How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


9. Hot Bloody Mess

Once the movie was over, Louis helped with the dishes and putting up everything. We talked about where all i had been and what i had liked about the places, avoiding the family drama. Once everything was done he gave me a hug and said his goodbye’s. A part of me was sad to see him leave but the other half was happy, full and sleepy as all get out. Just a quick shower and my ass is in the bed.
I pulled on my socks, satisfied now that i was clean and dressed.I made sure all of the windows and doors was locked, just in case some stupid people got any ideas. I shut off the light and crawled into bed, relief taking over as my warm comforter was pulled up and my head hit the feather pillow, instantly sending me to sleep.

“Mm, you smell amazing.” He whispered, his hot breath fanning out over my neck before he placed a gentle kiss at the base of my throat. I involuntarily moaned, his hand slowly massaging one of my breasts. I tried to make sense of this but i knew three things so far: 1. I was in nothing but my knickers. 2. this guy sounded really hot. 3. i was totally enjoying a strangers touch.
“I can’t waist to taste you.” He said, his low voice sending a vibration through his body and onto mine as he kissed the area between my breast.
I felt my excitement heighten at his words, my center starting to throb for his touch. His hot mouth found my nipple, his tongue brushing over it as his lips teased it. I knotted my hands in his curls, tugging on them as i wrapped my legs around his hips, pushing him down on me as i rubbed up against him, smiling when i heard/felt his throaty groan. His mouth moved against my breast, sending white hot bolts of pleasure to my center, my hand tightening in his curls.
My eyes shot open wide and my mouth formed a large ‘O’ as pain shot through my right breast, his teeth biting a little to hard. Soon after the pain was replaced by pleasure, much more intense than before. My breath came out in short shallow pants as his mouth worked against my chest, sucking hard. Something began to trickle down my side, tickling me. I managed to get one hand loose from his curls, wiping at my side. I brushed it off onto my sheets, not bothering to check. Seconds later the same thing happened and i started to notice it was soaking into my sheets and underneath my back. I wiped at my side again, this time checking my hand. The liquid was dark so i held my hand closer to my open window where the light was shining through. My chest tightened as i began to panic as fear set in.
“Stop.” I rasped, my voice breaking at the end. He ignored my demand, biting a little harder. I winced, clawing at his side to get his attention.
The more i felt blood trickle down my side the harder it was to stay calm. Tears were rushing down the sides of my face as i weakly fought against him, his arms wrapping around me as he pulled me closer, the pleasure disappearing. He suddenly sat up, sitting on his knees with his head titled back, his mouth open to reveal blood stained teeth. He slowly lowered his head, his bright red eyes shining down at me as he licked the red substance from his lips. I started to shake, a scream building up in my chest.
“Shh, the pain will be gone soon. Here.” He said, taking his finger and creating a scratch on his arm.
Blood rushed to the surface, appearing in small drops at first. I panicked, pushing back away from him. He drug me back by my ankle, pressing his wrist to my mouth. I shook my head but he still managed to fit it through my closed mouth, his blood filling my mouth until i had to swallow it. It was bitter at first but the more i consumed, the sweeter and better it got.

Soon enough he wasn’t having to force it int my mouth, i was holding his arm to my face, catching every last drop he had to offer. His arm disappeared from my grasp, leaving me dazed and confused as i sat up, him still positioned between my knees.
He grinned at me, tilting his head to the side as he made another scratch along his neck. I hastily straddled him, moaning as his large hands squeezed my bum. My hands gripped at his shoulders as my mouth sucked on the cut, not seeming to get enough to the sweet liquid addiction his blood was providing. My body jerked a little as his teeth sunk into my shoulder, pain throbbing a second before pleasure took over. We stayed like that for a few more minutes before he changed everything.
He was playing on his back with me straddling him, my mouth sadly detached from his neck. His hands found my hips, rubbing light circles before he slid a finger under the lace on the sides of my hips, cutting the fabric free. He discarded the fabric and that’s when i realized something. He was already completely and perfectly naked.
“I want to be inside you this time.” He said lowly, grabbing my hips and lifting me up a little.
I took my bottom lip between my teeth as he positioned himself at my entrance. A throaty moan was heard as he slipped in and i bit down on my lip, surely breaking the skin. He sat up, taking my bottom lip between his and sucked before rolling his hips, pulling me down on him. I moaned agains this lips as he kissed me before laying back, gripping my hips to show me how to move i followed his instructions, pouting a little. I grabbed one of his arms and nipped at his wrists as i moved, making him chuckle. He brought his wrist to his mouth, biting down before returning it to me. I placed my teeth over his marks, biting down to make more come out.
The pleasure intensified when he repeated the same actions with my wrist, sucking on it hard as i twirled my hips in a circle as i moved. I felt it start to build in the bottom of my stomach, his moans getting higher with each movement as we both climaxed, pleasure rocking our bodies as we both rode out our orgasms, biting hard on the others wrist.
Seconds later i found myself lying on my back and soft curls tickling my tummy as he made his way down, planting a hot kiss on my center before licking a bold line from top to bottom, lingering on my sensitive spot. My hands found his curls, grasping them tightly as he cleaned up his mess.

“Mm, you taste good,too.” He said, his lips brushing against the inner side of my thigh. His teeth nipped at the skin there, making me whimper before he bit down.~

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