Stripes of a warrior

Book 1/3

Jaiyana is just like anybody else but still not like anyone in the whole world. She is something more than just human. She knows there is more in the world than what we think.

Cole Hensher would give anything to go back to thinking he was normal after meeting Jaiyana. But he just has to get used to the knowledge of what he is. And what they can and have to do to stop a group called 'the hunters'


1. Prologue

The mother held her child close as she dashed through the forest. Dark clouds had formed overhead and a light rain began to fall causing the leaves to be wet underfoot. The wind seemed to whisper through the intertwined branches overhead. Her green dress was torn and coated with mud, and the wet leaves stuck to her feet but she didn't care. All she could think about was getting her child far away. She could hear the distant but clear shouts of men behind her. She kept running until the shouts slightly faded. And she neared the edge of the forest. She quickly ran behind a tree and leaned against the trunk. Panting, she sat down on the wet forest floor. She laid her baby on her lap and stared at her child's soft orange face. Her black stripes were etched on her skin like a tattoo. The mother wrapped her baby back up in the blanket and stood up. She quickly looked around and located a tree with a hollow in it. She hurried over to it just as the shouts began to steadily grow louder. She laid her baby gently in the hollow. She let her soft brown gaze fall on her daughter.

"Goodbye my child" she whispered, tears forming in her eyes

"Remember that no matter what anyone says about you, you are beautiful. Don't be afraid to show the world that. I love you." With one final look at her baby girl she turned and ran off, disappearing through the tangle of trees. The shout of men grew louder and then quieter. There was a loud scream followed by a clap of thunder. Feeling alone and scared, the baby began to cry very loudly. Her stripes faded off her skin and she looked just like a real child. After a few minutes a woman, who had followed the noise of the crying, walked up to the tree where the baby was hidden. She was a pretty middle aged woman who wore baggy denim jeans and a black raincoat. She gasped at the sight of the child in the tree. The baby stopped crying and stared up at the woman. The woman gently lifted the baby and cradled it in her arms.

"What would a baby girl be doing out here all alone?" She muttered to herself. She looked around "Hello? Is anyone there?" She called out. she listened but there was no reply "let's get you down to the orphanage" she said soothingly to the baby.

With the baby held protectively in her arms, she turned around and walked away from the hollow tree.

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