My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


7. The Day After

I refused to open my eyes and face reality today. I just wanted to lay in bed and sleep. I listened to the rain make a pitter patter sound against the window has it poured outside. The sound was soothing, helping hide the memories from the previous day. The quiet room mixed with the soft sound of rain nearly did exactly what i wanted it to, sending me back to my half asleep stage until something jabbed me in my rib.
“I know you’re awake. Get up.” Harry rasped, poking me in my rib again. I jumped as the covers was snatched off of me, revealing my bare legs to the cold air. Sitting up, i reached for the covers but failed to grab them before he finished pulling them off the bottom end of the bed. I glared up at Harry, dully noting he was dressed in jeans and a plain white tee.
“I said get up.” He growled, obviously not in a good mood. I silently nodded, not knowing what was going to happen if i ignored him and really didn’t want to find out. I slid off the bed, pulling his shirt down over my bum as i quickly walked to my closet. I pulled out a long sleeved black v neck shirt from a hanger and a pair of denim skinny jeans. Closing my closet i turn to my dresser,picking up my bra out of the floor before snagging a white tank top and a pair of white cotton no-show socks. My right arm was roughly grabbed, the sleeve of his shirt yanked down to my elbow.
“I though you said he didn’t hurt you.” Harry snapped, shaking my wrist as he did so. I glanced at my hands realizing there was purple rings around my wrists.
“I didn’t think about it. You was hurting me at the time the question was asked.” I snapped back, attempting to snatch my arm out of his grip.
I failed as he grip tightened and he pushed his sleeve further up my arm, revealing yet another hand mark form his rough grip the night before. His brows furrowed as he removed his grip from my wrist to the mark on the upper half of my arm. His hand fit perfectly over the colored area. He sighed, quickly releasing me before stomping out of my room.
I walked through the house, feeling somewhat clean after i brushed my hair and teeth. The boys was silent has i walked through the living room, making my way to the kitchen. Harry was no where to be seen and neither was Louis. Maybe he was hiding the body. I quickly erased that thought from my mind, not wanting to venture down the thought trail of what Harry could be capable of.
Ignoring the three sets of eyes on me, i made my way into the kitchen, repressing memories as i snagged a pop tart packet from where they sat on the counter. After going through the fridge i found the milk, setting it on the counter before searching for a cup. Minutes later i was propped up against the counter munching on my pop tart, taking a sip of milk every now and then. I had just finished my breakfast and was throwing away the wrapper as Harry appeared through the front door.
He ignored me, walking by me as if i didn’t exist. I sighed, seeing things were returning to the normal between us. A little sting was felt inside my chest but i ignored it, knowing i shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up anyway. It was my own fault. I watched him has he plopped down beside Niall, not saying a word while he stared a the telly. I huffed, stomping past him and soon into my room. Locating my phone and checking my wallet for money, i put on some mascara and black eye liner before coating my lips in watermelon chap stick.
Glancing out the window, i saw it had stopped raining, giving me a chance to wear my black high heeled boots for the second time since i got them. I smiled as i pulled them up to my knees, loving how they fit my legs. I grabbed a gray petticoat and made it out the front door in one piece. None of the boys seemed to have even noticed i was even on the same planet has them. A cab rolled by and i shouted, grinning to myself has it came to a stop.

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