How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


6. New Dream

~“Hello, love. What are you doing here?” He said, his eyes shining brightly at me.
I ignored the question, looking at my surroundings. I was under some bridge at night, the mood shining brightly down through the fall trees. I looked down at myself, frowning a little as i find myself fully dressed. My jeans was snug against my legs, hugging my bum. My black, flat heeled boots went up to my knees, the dark color matching my v-neck. I wore a gray petticoat and a matching beanie, my dark locks curled neatly.
“Who are you?” I asked, squinting into the shadows. My eyes roamed over darkness, failing to locate the speaker.
“Oh,you know who i am.” The voice rasped, red eyes flickering open just behind the shadows. My heart beat faster in my chest, my breath coming in shallow gulps. I shook my head, denying his statement.
“Oh, yes you do.” He said, voice deepening as he moved forward. I stepped back, keeping my eyes on the figure appearing before me.
Jean clad legs emerged from the shadows, followed by a torso clothed in a white v-neck and a black blazer. Plump lips smirked at me as he walked forward. Glowing red eyes faded, revealing the bright green beneath them.
“B-but.. It’s not possible. You can’t.. You can’t exist.” I stuttered, taking a step back from him. He followed, not taking his eyes off mine.
“Oh, yes. It is possible. All will be explained soon. You should get home, little one, it’s not safe for pretty such a pretty girl to be out on the streets alone at this time of night.” He said, flipping his dark curls away from his eyes.
“But...i’m not alone. You’re with me.” I heard myself say, staring back at the green orbs that eyed me.
“That is even more dangerous. You should leave. Go home.” He said, his voice gaining a cooler tone. I found myself shaking my head, stepping towards him. His eyes burned through me, slowly changing colors. He bared his fangs at me, hissing as he crotch, preparing to spring. Fear filled my body, making me take a hasty retreat back.
I ran in the opposite direction, hoping i was fast enough. After i ran down random streets, my legs began to ache, making me stop. I slowed to a walk, making circles as i frantically searched around me. Empty streets echoed my steps, making me walk on my toes to keep from being discovered. I wiped at my face, a little shocked to discover that i was crying.
Tears steadily flowed down my face as i walked quickly, glancing over my shoulders every few steps to see if i was being followed. It was a quiet, lonely walk back to my place, leaving me a little relaxed the further i got away from the bridge. I was almost home when a loud bang came form close behind me, sending me hurling to the ground to get out of dodge. I laid there for a minute before sitting up, glancing around me. I stood quickly, taking short fast steps as i walked. The sound of feet roughly hitting the pavement behind me sent me whirling around to face red eyes. My throat was grasped tightly, my feet kicking as they were lifted off the ground.
“It’s going to be quick, i promise. This may hurt a little, though.” He said, shaking me a little. I beat on his arm, my eye feel like they are about to pop out of my head.
“Be still or it’ll be more painful.” He grunted, shaking me a little harder. My actions momentarily stopping before resuming.
“You know, i was going to let you live but i’ve changed my mind. Good bye.” He said angrily, the tip of his nose touching mine before he extended his arm at full length before snapping it back towards his body. My head jerked back and pain exploded in the back of my neck, the bones snapping at the force of the whiplash, sending my vision into darkness.~

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