How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


34. Not So Dead

    I stood there for a few more seconds, trying to process what just unfolded before my eyes. Anna stood there, her back to me and her head down, looking at Niall’s lifeless body. It look like she’s turned into a statue. She didn’t move and it looked like she wasn’t even breathing. I took a gentle step forward, waiting a few seconds before taking another.


    Once I figured out it was safe to approach her, I kneeled beside Niall, inspecting his body. The only thing I noticed was his neck was broken, leaving no other injury. I breathed out a heavy sigh in relief. He’s gonna be fine.


    “I killed him.” Anna’s small voice made it’s way to my ears. I glanced up at her, truly noticing her for the first time, completely.


    Her brown eyes were round with surprise and guilt, her chest rising and falling quickly from the quick breaths she was taking in. Her mouth was open in shock, blood dried and sticking to her face from what had happened earlier. I stood up slowly, placing my hands on her shoulders softly.


    “Anna, look at me.” I say gently, not wanting to upset her anymore than she already has. Her brown eyes found mine, shining bright with unshed tears.


    “I just killed someone.” She cried out as it all began to hit her in slow, painful jabs.


    “No, no, no, no. Niall’s going to be fine, he will be okay.” I say quickly, grabbing her face between my hands and forcing her to make eye contact with me.


    “I snapped his neck, he’s dead.” She says, gripping my wrists to try and escape.


    “Anna, you didn’t kill him. Yes, you snapped his neck but a vampire can’t die rom that. Not permanently, anyways. He will be fine. Just a little sore.” I explain to her, watching relief wash into her.


    We both jumped as Niall took a sudden intake in breath, his body jerking up into a sitting position and scrambling backwards a few feet. 


    “Whoa, easy Niall.” I say letting Anna go to watch Niall.


    “She killed me. I died.” Niall panted, looking around the room urgently, like he was surprised to be here and talking. I’m guessing this was his first time having his neck snapped.


    “Your fine, Niall.” I say, shaking my head at him. His eyes locked on Anna, shaking his head.


    “You, kitten, are one strange being.” Niall said, scooting back when she tried to go near him. She frowned but stopped trying to go to him.


    “I don’t know what happened. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lost it like that. It’s never happened before..” She said, her voice trailing off as she looked helplessly at Niall. 


    Something about the way she looked at him made me mad. She looks like a lost puppy. Like she just lost her best friend, her lover. I narrowed my eyes at her before turning my glare to Niall. He was on his feet now, frowning at the small girl beside me. What happened while I was gone?


    “You’ve never done anything like that before?” I asked, focusing back on Anna.


    “No. I’ve never lost my temper like that before.” She said, fiddling with her hands.


    “Do you know about your family history?” I asked, watching her.


    “Nope. I don’t know any of my family and my parents are dead. That’s all I know.” She tells, shrugging a shoulder.


    “Well, I think it’s time you know the truth. Maybe it’ll shed some light on a few things.”

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