How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


42. Arguments

The next morning wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Someone had opened my curtains, revealing just how bright the sun is as it filtered into my room as it rose from its slumber. I groaned and rolled over, burying my face into my pillow to block out the bright light that was telling me to get up. I tried to go back to sleep but my body was slowly waking, making me growl. 


    I will kill whoever opened those stupid curtains, I think as I shove the covers off of me and slid out of bed. My feet made heavy thumps as I stomped out of my room, not caring about my appearance as I marched down stairs. They all will experience the wrath of a cranky Anna.


    “Who in the hell opened my curtains.” I snapped as I busted through the doors to the dining room. Chuckles were made as I crossed my arms over my chest.


    “Well, good morning to you too, Anna.” Louis teased, motioning for me to sit next to him. I continued standing, waiting for my question to be answered.


    “I did.” Niall said bravely, owning up to his actions.


    “Why?” I snarl, snagging a piece of toast off of the plate in the center of the large table.


    “I thought you would like it.” He said simply, shrugging as he bit into one of his many pancakes that were piled onto his plate.


    “I didn’t.” I say grouchily as I took a bite out of my toast.


    “Someone sounds a little moody.” A voice rasped from behind me. I turn around to find the last person in this house to walk through the door, still half naked and has yet to tame his curls.


    “Shut up.” I say harshly, slowly realizing that I might be over reacting. I refuse to let them know that I am starting to feel bad for being so mean. I glance at Niall and he kindly smiles at me, silently telling me he knows that I am sorry. I nod once.


    “It’s okay, Anna. Louis here as already filled us in on your mood swings.” Liam spoke up, motioning to the boy across the table from him.


    “What about them?” I ask, popping the last bite of toast into my mouth. Gosh, I’m hungry.


    “About how swiftly they will change and just how magnified they can get over the simplest things. Like the curtains. You were aggravated that the curtains were opened  but normally you would have not that upset. You came down here to yell at somebody. You are realizing that you are over reacting and now you feel bad for snapping. It’s okay. It’s normal.” Louis explained, motioning for me to take a seat again. I complied, plopping down into one of the chairs as I grabbed another piece of toast.


    “So you’ve been talking about me.” I state, nibbling on the buttered bread.


    “You’ve been the topic all morning.” Zayn speaks up, sending me a wink as I look at him. I feel my cheeks get hot, making me drop my eyes to the piece of food in between my fingers.


    “Why?” I ask, fiddling with my sticky fingers as I looked over at Lou.


    “I’ve been filling them in on what is to come in the next week or so. On the mood swings, the hunger. Things like that.” Louis informed me as he popped a fork full of scrambled eggs into his mouth.


    “You told me about the mood swings, you didn’t tell me about the rest.” Harry rasped as he sat in his own chair with a full plate in front of him.


    “Maybe if you had been down here earlier you would know about the rest.” Louis taunted, his usually sparkly eyes dark as he looked at the boy at the other end of the table. Harry opened his mouth but I butted in before he could take the bait Louis had laid out for him.


    “Well, tell me then. I know about the mood swings but what about the hunger? Will I be up every night eating raw meat before losing it again?” I questioned, biting into my toast before it could get cold.


    “No. That was the worst of the hunger. Well, for your werewolf side. I’m not sure how the vampire side with handle your change but that should be the last of you eating raw meat and then your body rejecting it. You’ll be able to handle the vampire side, right? Or do you have a person to run to for that also?” Louis said, pushing his empty plate away from him as he leaned back into his chair.


    “I called on you because you are the only werewolf she knows. I thought it would be easier for her to learn from somebody she is familiar with than from a stranger but you are free to leave. I’ll help you pack.” Harry growled, glaring at Louis from across the table.


    “Stop it! Both of you! I’m so tired of hearing you two bitch and gripe about the other one. It’s childish and simply stupid. You two either kiss and make up or I’ll just leave and deal with this on my own. Let me know when you two can be in the same room without making arses out of yourselves.” I snap, not being able to take their bickering anymore. 


    I quickly stand and swiftly exit the room, stomping back up the stairs before anything else could be said. Why do they have to be that way towards each other? My dad tried to be nice to Harry and they were somewhat friends. Why can’t they just try a a little harder to be nice? At least while I’m around. I have so much crap going on right now, I don’t need to add the worry-about-friends-killing-each-other-in-their-sleep pin to the already long list of things to worry about. I slam my bedroom door and lock it. I just need to sit and think in peace for a while.

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