Super Dad

"Perrie Where Have You Been ?!" I Snapped "Zayn Chill I Was Just Out With The Girls " She Plays Like Everythings Okay . I Put The Baby Down In Her Crib Because The Drama Was Foaming "Perrie You Have A New Born Baby To Take Care Of ... Not Only Am I PISSED !! But It Upsets Me that I'm Taking Care Of This Baby By Myself !" "Zayn You're Not By Yourself " "Yes I Am !! I'm Only 17 I Can't Do This By Myself .. And I Trusted You .. Just . Just Leave " I Said Tears Rushing down My Face . She Rolls Her Eyes And Walked Out Leaving Me Alone With Little Diana . I Should Have Listened When Everyone Told Me To Stay Away From Her . I Picked The Baby Up Out Of The Crib And Held Her Close . "Don't Worry .. Daddy Is Here"

Zayn Is A Teenage Father With A Deadbeat Mother To Worry About . He Was Left To Take Care Of A Little Girl On His Own When Someone Steps In To Help Him . Will He Manage For Little Diana ?


13. Chapter 12 [BootCamp Week 2] part 2

Danyelle's POV


After I Put On My Outfit And They Did My Makeup And Hair I Sat In The Dressing Room And Drew Was With Juliet Who was In The Audience . I Would Look At My Engagement Ring Occasionally And Think About If This Was A Good Idea Or Not . I Mean I Love Cloud And He's Really Special To Me ... But I Don't Know If This Is What I Want To Get To .. Of Course I Have To Tell Cloud That .. And His Feeling Will Change Instantly .

I Sighed Looking At The Ring When Cloud Walked In And My Eyes Shot Up To Him Wearing A Red Nike Sweatshirt , Denium Jeans , And Red Lowtop Nikes With A Beanie On 

"Hey Beautiful" He Greeted And Kisses My Lips Ever So Lightly . I Smiled "Hi " I Responded . "I Got You These Since Its The First Time I'm Seeing You Perform " He Said Holding Up A Bundle Of Flowers "Thankyou " I Smiled Kissing Him . "So .. I've Been Thinking About The Wedding .. Maybe We Could Have It In My Hometown"He Smiled Putting His Arms Around My Waist 

"That's What I Need To Talk To You About ... I .. I Think Maybe We Shouldnt Rush This Whole Getting Married Thing . " I Said . He Let Go Looking Confused 

"What Do You Mean Rushing This Haven't We Talked About This .. " He Asked "No I Mean .. I Didn't Expect To Be A 19 Year Old Mother And Getting Married Is Just Gonna Make Matters Worse . " I Stated 

"Danyelle I'm Not Gonna Talk To You About This Shit .. You're Gonna Marry Me Because Its Not You're Desicion " He Said 

I Scoffed Crossing My Arms "It Is If I'm Gonna Be Apart Of This Marraige Too " I Sucked My Teeth "This Is So Stupid " I Said Walking Away From Him And Leaving Out The Door Bumping Into Zayn's Shoulder Angrily .

Its Useless He Never Listened As To What I Wanted  .. 2 Years Later And Still The Same Stuff .


Zayn's POV


I Went To The Dressing Room To Get My Ear Piece And When I Got There Dayelle Opened The Door And Walked Out Almost Knocking Me Over. I Looked Back at Her Walking And She Looked Boiling Mad . I Looked At Cloud Who Was Leaning On One Of The Tables With His Arms Crossed 

"Um .. Is She Okay ?" I Asked "Ha.. Why Do You Care ?" He Asked Me . My Eye Brows Shot Up At What He Asked .. But I Just Brushed It Off "Just Asking She Seems A Bit Upset " I Stated Looking For My Ear Piece .

"She Alright .. You Know How Hoes Are "He Scoffed . I Shook My Head In Disgust "You Mean Women " I Corrected Him . He Looked At Me Angry All Over Again "Look .. Whatever The Fuck Your Name Is .. What Goes On Between Me And Danyelle Is None Of Your Business So Why Don't You Hop Off Danyelles Tits " He Said  .

 "I'm Not Gonna Let You Sit Here And Disrespect Her " I Commented . He Walked Up Getting In My Personal Space " And What Are You Gonna Do If I Don't Stop ?..." He Asked Smirking . My Jaw Clenched Up And The Desprate Attempt To Knock His Brain out .

Just Then The Door Opened Revealing Harry .

"Zayn Its Time For Us To Go On The Fantastic 9 Didn't Do So Good Tonight ... Hi Cloud . " He Said Making A Cheeky Smile . Cloud Rolls His Eyes . I Push Him Out The Way With My Shoulder Getting My Ear Piece With The Spiderman Logo On It . I Was About To Walk Out The Door And I Turned Back  "By The Way .. My Name Is Zayn" I Smirked Walking Out The Door .


Me And Harry Ran On The Stage Ready To Performe The Stage People Fixed Our Mic's And I Put On My Ear Piece "What Was Cloud In there For ?" Harry Asked "You Talked To Cloud ? Did You Tell Him Off " Louis Asked Excitedly "He Was Just Talking About Danyelle So I Confronted Him About It " I Shrugged . They All ohhhhed Attacking Me With Victory Hugs "Alright Alright Enough" I Laughed . 

"Everyone Give It Up For A Very Special Group Of Boys Please Meet One Direction "  

Everyone Screamed And I Smiled When I Saw Juliet Holding Drew And Diana Up On her Shoulders. The Music Started And Liam Started Dancing And Everyone Laughed At His Running Man 

Liam Started Singing 


♪You're Insecure , Don't Know What For

Youre Turning Heads When you Walk Through The Do-o-r

Dont Need Makeup To Cover Up 

Bein The Way That You Are Is Eno-ug-h


Everyone Else In The Room Can See It

Everyone Else But You 


Baby You Light UP My World Like Nobody Else

The Way That You Flip Your Hair Gets Me Overwelmed

But When You Smile At The Ground It Ain't Hard To Tell 

You Don't Know-Oh-Oh

You Dont know You're Beautiful 

If Only You Saw What I Can See You'll Understand Why I Want You So Desprately Right Now I'm Lookin At You And I Can't Believe

You Dont Know-Oh-Oh You Don't Know You're Beautiful 

Oh Oh Oh That's What Makes You Beautiful 

(Crowd Screaming)


So C-Comeon 

You Got It Wrong 

To Prove I'm Right I Put It In A So-o-ng

I Dont Know Why , You're Being Shy 

And Turn Away When I Look Into Your


(Crowd Screams Louder)....(More Singing And Dancing)♪


After Performing And Having Demi And Kelly Go Crazy Over Our Performance I Bumped Into Juliet Who Had Diana She Was Screaming

"You Were Fucking Awesome!!" Juliet Yelled "Fawking Awsume" Drew Copied "Oh .. Forgot He Does That . " I laughed Taking Diana From Her Arms "Thanks Anyway  " I Tickled Drew And He Laughed .I Put A Big Sloppy Kiss Right On Dianas Cheek And She Laughed . Just Then Liam Walked Up 

"Hey Zayn Let's Go Eat Before The ... Whoa!!" He Yelled Looking At Juliet "Hi" He Said Leaning On My Shoulder "Hi There .. um I Gotta Go Meet Danyelle Before She Goes On See Yah Later Zaynie " She Said "Alright" I Said

She Grabbed Drew And Walked Off To Meet Danyelle 

"Who Was She ?" Liam Asked "Oh That's Danyelles Bestfriend Juliet" I Told Her "Well I Must Be Romeo" He Smiled . I Shook my Head Smiling As We Walked To The Dressing Room With Diana Still in My Arms

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