How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


45. Growing Pains

The next morning came fast, light shining through the curtains that I forgot to close. I grumble, mentally cursing myself for not shutting them. I roll over and bump into a warm body. Images emerged from a sleepy brain, sending heat to my cheeks at the reminder of the recent events from a few hours ago. Liam had his face buried into a pillow, his arms tucked underneath to keep it in place as he laid on his tummy. I turned back over and met light brown eyes, a sleepy smirk playing on his lips.


    “Good morning.” Zayn mumbles, making a shy smile appear over my lips.


    Blood was smeared on his cheeks and around his mouth. His shoulder had a healing bite mark, marks of red where blood had stained his dark skin. The sheet was low, showing the smeared handprints and bite marks on his tummy. 


    “‘Morning.” I yawn, covering my mouth. 


    I frowned, feeling a new soreness in my arm. Is it like this all over? I sat up, holding my small part of the sheet to my chest. My muscles protested, making me groan.


    “Sore?” Zayn asked, his tone smug.


    “Ha, yeah. Really sore at that. All the way to the bone.” I say, rotated my shoulders. It felt good and it hurt all at the same time.


    “Go take a hot shower. It’ll help a little.” I hear Liam roll over, his voice raspy and deep from sleep.


    Without a word, I climb over bodies as I try to keep the sheet to myself. I made it to the edge of the bed before the sheet stopped moving with me, jerking me to a stop. I looked at the source of my immobilization, finding both boys grinning at me with handfuls of the cloth. I stick my tongue out at both of them, dropping my cover with false confidence. 


    With quick steps I was soon behind the protection of the bathroom door, light snickers silently making fun of me and my shyness. I flip on the light, the reflection in front of me taking my breath away. Holy cow.


    My hair was knotted and tangled all over my head, making me giggle. Blood was smeared in different places over my face, my bare body smudged and marked with the dark substance. I shook my head at my reflection. A month ago, I would have been freaking out about this. I would panic. But now, it just seems... natural. 


    The hot water was turned on and soon I was in the shower, scrubbing every inch of my body. A pinkish-brown color constantly rolled off my skin, revealing the creamy white flesh that had been covered. Tender areas were harder to clean, the sensitive teeth marks painful when touched. The water was shut off when I felt like I was clean once again, a fluffy towel enveloping me.


    I wiped the steam off of part of the mirror, looking at my new reflection. My cheeks were a light pink, flush from the hot shower. My lips were a darker shade and fuller. Dark eyes were wide and round as they examined the rest of my face. Brushing my dark hair back, I tilted my head to reveal a bite.


     It wasn’t like the one Bonny gave me, a crimson red and tattoo like. This was an actual bite mark. I could feel the indention of his teeth, the reminder of how hunger and lust mix. I could feel the heat and desire of the action, making me shiver. I removed myself from the mirror, drying off before using the rest of the towel to dry my hair. With it wrapped around me, I left the safety of the bathroom.


    My room was empty, my bed stripped from its sheets. New ones had been placed on it and made, complete with pillows of different sizes. I sigh and repress the small feeling of disappointment. Did I really think they would stay? Dropping the towel, I get dressed, cotton shorts and tank top for the day. I looked at my reflection, pulling my hair over my shoulders to cover the marks. I know that Harry and Louis will be gone but do I want Niall to know of recent events? Deciding no, I change into a tee shirt and yoga pants, covering what I could.


    I walked out of my room, frowning as the pain in my shoulder and arm started to grow. I rotated my arm again, thinking that maybe I had popped it out of place when the pressure intensified, feeling like my right arm was being crushed. I clutched my arm and kneeled on the ground, tears of pain gathering in my eyes as I started to scream for help. What is happening to me?


    Niall was the first to appear, his blonde hair poking out all over his head as he scooped me up, darting through the house and into a new room. Liam and Zayn appeared by me as I placed on a mat, my body being strapped down. The pressure grew, covering my right shoulder.


    I could hear Liam speaking into a phone, panic in his voice as he spoke. He shoved the phone into his back pocket, leaning down over me.


    “Anna, be still. It’s only going to make it worse if you keep moving.” Liam said, his voice firm as he held my left shoulder down, making me hold still.


    “It hurts.” I cried, my vision going blurry from a new set of tears.


    “I know it does and I’m so sorry. I don’t want to hurt you but it has to be done. It’ll only hurt for a second, I promise. When you get better you can punch me in the face.” Liam said as he untied my right arm.


    “What?” I asked, my voice cracking from the pain on my right side.


    “I’m sorry.” He said one final time before the sickening sound of bone breaking echoed throughout the room.

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