How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


37. Questions


    My mouth opens to stop him but my voice just didn’t want to work. For once I am completely speechless. How am I supposed to react to this? He keeps me locked up in this place, doesn’t explain why but then he tells me I’m his soulmate. I just can’t get this all in my head at the same time. There’s so much information to absorb. 


    Bonny killed my  parents, Bonny wants me dead. Harry protected me since I was a baby so I could be with him when I was of age. Is that it? Oh, and I’m some sort of vampire-werewolf freak to top it all off. I sigh and rub my eyes, shaking my head at my thoughts. How am I supposed to deal with all this at once? 


    My stomach rumbles and I huff. Out of all times my stomach decides it wants to eat. I shuffle out of the library, letting everything Harry had told me sink in and make since. It would explain a lot.


    I walk into the dining area, not caring about the rules as I pushed both double doors open to the kitchen. My eyes widen a little at how large the room was before shaking my head. This shouldn’t surprise me. Every room is magnified in this house. I make my way over to the three large fridges, wonder which one held what. My hand grabbed the cool handle on fridge number one, revealing various kinds of vegetables, making me crinkle my nose. Those don’t smell to appetizing.


    The next fridge held different types of meat, making my head nod in approval. My stomach roared but I repressed it, frowning. The meat isn’t even cooked yet and it’s making me feel like I’m starving for it. Gross.


    A different smell was coming from the last large metal box, my reflection looking back at me in the shiny steel that encased the fridge. I wonder what’s so different about this one. My small hand gripped the smooth, cool handle, gently tugging on it to open it.


    It swings out, revealing a blood bank. Well, it wasn’t necessarily a blood bank. The fridge was just packed out with blood bags, all the way to the top. It was packed so full, it looked like the bags were going to fall out any second now. I stared at the bags, my stomach rolling at just the thought of thinking about taking a sip from one.


    “Anna?” A voice called from behind me, making me whirl around.


    Niall stood a few feet behind me, his hands shoved into his pockets as he eyed me. I shut the fridge and turned towards him, my face going red.


    “Are you hungry? I could fix you one.” He offers, gesturing to the steel door behind me.


    “Oh, no I don’t want one. I am hungry though.” I say, shaking my head at his offer. That makes me want to vomit to think about how I did that earlier. I don’t even really remember moving much less drinking from a human being. It’s gross.


    “Oh. Okay. How about a sandwich then?” He asks, walking towards the side of the kitchen.


    “Sure. You gonna eat also?” I questioned, following him. 


    He nodded his head at me, making his way over to a large sink. He rips a paper towel off of the roll and stick it underneath the faucet, letting the water soak it. He shuts off the tap and rings the towel a little before turning to me and pointing to the counter. I frown but follow my silent orders, lightly jumping up to plant my butt on the counter top. He positions himself lightly between my knees before bringing the napkin up to my face.


    It was cold to the touch as he lightly wiped my face, making me raise an eyebrow at him. He sighs and pulls the wet napkin back to reveal a reddish brown stain on it. My face turns bright red and the tops of my ears feel hot. I forgot about that. I bet I look a mess. Ugh, I feel so gross now.


    “Sorry. I should have told you about this.” Niall says quietly as he went back to scrubbing my face clean.


    “It’s fine.” Was all I replied with, pursing my lips in embarrassment. 


    The silence grew into an awkward silence, making me tap my fingers against my legs. Niall raised an eyebrow making my cheeks warm.


    “I see your not scared to come close to me anymore.” I mumble as he gets a new napkin and wets it.


    “Well, you are living here for the time being. I can’t be scared of you forever. Besides, you are handling this better than I thought you were going to. Especially since the whole soul mate thing was dropped on you.” Niall said lightly as he dabs around my mouth and down my chin.


    I kept quiet, not allowing anything negative to be said about the conversation I just had with Harry. I’m still trying to process everything.


    “So are you moving into Harry’s room or are ya’ll going back to his place?” Niall asks, making my eyebrows shoot up into my hair line.


    “Why would I be moving into Harry’s anything?” I ask, making him halt his movements.


    “Ya’ll are soul mates...right?” Niall asks, his lips pulling down into a frown.


    “That’s what Harry tells me but... I don’t know. I don’t know anything right now. I just wanna make it through this whole vampire-werewolf-hybrid change first before I worry about who I’m going to be with. Ever.” I sigh, my stomach growling at me.


    “You don’t feel anything when you’re around him? Like something pulling you towards him? Like magnets, like gravity?” Niall asks, his hands resting on either side of my hips. A flash back from the balcony shoved its way into my mind but I quickly buried it, afraid Niall was looking into my head.


    “I’m not sure what I feel around him.” I say honestly, resisting the urge to start kicking my feet back and forth like a child to keep me occupied.


    “Then why did you move here, to England?” His irish accent purrs at me.


    “It just felt right moving here. I’ve wanted to live in England since I could remember. It’s just something about this place that drew me here. It’s beautiful and exciting.” I answer, as Niall’s eyebrows raise up.


    “Anna, Harry as been telling you to come to England since you were about four.”

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