Super Dad

"Perrie Where Have You Been ?!" I Snapped "Zayn Chill I Was Just Out With The Girls " She Plays Like Everythings Okay . I Put The Baby Down In Her Crib Because The Drama Was Foaming "Perrie You Have A New Born Baby To Take Care Of ... Not Only Am I PISSED !! But It Upsets Me that I'm Taking Care Of This Baby By Myself !" "Zayn You're Not By Yourself " "Yes I Am !! I'm Only 17 I Can't Do This By Myself .. And I Trusted You .. Just . Just Leave " I Said Tears Rushing down My Face . She Rolls Her Eyes And Walked Out Leaving Me Alone With Little Diana . I Should Have Listened When Everyone Told Me To Stay Away From Her . I Picked The Baby Up Out Of The Crib And Held Her Close . "Don't Worry .. Daddy Is Here"

Zayn Is A Teenage Father With A Deadbeat Mother To Worry About . He Was Left To Take Care Of A Little Girl On His Own When Someone Steps In To Help Him . Will He Manage For Little Diana ?


8. Chapter 7 [BootCamp Week 1] part2

Friday Night ~

Tonight Was The First Performance In Boot Camp And I Am Crazy Nervous . This Is The First Cut From The Competition And I Hope We Do Good . We Were In The Dressing Room With The Stylist And Make-up Artist . I Looked In The Mirror At Myself .. Even Though I Just Went Through A Bunch Of Foundation And Powder Therapy I Still Am Hot . When I Walked Away From The Mirror My Phone Started Ringing . I Checked The Caller ID And It Was My Sister Safaa . I Quickly Answered 

"Ahhhhhh!!." She Screamed

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!" I Screamed Back 

"Ahhh!" She Screamed Some More 

"Wait Why Are You Screaming ?!" I Asked Her "Hello Do You Remember Where You Are Right Now ?! .. You're At The Freakin X Factor " She Yells Popping My Ear Drum "I Know .. Its Very Exciting" I Said 

"Did You Bring Diana With You ?" She Asked "No She's With Perrie"  I Responded "What ?! After All These Years You'd Leave Her With Perrie The Platypus" She Yells "Why Do You Keep Calling Her Perrie The Platypus What Did I --" "One Direction " The Stage Director Called .All The Guys Leave The Room "I'm About To Go On Call Me Back Later " I Said "Okay And I'm Telling Mum About Diana " She Said With Sass "What Ever Safaa" I Said Hanging Up .

I Ran Out The Dressing Room And Backstage . The Stage Director Handed Me My Mic . They Set Out The Mic Stands Infront Of All Of Us 

"Let's Rock This Stage So We Can Eat Food " Niall Said "Right I'm Hungry Too " Harry Cried "Let's Do This" Liam Said 

Then We Heard Demi " Here's One Of The Bands I Think Will Go All The Way Everyone Give It Up For One Direction " The Crowd Scremed And The Piano Started 


We Snapped Our Fingers To The Beat And Then Harry Started To Sing :


♪Well Sometimes I Go Out By Myself

And I Look Across The Water 

And I Think Of All The Things Like What You're Doing 

And In My Head I'm Painting A Picture .


Since Ive Come Home , Well My Bodys Been A Mess

And Ive Missed You're Ginger Hair And The Way You Like To Dress

Why Dont You Come Over 

Stop Making A Fool Out Of Me 

(Crowd Screams)


Why Don't You Come Over Valerie 





Did You Have To Go To Jail 

I Hope You Find The Right Man Who'll Fix It For Ya

Are You Shopping Anywhere

Change The Color Of Your Hair , Are You Busy ?

And Did You Pay That Fine , That You Were Dodging All The Time , Are You Still Dizzy ?


Since Ive Come Home , Well My Bodys Been A Mess

And Ive Missed Your Ginger Hair

And The Way You Like To Dress


Wont You Come Over ?

Stop Making A Fool Out Of Me 

(Crowd Screams Some More)


Why Don't You Come Over Valerie?♪

The Crowd Screamed .We Thank The With Waves And Hand Movement 

"That was So Fun To Watch For A Slow Song " Kelly Commented "You Guys Are Talented And Really Good Performers " She Added 

" I Really Like That Song And You Guys Did A Good Job With It .It Really Got You Ready To Take On The Next Challenge " Demi Said Everyone Clapped In Agreement 

"Boys Its One Thing To Sing A Song And Theres One Thing To Sing A Song For Everyones Entertainment And That's What You Did And I Really Enjoyed That " Simon Stated . Everyone Clappes And Screamed Even Us "I See This Band As Family Rather Than Bestfriends ... That Was good Good Job Guys " Everyone Clapped And Cheered Some More And We Thanked Him And Ran Off The Stage 

"I Can't Believe ... Mean old simon Said That "Liam said "He's Not Mean Lad He's Just A Normal English Man " Niall Commented .

"Hi " Someone Said We Turned Around And It Was Danyelle And A Girl Named Angelina 

"Whoa Why Hello You Must Be Danyelle" Louis Said . He Pulls Danyelle To The Side " You Know My Lad Here Likes You Right?" 

"Louis!!" I Yelled . I Pushed Him Over As Chuckles Spilled From His Mouth 

"Sorry About Him .. You Look Beautiful Danyelle " I Complimented Her 

"Thank You Zayn And You Look Rather Handsome ... You Guys Did Really Good It Was Brilliant " She Complimented back 

"Thanks .. Are You About To Go On ?" I Asked Her "After Angelina " She Responded "Cool .. Good Luck Out There "  I Smiled "Thankyou .. See You Later " She Smiled Back "Okay" I Said

Her And Angelina walked Away . " Aww Zaynies Got A Girlfwend Zaynies Got A Girlfwend" Louis taunts Like A Child And The Other Guys Join In Poking Me . I Chuckled Because It Started to Tickle  " Guys Stop" "Okay We'll Stop.. For Now" They Laugh I Shake my Head As We Walked Back To The Other Contestants


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