How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


20. Dresses

I flutter my eyes, trying to let them adjust to the light. I sat up and looked around, noticing I was on a bed but definitely not my bed. It was way to luxurious for it to me my bed. Actually, the whole room was. Where the hell am I? My memory slowly came back, reminding me that I was basically kidnapped by a blonde irish guy.

I huff and slid down from the bed, padding across the hardwood flooring to one of the two doors in my sight. I yank it open to reveal a rather startled boy with golden eyes, making us both squeal a little at the shock of seeing each other so quickly.

“Where the hell am I?” I demand, not waisting any time. All I wanted to do was go home and hide underneath my warm navy blue comforter.

“Hi, I’m Zayn. It’s perfectly lovely to meet you, too.” He said sarcastically, pushing his way into the room. What the hell is with these guys and barging in?!

“Where am I?” I asked again, turning towards him and crossing my arms.

“We can’t tell you that but you are safe. Nobody knows how to get here other than the people that are already here, obviously.” Zayn replies in his british accent. Hm. I am literally the only American I know. Or even met for that matter.

“Safe? Safe from what?” I ask, meeting his gaze with my own.

“From Bonny. She wants you gone and we can’t let that happen so we took it upon ourselves to protect you. Get used to this house because you are going to be here a long time. Dinner will be ready shortly so go take a shower an change. I will lay something out for you to wear, so just wrap up in a towel and it will be waiting for you on your bed. We dine in an old formal form, so no casual clothes unless we order in. I hope you slept good and I will see you soon.” The boy said, bowing slightly before leaving the room.

“Wait, what? Hey, wait! Who’s Bonny?” I asked, nearly having to run after him. He quickly faced me, bringing me to a complete stop with one look.

“We will talk about it over dinner. Go get ready.” He order, pointing towards the bedroom I just came from.

“But... okay.” I start but I quickly stop, his nice act dropping as he gave me a harsh look.
I retreated back to my given room and rummaged through my messily packed bag the was by the door. Grabbing a fresh pair of knickers and a random bra, I head to the second door, opening it to reveal a very large bathroom. Oh, I think I just fell in love.


Forty five minutes later I was blow drying my hair, having not yet left the safety of the bathroom. After that, I light curl it, giving myself a some what sophisticated look but also cute and simple. I smiled at my reflection and then brushed my teeth, frowning. Ew, my mouth tasted so gross. Once that was done, I applied eyeliner and mascara, leaving it at that. I sigh and wrap a damp towel around me, opening the door to my bedroom.

It was empty and everything had seemed to be left alone until my eyes reached the bed, spotting a black bag. I padded across the floor with my bare feet, eager to see what lied beneath the cover up. I unzipped the bag, my mouth dropping as my finger tips brushed against the soft fabric of the dress.

I pulled it out of the bag, revealing the whole dress. It looked like a ball gown but a little bit more dresser. The outside fabric was almost silky to the touch, smooth and cool under my finger tips. I laid the dress out over my bed, taking it all in when I noticed that there was another white piece of fabric in the bag. I pulled it out, revealing that it was indeed a corset. Did they expect me to put this on? By myself?

I jumped as the door opened, pulling the towel closer to my body. The door swung open a little more, revealing a little dark headed girl. She wore the traditional maid outfit, complete with a little white apron and a matching hat. She grinned at me and closed the door behind her before walking over to me.

“I’ve been sent up here to help you get dressed.” The lady said, motioning towards the dress.

“Ah. Okay.” I say, grabbing the corset. I arranged it on my chest and turned around, waiting for her to tie it up. Instead, she unhooked my bra and spun me around, yanking both the corset and my bra from my chest.

“Hey!” I say loudly, covering my boobs the best I could.

“You don’t wear both at the same time. And you have to lace it up first.” She said, waving the corset at me. She expertly laced it up and told me to hold my arms up above my head. I complied, watching her shimmy the fabric over my skin and in place.

“Brace yourself.” She mutter as she yanked on the strings, pulling them tight. I gasped, gripping at the bed frame for support as she continued tighten the clothing.

Once I was tied off she turned me around and didn’t hesitate to reach out and adjust my boobs. It was very uncomfortable to have another woman groping at my chest but I dealt with it, telling myself that it’s this or throw myself out the window. I didn’t like how she pushed my boobs up a little and out, making them seem bigger than they already were, but I admitted to myself that my chest felt better and it was a tad easier to breath, though not by much, when she was done.

She grabbed the dress and rearranged it so I could fit through. She pulled the thick fabric over my head, ruffling out the kinks and layers to where the bottom half looked right. It was way to long for my short legs, making me think they gave me the wrong size in length. She adjust the bodice to where it fit right, the straps resting lightly against the tops of my upper arms, the dress being an off the shoulder kinda thing.

She gave me a once over before looking at my hair, shaking her head. I frowned at her, feeling a little childish as she instructed me to sit on the bed. Well, I thought I did a good job. She teased my curls a little and twisted them up and off my shoulders, putting them in a neat little bun, letting my long curly hair hang from underneath it. It revealed my chest and bared my back, showing my pale skin off. The darkness of the fabric complimented my skin tone, making me smile. Anna likes this, I say in my head, Anna likes this a lot.

After that she disappeared from the room before appearing a few seconds later with a box. She handed it to me and I opened it, revealing the silver heels that some how seemed to match the dress perfectly. I stepped into the shoes and adjust them, finding that the dress still cover my feet but wasn’t dragging as bad as it was. My helper motioned behind me, revealing a tall, wide mirror I hadn’t realized was there. I looked like someone from way back in the day when girls wore stuff like this on a daily basis.

“They are waiting on you down stairs. Please, follow me.” The lady asked, walking towards the door. I followed her, gathering the front of my dress a little to make it easier to walk. I take one last glance at the room before following her through the door.

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