Super Dad

"Perrie Where Have You Been ?!" I Snapped "Zayn Chill I Was Just Out With The Girls " She Plays Like Everythings Okay . I Put The Baby Down In Her Crib Because The Drama Was Foaming "Perrie You Have A New Born Baby To Take Care Of ... Not Only Am I PISSED !! But It Upsets Me that I'm Taking Care Of This Baby By Myself !" "Zayn You're Not By Yourself " "Yes I Am !! I'm Only 17 I Can't Do This By Myself .. And I Trusted You .. Just . Just Leave " I Said Tears Rushing down My Face . She Rolls Her Eyes And Walked Out Leaving Me Alone With Little Diana . I Should Have Listened When Everyone Told Me To Stay Away From Her . I Picked The Baby Up Out Of The Crib And Held Her Close . "Don't Worry .. Daddy Is Here"

Zayn Is A Teenage Father With A Deadbeat Mother To Worry About . He Was Left To Take Care Of A Little Girl On His Own When Someone Steps In To Help Him . Will He Manage For Little Diana ?


5. Chapter 4

I Got In The Car With Louis , Harry , Niall And Liam And We Drove To The Airport . I Really Don't Like Planes But We Would  Never Get There By Car So I Had To Suck It Up .I Went Up To The Desk To Get Out Tickets 

"Hello I Need 5 Tickets For Flight 7 Please " I Smiled At The Lady 

"Okay ... Going For The XFactor I See " She Said "Yeah Me and my Friends " I Responded "Here You Are ... I'll Be Rooting For You " She Said Smiling And I Smiled Back "Thankyou ... wait ! Quick Question ... This Plane Doesn't  Go Upside Down Does It ?" I Asked . She Chuckled "Just Straight To Your Destination Hun " I Chuckle Back "Thankyou " I Walked Back To My Friends .


We Soon Got On The Long As Ever Plane Ride  But We Had Louis So it Was Alright . We Soon Were Finally There And We Made Our Way To The Hotel Which Was a Shorter Drive . Once We Got To The Hotel There Was A lot Of XFactor Participants In The Lobby And Pretty Much Everywhere ... It Made We Wanna Pee My Pants . After Checking In Our Hotel Room We All Ploped Down On Each Of The Beds .

"Well We're Here "Liam Sighed "Yeah This Is Really Exciting " Niall Said Jumping Up And Down . "I'm Nervous What If One Of Us Don't Make It ?" Harry Asked And He Was Right . If One Of Us Don't Make It Then What ?! And I Had The Best Name Ever Friends5 . 

"Don't Think That Way Harry Its Best If We Keep It Positive Louis Is Already Nervous Enough " Niall Sighed Rubbing Harrys Back . Harry Nodded . "Well Let's Get Ready And Get In Line Before Its Too Late " Liam Suggested . He's Always Been The More Mature One . "Cool" Harry Said . That's When We All Got Up And Went Through Our Suit Cases . 

(A.N I have no idea how The X Factor Works I Only Know The Audition Part So I'm Gonna Do It My Way And Its Gonna Be Fun !!)

I Got My Number And After The Next Person I Was Next . I Did My Interview Nervous But Now I'm Scared . I've Never Done Anything Like This Before . What If I Mess Up ? Then All Of England Is Gonna See It !! . I Took Deep Breaths In And Out And Looked Around I Thought To Myself "Do It For Ana " Over And Over It Repeated In My Head . Its Important That I Don't Screw Up At The Only Chance I Got To Make My Dreams Come True 

"Zayn Malik ? " The Person Called . I Took Another deep Breath And Walked With The Lady Backstage .

"You're Gonna Do Great Zayn!!" I Heard Harry Call And The Guys Agreeing With Me . I Smiled . I'm Doing This . 

"Go Out There And Win It" The Guy Said And I Nodded And Walked Right Out On Stage Smiling ... Kinda As I Heard Screaming People 


"Hi " Kelly Rowland Greeted "Hello" I Greeted Back Waving 

"What's You're Name ?" She Asked "I'm Zayn" I Mumbled . Everyone Yelled "Okay Zayn And How Old Are You ?" Demi Lavato Asked "I'm 19" I Responded . "Okay So .. Why Are You Here Today ?" Simon Cowell Asked . I Sighed "I'm Here To Do My Best ..And Make It For My Family And My Daughter " I Responded And Everyone Screamed "You're Daughter ? What's Her Name " Kelly Asked "Diana She's 2" I Said Everyone Screams Again . "Okay Well I hope You Win This For Her Okay ?" Kelly Said . I Nodded "What Are You Gonna Sing For Us?" Demi Asked . 

"Um Let Me Love You By Mario" I Said . Everyone Yelled "Okay Good Luck " Simon Said 

♪You're The Type Of Woman , Who Deserves Good Things 

Fistful Of Diamonds ,Handful Of Rings 

Baby You're A Star, I Just Wanna Show You You Are 

You Should Let Me Love You , Let Me Be The One To

Give You Everything You Want And Need 

Baby Good Love And Protection , Make Me Your Selection 

Show You The Way Love Supposed To Be

Darling you Should Let Me Love You ,Love You, Love You Ohhhh♪

Everyone Started to Yell And Scream Some More . I Just Stood There Smiling And Blushing . I'm Happy I Just Did This  

"That Was Fantastic Zayn !" Demi Yelled . Everyone Yelled Behind Her then She Continued "You Got So Much Talent . And Let's Not Forget You're Really Cute " I Chuckled "Thankyou " I Smiled And She Smiled Back . After The Other Judges Gave Their Comments This Was it .

"Okay Were Gonna Vote " Simon Said "Kelly ?"

"Yes Yes Yes " She Yelled 

More Screaming "Demi " Simon Called Out 

"Yes You're Perfect " She Smiled 

"Paulina ? " He Called Once More 

"Fantastico .. Si " She Yelled 

"And .. " Simon Stopped And The Room Got Quiet "That's Four Yesses See you In The Next Round " He Said . I smiled So Big And I Jumped Up And Down "Thank you so Much !!!" I Yells Almost In Tears . I Walked Off Stage And Ran Back To The Lobby . I Walked In The Lobby And Everyone Screamed And Clapped For Me While Harry , Niall , Louis , And Liam Ran And Hugged Me 

"You Did So good Lad !" Niall Yelled and I Smiled Of How Proud He Was Of Me "Thanks Ni " I said 

"Just Wait Til We Go On And Then Were gonna Blaze That Stage Together " Liam Assured . Just Then Another Contestant Walked In The Door ... But This One Was Pretty .. More Than Pretty She Was Georgous . Her Eyes Sparkled And The Shape Of Her Body Really Turned Me On. She Took Off Her Jacket And An Older Female Started Talking To Her ,Must Be Family . I Couldn't Take My Eyes Off Her She Was Beautiful  .Her Number Told Me That She's Next .

She walked Pass me and Smiled Followed . My Heart Rate Went Faster . Her Smile Shined Like A Clean Glass . I Was Distracted By Her And so Were My Friends . You Know What They Mean When They Say Opposites Attract Yeah ? 

[A.N Im Having A Bit Of Writers Block In This Story . Its Quite Difficult To Write About The X Factor When You Never Been On It ..But Oh Well I'm Sure It Will Get Better Once We Get Far in The Story ] 


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