My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


45. The Fight

I followed Harry into a restaurant, smiling at him when he took my hand. It was warm and comfortable, squeezing my heart every time he squeezed my hand. He got us a table in the back, keeping us from the main crowd as we talked.

    “So, exactly, how long have you had those names held up in that head of yours?” I asked as I chewed a fry. I saw his cheeks turn pink as he stuffed a few fries into his own mouth, making it impossible to talk for a few seconds while he chewed. I watched him swallow with an amused expression, finding it totally adorable that he was a little embarrassed.

    “I’ll put it to you this way. I had them in my head by the time I told you I was probably the dad.” Harry said, his cheeks still that lovely pink. I grinned, nodding my head at his answer.

    “Well, you did a great job at picking them out.” I complimented, taking  a huge bite out of my burger.

    The conversation flowed through different subjects, making it easy to talk and eat at the same time. He paid for the bill when we was done, smiling at the lady behind the desk. She winked at him, earning a giant grin from him. Jealously   and anger ruled over all other emotions, making me huff and grab his hand, dragging him behind me. He gave me a confused look but followed me out the door and to the car. 

    It was a quiet ride to the house, neither of us speaking. We arrived home and I got out, my hormones raging still. I can’t seem to let it go. I don’t understand what was so bad about it for me to still be pissed off. I stomped up the front door and went it, my anger put on pause as I felt Liam’s arms go around me. He gently squeezed, kissing my forehead before stepping back, his eyes worried.

    “So? How did it go? Is there something wrong?” He asked, his eyes searching mine for sadness. I shook my head, grinning.

    “I’m actually have twins. Once boy, one girl.” I reply excitedly. Liam’s eyes went wide with excitement, his lips spreading out into a grin.

    “Have you decided on the names?” He asked, taking my hand and leading me into the kitchen. I climbed up onto a tall chair, watching him pour us each a glass of chocolate milk.

    “Dylan Nathaniel and Darcy Elizabeth, actually.” I say, taking my glass of milk and sliding down from my chair. I grinned at him as I stood in the middle of the kitchen, holding my glass up.

    “IT’S A CHOCOLATE MILK PARTY, IT’S A CHOCOLATE MILK PARTY!!!” I chanted, gently pumping my glass up and down in the air as I carefully danced around the kitchen. Liam joined me for a few seconds, making me laugh as he shimmied his shoulders while we chanted.

    “Those are cute names. Did you think of them, or did you have help?” He asked after we were calmer and seated again.

    “I actually came up with them.” Harry said from behind us, walking past our chairs to pour himself a glass of apple juice. He had been listening and watching us, apparently. And, apparently he didn’t like what he had seen.

    “Oh. Well, I like them.” Liam said, trying to be friendly. The dark side of Harry was beginning so slowly leak out, his usually light green eyes a dark glitter, his lips pressed into a line. He looked pissed.

    “Good, even though your opinion doesn’t matter in this situation. They are my kids, not yours.” Harry said possessively, not breaking eye contact with Liam.     Liam’s face smoothed out, all emotion gone. My heart beat increased with the room temperature,a small sweat breaking out over my skin. I glanced between the two, the air full of testosterone.  

    “I know they are not my kids. But, despite what you say, I will always love them as my own and will be there for them when you fail to do so. Which, I think will be the first time it gets hard and you get tired of changing diapers and not being able to go out and party. When you realize that having kids isn’t has easy as it looks in the movies. When you have to spend your extra money on baby food and diapers instead of booze and useless stuff. So, yeah. The names might not be a decision for me to help with but at least they will have somebody besides their mother to care about them when you won’t.” Liam snapped, his voice loud and deep. 

    Harry’s face turned red and he started around the counter for Liam. I hadn’t realized I had moved until Harry shoved Liam hard, making him stumble back a few steps. They were shouting at each other though I couldn’t understand anything they were saying. I managed to plant myself in between them, my arms stretched out wide with my hands on each of their chests.

    “STOP!!” I yelled, squeezing my eyes shut from the intensity of the scream.      In my tummy babies were going crazy, landing a few kicks. It was completely silent in the kitchen as well as through out the house, hinting that the others were listening to everything. I ignored Harry’s heavy stare and looked up at Liam first, feeling Harry tense beneath my fingers.

    Liam’s eyes had softened, his face worried and apologetic. Yeah, he still looked mad but not for the same reason as a few minutes ago. He looked mad more at himself than at Harry. I dropped my hand from his chest and turned to Harry.

    Harry’s stare was thick. His dark green eyes gleamed down at me, his cheeks still tinted red. He looked incredibly pissed at Liam. I shook my head angrily at him, dropping my hand from his chest. We stared at each other for a minute, my heart beat thumping loudly in my ears. I didn’t realize I had been crying until I subconsciously rubbed my face. 

    “I..” Harry started but I shook my head, cutting him off as my anger got the best of me.

    “No, Harry. No. He complimented you on the names and you had to be a jerk about it. What the hell is your problem? He didn’t do anything to you! You started it and then got pissed when he retaliated back. Why do you feel to threatened by Liam? What is so bad about him that you have to be a dick to him?” I asked, placing my hands on my hips as I walked forward, standing almost toe to toe with him.

    “Are you fucking kidding me?! You’re taking his side? Did you not hear what he said to me? And you really wanna talk about me being a dick? What about that little incident in the restaurant? When you got jealous and pitched a bitch fit?” He yelled back at me,pointing at Liam as he came almost nose to nose with me. I almost missed Liam’s warning to not yell at me.

    “You act like you care about me then you go out and flirt with every girl you see! If it has two legs and a vagina you are flirting with it! Maybe if you didn’t do that and be a dick to everyone I wouldn’t bitch!” I yell back, feeling the blood rush to my face from my anger.

    “You really wanna talk about me flirting with other people?! How about you being all over Liam and Niall? Everyday, it never fails for you to be hugged up and loving on them. Anybody and everybody but me! You can’t get your head out of Liam’s ass to realize that I’m trying my damnedest to be here for you!” He yelled back at me. 

    “Well, if you would pay more attention to me then I wouldn’t have to go to other people!” I yell back, angrily wiping at my face.

    “You know what?” He said, his face beyond pissed off.

    “What, Harry, what?” i asked rudely, popping my hand on my hip.

    “We are done!!!” Harry yelled at me, running his hands through his hair.d

    “I didn’t realize we ever started!” I yelled back, stomping off through the house. I ignored all the eyes on me, running to my room and locking myself in. I don’t want to be bothered.

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