she feels about the whole soul mate thing? It’s obvious that she doesn’t exactly feel the same way I do about it. She likes her options. She doesn’t want to be pinned down because fate tells her it’s right, she wants to be able to make that decision on her own. Like she always has.


    I sigh and lean back, my bare back resting on the cool hardwood flooring. What am I going to do? She basically told me she didn’t want me. That she didn’t feel anything for me. On some level, I knew she would react like that once I told her we were soul mates but it still hurt when she said what she had said. Part of me thinks that I am over reacting. That I just needed to give her some time. But, the other part is telling me to get over it. She doesn’t want me and probably never will.


    I was torn away from my thoughts when I heard a clatter, sounding like metal hitting the hard wood floor. I sit up and listen carefully, accessing my vamp hearing. Light foot steps were being made down the stairs, as if someone didn’t want to get caught. Maybe it’s one of the boys not wanting to wake anyone up beings it’s almost 4 in the morning but something tells me that is wasn’t any of them.


    I waited until the strangers foot hit the bottom floor, quickly crossing into the kitchen area before getting to my feet. I was at the top of the stairs in seconds, listening for the movements of the person in my kitchen. It sounded like saran wrap was being torn open and something taken out of it. I frowned and silently walked through the kitchen, peeking around the corner.


    The steel door to the meat fridge was standing wide open, the light shining bright back at me as I squinted. The countertop in front of the three metal boxes was blocking my view of what ever was in front of it. What ever it was, it sounded hungry. I took gently steps forward, trying not to bring attention to myself until the time was called for it. I stepped around the corner and my jaw dropped.


    She was crouched over a half empty meat pack, her fingers digging into the raw meat of a lamb that had been chopped up. I could tell her face was red from crying, her eyes puffy as another stray tear rolled down her cheek. She bit into the meat, scarfing it down like she would never eat again. I stepped forward, raising my hands in front of me. Her body won’t react well to this.


    “Anna.” I say gently, not budging as she dropped the bone and whirled around to face me. I took a moment to absorb this image, locking it away in my memory.


    Her hands were clawed, her eyes burning hot gold as she bared her teeth at me. Her dark hair was curly and brushed back over her shoulders. Her canines were longer than the rest of her teeth and her legs were spread shoulder width apart, ready for an attack if nessicary. She was beautiful and completely terrifying at the same time.


    “Anna, it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you.” I say gently, taking a step forward to stop as she growled at me.


    “Anna. Calm down. It’s okay.” I speak softly, not wanting her to attack me.


    She glared at me, her fingers twitching as she fought with herself. She stood straight up, her hands still clawed. Her face was back to normal, the only thing still the same was her eyes, burning into liquid gold as she stared me down.


    “That’s it, Anna. Easy now. You are safe.” I say, watching her stand normally before slouching forward with her head down.


    “Anna?” I lightly question, taking a step forward. I wait a few seconds before taking another step, halting as she looked up at me. I held her focus as she broke, her face flowing into a river of emotion.


    “What’s happening to me?” She cried, her eyes dying down to the dark brown thought her fangs took a minute to retract. I step closer to her, pulling her into my arms as she cried, wiping at her mouth and chin.


    “It’s okay. Everything will be okay.” I coo, rubbing her back slowly to help calm her down.


    “I’m sorry.” She chokes out in between sobs.


    “It’s okay, Anna. You’re different. You’re special. It’s gonna take time to learn the best of both worlds. You are unique and being unique comes with different pros and cons. I’ll help you through it. I promise.” I say into her hair as she buries her face into my shoulder.


    I have no experience on how to raise the werewolf side of her, much less the hybrid side together. I need help. I know the boys are here when I call on them but they know just about as much as I know about how to handle a werewolf. And that’s what that side was. The animal in her blood coming out, just as the vampire side came out late yesterday. As much as I don’t like it, I have to call him in. But, I’ll be damned if he takes her from me.







Who do you think he is going to call on??? LET ME KNOW BELOW!!! haha that rhymed :D

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