How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


52. One Last Pump

I groaned, rolling over onto my back. I blinked hard, cringing as the bright light blinded me. I covered my face with my arm, squinting my eyes as I looked around. I sat up as I took everything in, my eyes slowly adjusting to the light that was quickly dimming. I felt my breathing get harder as I looked about the room, shock taking over my body.


    Blood was everywhere. Blotches and splatters of the dark liquid was scattered over the walls and smeared in streaks on the floor. Bloody hand prints decorated open space, along with nail marks on the floor, showing the struggle of the victim. I got to my knees, my mouth open in horror. 


Random body parts littered the floor, pools of blood surrounding the objects. A heap of meat was in the right had corner of the room, an unrecognizable body to be disposed of.  It’s stomach was missing and its chest was caved in, bones sticking out in odd directions. Scratches and claw marks scarred their skin, shredding it until it was tiny slivers of meat. My stomach rolled. 


Another body was across the room, her neck at an odd angle. A chunk of meat was missing from her shoulder all the way to her jaw, blood dimming from its earlier shine as it dried and crusted around her fatal wound. She was laying on her side up against the wall. A dent in the space above her told me she had been thrown into the wall and killed right where she landed, if she wasn’t dead before hand.


Who did such a thing? Why? I open the fist I didn't realize I had clenched and frowned, finding it sticky. My eyes widened as I took in my fingers, shaking my head quickly. It can’t be.


    I ran down the hallway, getting there much faster than I thought I would. I flipped on the light and stared at my reflection. A scream built its way up through my chest and managed to escape from my mouth. The glass mirror cracked slightly before giving in, shattering the fragile decoration to small pieces. I darted from the bathroom, trying to clear my head but I couldn’t erase the images from my mind.


    My bursted with memories, making my knees gives out in mid-stride. I crumbled to the floor, a sob breaking out in my chest. I hastily wiped my hands on my shirt before remembering it was covered in dried blood. I striped down to my underwear right in the middle of the hallway before returning to the bathroom, not caring as the glass cut unto the bottoms of my bare feet.


    I turned on the hot water, my sight blurred as tears continued to pour down my face. I pump the soap dispenser until the light pink substance was over flowing from my hand before hastily rubbing my hands together. I watched the pink soap turn a brownish red before sticking my hands underneath the scolding hot water, not caring as it burned my skin.


    Strong arms wrapped around my chest, pinning arms to my sides. I struggled, my cried getting louder. He shushed me, his hold tightening as I gave in, letting my body slump against his. I let my head fall back against his shoulder, his lips in my ear trying to calm me as I let it go. 


    I was pulled back away from the sink towards the shower. He leaned to the left, turning on a knob and flipping a handle until water poured from the shower head. I tried to leave, to get away from this mess but strong arms caught me, pulling me back into the bathroom. 


    I thrashed around, trying to take my feelings and emotions out on the very person trying to help me. He cooed at me, wrapping his arms tightly around my waist before placing me underneath the shower head before stepping in behind me fully clothed. Ice cold water covered my over heated body, rinsing my face off and cooling my body temperature. My chest hurt as I continued to cry, the boy behind me holding me close as he whispered his apologies in my ear. 





I lay in bed curled into a ball, the covers tucked in around me. Fresh from the shower and spotless, I stared off into space refusing to even think about the color purple. I just left my mind blank, scared that if I think of something my actions from the previous hours would come rushing back to me. The fireplace before me crackled and popped in the silent room, the only light coming off of its dull flames. I watched the different shades of orange and yellow dance, every now and then a blue-green flame would eat at the wood.


I heard the door creak open and a moment of silence before it shut once again, light foot steps padding into the room. I continued to stare into the fire, ignoring the other presence in the room.


“Anna.” He rasped, appearing by my side. 


I felt the mattress beside me dip down from his weight, his finger tips brushing my damp hair away from my face. I close my eyes at his touch, allowing myself that small pleasure. He noticed this and cupped my face, forcing me to look at him. 


The light from the small flame his his face in shadows but even that couldn’t take away from his beauty. His dark curls were pushed back away from his face, the yellow-orange flame dancing in the reflection of his eyes. His lips parted as his eyes glanced at my mouth before meeting my eyes, his body slowly leaning in. I untangled my hand from the blanket I was tucked under and touched his face, making him hum as he leaned into my hand. My thumb rubbed over his bottom lip, tracing its plumpness as he continued to lean towards me.


The space between our bodies was heating up quickly, making my breathing harder and faster as the anticipation set in, making me anxious for his kiss. Butterflies erupted in my tummy and my heart beat fast in my chest as his lips connected with mine. I sighed against his kiss, running my fingers through his hair as he shifted over me, our torsos flush against each other. 


My heart beat increased at an alarming rate as Harry shifted over me, the covers tugged down as he placed himself between my knees. I let my hands wonder over his wide shoulders, appreciating how well built he was as he rested his weight against me. He kiss was soft and sweet, never getting to urgent or rushed as we both savored the moment. His large hands played with the ends of my hair, wiping away my stray tears with the smooth ends.


A sharp pain in my chest made me gasp for air, pausing Harry’s actions. He pulled back, his eyes wide and alert. We stared at each other for a minute before I clutched at my chest, Harry forcing me to sit up as another excruciating shock went through my chest. I cried out as my heart continued to speed up, the blood pumping hard and fast through my veins. 


That’s when we both realized that I have yet to finish the transaction. I haven’t died yet. I watched has Harry’s eyes teared up, his voice raspy and urgent as he called for the other guys. He was off the bed and across the room with me in his arms in just seconds, meeting the boys in another new room. I was placed on a medical bed as they hooked me up to a few machines, my heart beat showing as it painfully beat in my chest.


“It’s gonna be okay, Anna. Just try to relax.” Louis mumbled, his voice stressed as he worked over me. 


My arms and legs were restrained with leather strips and buckled, Liam explaining they were needed to keep me from hurting myself even more. A hard cry was made as my heart thumped. Once. Twice. A third and final time, going from 180 mile per hour to just stop in its tracks, giving me one last and final pump of my human life blood supply.

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