My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


43. The First Kick

    “Where?” Harry asked, his green eyes lighting up. His eyes were wide and child like as he gently placed his hand over my tummy. I placed my hand over his, guiding it my right below my rib. 

    “I felt it here.” I said gently, looking up at him. We waited but it didn’t happen again. Harry’s lips pursed in concentration, as if focusing on it would make the baby move again.

    “Maybe you should try talking to him.” I said after a few more silent minutes of waiting.

    “What? Why would i talk to your stomach?” Harry said, his face looking a little confused.

    “Sometimes the baby can hear voices outside of the womb, maybe you should try it. You are the daddy after all, so maybe he will have a response to your voice.” I say, shrugging my shoulders. He nods his head, his curls bouncing a little.

    “Okay. Um, let’s see.” He spoke more to himself than to me, hesitantly leaning down towards my growing belly. His large hands rubbed lightly over my skin, giving me goosebumps while he spoke gently towards my tummy.

    “Hey there, little guy. Um, it’s me. Your biological father. I don’t really know what i’m supposed to say, speaking into your mothers stomach. This is just awkward!” He says, eventually sitting up completely and shaking his head as he chuckles. I giggle at him.

    “You don’t have to be so formal. He’s your kid just has much as he is mine. Just be your usual charming self.” I say shrugging my shoulder again as i giggle. He grinned at me, his green eyes sparkling.

    “You think I’m charming?” He asked, a smile growing on his face. My cheeks began to feel hot.

    “You’re focusing on the wrong thing, you’re supposed to be thinking about the baby.” I say, grabbing his hands and placing them firmly on my stomach.

    He just grinned at me, flipping his curls out of his eyes. His thumbs rubbed lightly over my skin, comforting me. He leaned down swiftly, planting a gentle kiss on my side. Something twitched and my stomach making me gasp a little, grinning afterwards.

    “He responds to my heart beat.” I say, thinking of how obvious it was. Duh, why wouldn’t he respond to my heart beat.

    “How do you know that?” He asked, looking at me curiously. My face went up in flames, promising me that my cheeks were a bright red. This is going to be really awkward for the next few minutes for me.

    “Well, um. You see.. Um. Earlier when you kissed me, I felt my heart beat speed up and then the baby moved. When you kissed my side, the same thing happened. He responds to my heart beat.” I explain, nodding my head. 

    “Oh. Okay, I see now. Let’s get that heart beat going then.” He says, smiling wickedly at me as he leans down.

    His lips make a soft, wet trail along my stomach, his curls tickling my skin. I twitch as he runs a hand up my thigh slowly, squeezing every now and then. I felt my face turn slightly red and my heart beat faster as my breath became shallow. Something small kicked me in my tummy, making me jump and Harry’s head snap up.

    “He just kicked me!” I said rather loudly, grinning as I placed my hand over the spot. I snagged Harry’s hand and placed it under mine, looking at him.

    “Do what ever and you’ll feel it. Maybe. If he kicks in the same spot.” I said, fidgeting as I eagerly waited for his touch and my baby’s kick. 

    He leaned forward slowly, his green eyes glistening at me. My breath became heavier has his lips brushed mine before planting a small kiss at the corner of my lips. His teeth grazed my earlobe and then the little foot found it’s way into my side where the Harry’s other hand was. He jerked away from my face, staring at his hand in amazement. His green eyes shone brightly as he looked excitedly at me. His lips were turned up in a huge grin has he caressed the spot where I was kicked.

    “Hey, could you do that again?” He asked, leaning down to place a quick kiss on my bellybutton. The baby felt like he was rolling around in my stomach, going crazy at the sound of his dad’s voice.

    “He is moving so much.” I say, hearing my voice crack. I hadn’t realized i was crying until Harry cupped my face, his thumb wiping a tear away.

    “Does it hurt?” He asked, concern filling his voice. I happily shook my head giving him a grin. A knock caught our attention, our eyes falling on the door. It cracked open and Niall’s head popped in.

    “Am i interrupting something?” Niall asked, smiling at me. I shook my head and motioned for him to come in.

    “The baby is moving. It kicked a few times earlier just before you came in.” Harry informed him, moving his hands over my tummy again. Niall’s face brightened up as he grinned looking between me and Harry.

    “Can i feel?” He asked, looking excited. Harry looked at me and i shrugged, nodding my head.

    “Try singing. Liam sold ya’ll out. He told me you all could sing.” I said, grinning as Harry shook his head chuckling.    

    “I should have known he would tell you everything.” He said before him and Niall started up a chorus of Here Without You by 3 Doors Down. Yeah, I know. Not exactly the song I had in mind but it will work. 

    I stared at Harry with wide eyes in complete awe. His voice was beautiful. So was Niall’s but Harry’s was deeper, raspier. It was sexual but some-what innocent, raspy but some how just as silky. His voice was strong and loud, Niall’s voice joining his. It was beautiful, the whole thing. Naturally, the baby reacted, floating around as he kicked a few times. Niall’s eyes flashed to mine, an amazed look taking over his face.

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