How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


5. Mini Heart Attacks

I laid on my bed, staring straight up at the ceiling. My radio was on low, giving me something else to listen to besides that nagging voice in my head. Something wasn’t right about this place. Harry wasn’t right. Part of me wanted to believe he was the one in my dreams but the other half was screaming it wasn’t possible, that my imagination was just working over time. That i was reading to much into it.
I sat up, sighing as my stomach growled at me. I slid off my bed, calmly walking through my house and into the kitchen. The fridge light shone brightly in the dim light of my small kitchen. Grabbing the milk, i shut the door, setting the milk on the counter before digging through my pantry until i found a box of mac and cheese. Locating a pot, i mixed the noodles and milk together, setting it on the stove on high. I was hungry, i didn’t feel like taking my time.
Soon the noodles were boiling, my cue to take the pot off of the hot eye. Pouring in the cheese powder, i stirred until it was all well mixed in, making me smile. After spooning the food into a large bowl i ran water into the pot so nothing would stick to it when i washed it earlier. Pouring myself a hefty glass of milk, i place the jug in the fridge, bumping it with my hip to close it.
I walked into the living room, sitting cross legged on the couch as i placed a pillow in my lap for the bowl to sit on and the glass on the side table. Flipping on the telly, i searched the channels. I made a face at the screen, seeing only supernatural shows were on, mostly containing vampires. Frowning, i shut it off and began eating in silence.
I was on my last bite of mac and cheese when there was a knock at my door. I listened, hearing the same strange pattern repeat once more after a few seconds. I glanced at the clock above the television, reading almost nine o’clock by now. The knock got louder, making me a little nervous. I shoveled the last bite into my mouth before setting my plate down beside my glass and made my way to the door, chomping down on the cheesy goodness.
I listened quietly, jumping when the door rattled. Gathering enough guts, i snatched the door open, revealing nothing. Uneasiness filled me as i stepped outside my door way, looking both ways down the street in front of my flat.Leaves blew gently across the street, the cool breeze making me shiver a little. I wrapped my arms around my waist as i stepped further outside. Not one person was outside, leaving me alone in the night. I shook my head at myself, walking back inside. I locked the door, deadbolt and all before padding my way back to my original location. I grabbed my bowl and glass, heading back into the kitchen.
Hot water ran over my hands as i washed the pot, rinsing the metal out before setting it in the drainer. I repeated the actions with the silverware and bowl, setting the glass carefully in the rack. I grabbed my cup jumping a little as a thump was heard from somewhere in the hallway. I stepped back away from my sink, standing on my toes as i looked out into the hallway, listening. After hearing nothing I shrugged my shoulders, turning back to face the sink. I glanced up at the window in front of me and dropped the cup, letting it fall crashing to the floor. The clear glass shattered, splinters exploding everywhere.
A frozen scream made its way up my throat, threatening to release itself. I bit it back, realizing it had disappeared. I stood still, trying to calm myself as i thought about what i hd just seen, or thought i had anyway. Bright red eyes had stood just outside my kitchen window. Instead of curly hair decorating his head, straight hair was flicked out of his eyes. My mind was getting confused.
After carefully cleaning up the broken glass, i made my way to my room. Grabbing just a towel, i showered. Thirty minutes later i was wrapped in my towel, walking back into my room. After selecting a plain over-sized white shirt and black panties, i dressed quickly. Towel drying my hair took a few minutes, making me give up and throw my damp hair into a messy bun. Crawling into bed, i snuggled deep into my covers, closing my eyes.

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