Super Dad

"Perrie Where Have You Been ?!" I Snapped "Zayn Chill I Was Just Out With The Girls " She Plays Like Everythings Okay . I Put The Baby Down In Her Crib Because The Drama Was Foaming "Perrie You Have A New Born Baby To Take Care Of ... Not Only Am I PISSED !! But It Upsets Me that I'm Taking Care Of This Baby By Myself !" "Zayn You're Not By Yourself " "Yes I Am !! I'm Only 17 I Can't Do This By Myself .. And I Trusted You .. Just . Just Leave " I Said Tears Rushing down My Face . She Rolls Her Eyes And Walked Out Leaving Me Alone With Little Diana . I Should Have Listened When Everyone Told Me To Stay Away From Her . I Picked The Baby Up Out Of The Crib And Held Her Close . "Don't Worry .. Daddy Is Here"

Zayn Is A Teenage Father With A Deadbeat Mother To Worry About . He Was Left To Take Care Of A Little Girl On His Own When Someone Steps In To Help Him . Will He Manage For Little Diana ?


9. Chapter 8 [BootCamp Week 1] part 3

(Danyelle's Outfit ^)


Danyelle's POV


After Angelina Went On It Was Almost Time For Me To Hit The Stage . I Looked In The Mirror Poofing Up My Hair A little More And Fixed My Dress . I Took Deep Breaths In And Out Trying To Calm Myself . I Sighed "We Got This " I Whispered To Myself Referring To Me And My Dad . He Was Always With Me When I Sung And Now He's In My Heart And With Me Every Step Of The Way In This Competition . 

"Ms.Carter Its Time " The Stage Manager Guy Said . I Put A Smile On My Face And Raced Out The Door As Fast As Heels Can Go . I Sat Down At The Piano The Sat Out For Me And They Placed The Mic On The Mic stand On The Piano . Once The Stage Manager Gave Her The Cue Kelly Introduced Me 

"I Think This Girl Has Mad Talent And Will Do Good With this Challenge Please Meet Ms. Danyelle Carter" Everyone Screams And Claps

I Play A Slow And Kinda Sad Tempo On The Piano . Some People OOoo And Some People Clap . Then I Started My Song 


♪She Was More Like A Beauty Queen From A Movie Scene

I Said Don't Mind , But What Do You Mean I Am the One 

Who Would Dance On The Floor In The Round

She Said I Am The One

Who Will Dance On The Floor In The Round 


She Told Me Her Name Was Billie Jean

As She Caused A Scene

The Every Head Turned With Eyes That Dreamed Of Being The One

Who Would Dance On The Floor In The Round


People Always Told Me , Be Careful What You Do

And Dont Go Around Breaking Young Girls Hearts

And Mother Always Told Me Be Careful Who You Love

Be Careful What You Do

Cause The Lie Becomes The Truth


(Crowd Screams)

Billie Jean 

Is Not My Lover ,She's Just A Girl 

Who Says That I Am The One 

But The Kid Is not My Son 


(Crowd Screams Some More)

Billie Jean Is Not My Lover

She's Just A Girl , Who Says That I Am the One 

But The Kid 

is Not

My Son♪

The Crowd Screamed And People Whistled I Smiled Getting Up With The Mic In my Hand . I Stood on The X Looking Toward The 2 Judges Out Their Seat And One Clapping From Theirs .

"You .. You're Talent Is Seriously A Gift From The Almighty .You Turned That Song Into A Story " Kelly Said and The Crowd Screams 

"I Agree With Kelly It Was Really Good .. You were Perfect " Demi Commented "Thankyou" I Said 

"It Was ...Pretty Good . I Like The Way You Flipped That Song " Simon Said "Good Job" He Added And The Crowd Went Wild I Thanked Them And Walked Back Stage . I Walked In The Room With Everyone Else And They Clapped . I Smiled .. Well That Was Until I Saw Someone I Didn't Wanna See. He Walked Up Swiftly With A Smirk On His Face 

"Hello Babe " My Ex-Boyfriend Cloud Said "What Are You -" I Was Cut Off

"What Else Am I Doing Here ... I'm Here To See You " He Grabbed My Waist And I Pushed Him Off 

" Don't Worry About Me ... You Should Worry More About My Son " I Crossed My Arms

"That's Tooken Care Of .. I Took Him To Your Mum So I Could See You .. I Miss You Danyelle " 

"You Didn't Miss Me The Night You Left Me ..." I Said . He Sighed 

"It May Seem Like It But .. I was about To Come Back And --" 

"All X Factor Contestants To The Stage " The Stage Manager Called And Everyone Got Up And Walked To The Stage "I Gotta Go" I Mumbled And Pushed Pass Him And Catching Up With Everyone .


Zayn's POV

We All Came On The Stage And Everyone Screamed . This Was The Time For Someone To Get Cut . We All held Hands With The Person Next to Eachother In Hope That We Don't Get Cut Or That Person Gets Cut . 

"You All Did An Amazing Job Tonight But Like Every Competition .. Someone Must Leave " Demi Said Like A Scary Witch ... She Terrifies Me 

"Once You're Out You Must Return To Your Hotel Room .. Pack You're Bags ... And Go Home " Kelly Said Mumbling the Last Part Of that Sentence 

"The Following People Move To The Side  When I Call Your Name Or Band Name " She Added :

Danyelle Carter

One Direction

Angelina Page

Blaa Blaa Blaaa



And 15 More Blaa's ..

"Will Jade Oskian And Oli Oliver Please Step Forward " Simon Calls 

(Made Up Names Lmfao)

"Its Time One Of You Beautiful Ladies To Leave .. You Both Have Talent But After Tonight You Guys Didn't Do Good " Demi Said "And The Girl That Is Leaving Tonight Is .... Oli Oliver " (Sad Music Starts ) Everyone Screams And The Two Girls Hug It Out . Oli Thanks Them And Walks Off The Stage 

"You 22 Contestants Are Gonna Live Another Week Until Another One Of You Gets Cut .. You Guys Did Well Congratz" Everyone Screams . Niall Hugs Me Then Louis , Liam , And Harry Join In Our Group Hug . I Smile Knowing That We Made It Through The First Week And I Look At Danyelle Who's Jumping Up And Down With Angelina . I Smile Hugging My Crazy Friends Back . This Is Gonna Be The Best Expirence Ever .




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