My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


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I spent the rest of the day goofing off around the house, washing clothes and doing all the cleaning the house really needed. With six people living under one roof and five being boys, it’s needless to say the house got a little messy. After putting up all the cleaning supplies i had to hunt down, i checked the time, relieve to see it was five thirty. I sighed and made my way back to my room, locking my door for a quick shower.
Soon the hot water washed over me and i did what i had to do quickly. The only time i slowed down was to shave and that was only because i didn’t want to cut myself. Shutting off the water, i dried off, wrapping the towel around me as i walked into my room. I slid on a random thong before locating my black spandex short shorts. The one thing i hate to see is a panty line. I found my now clean sports bra, smiling at myself for kinda matching. My sports bra was outlined in a dark blue. I bent over, towel drying my hair the best i could before hot hands squeezed my hips from behind.
I froze, not moving as i looked between my thighs to see jean clad legs and socked feet. Thumbs rubbed slow circles on my hips as a deep moan was heard as he slowly pulled my bum into his front. I clutched the towel to my chest, shifting my damp hair over one shoulder as i looked back. Green eyes sparkled at me, a hand moving from my hip long enough to push the curls away from his face before returning to their original place. I swallowed the lump in my throat.
“How did you get in here, i had the door locked.” I asked, wondering how many times he has done this without me knowing.
“Do you really think i’m not going to have a key for any door in my house that locks?” he asked, fishing such keys out of his front pocket, dangling them in front of my face. I stood silently, shifting the towel to cover more skin.
“I wasn’t going to come in here, but i’m glad i did. I walked in here and the first thing i saw was this lovely sight.” He said, knotting his large hand in my hair at the base of my neck. I cried out, half in pain and half in surprise as he pushed my upper half forward while his other hand was placed securely on my hip, keeping me pressed against him.
“Mmm, i could get used to this view.” he said breathily before letting me back up. I took a step forward, trying to put space between us before his arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me close again. My hands clutched dearly to the towel, trying to pull it up from showing the tops of my breasts from where his arm had caught it and tugged it down.
“Oh, what do we have here?” A voice called from behind us. I mentally groaned. My luck couldn’t get any worse.
“Aye, Lou. Come look what i found.” Harry called, his deep voice vibrating through his body. Louis walked around to stand in front of me, his eyes starting from my bare feet and slowly making their way up my legs. He scanned over my body before finally meeting my eyes. He winked at me and i rolled my eyes. Pain shattered my attitude, making me cry out as i clutched at my right cheek. Harry held me up, holding me tightly against him as Louis sandwiched me in between their bodies. Tears filled my eyes from the aching pain in my cheek, threatening to over flow. Louis’s hard eyes glared down at me, making me step back into Harry, our bodies flush against one another.
“Don’t roll your eyes at me. Now i know what Harry was talking about. You have lost your respect for us. But, i’m back now so i will fix that. I’ve got a couple of new rules now and you’re going to love them. There will no longer be verbal scoldings. If i or any of the boys for that matter, tell you to do something and you don’t, there will be physical contact. You will do what we say, when we say and how we say you need to do it. And you will do it without an attitude. You will smile and say ‘yes, sir’ and go about doing the task we gave you. Roll your eyes, catch an attitude, and disobey us, i dare you to. You won’t like what happens. Understand?” he said harshly, his tone mean and cold.
“y-yes sir.” I stutter, slightly rubbing my injured cheek. It was going to bruise, i could feel it.
“Good. Now drop the towel.” He said, taking two steps back as Harry released me, also stepping back. A loud clicking sound was made and i turned to see Harry walking away from the now closed and locked door.
“Hey, i know you heard me.” Louis said, snapping his fingers at me to get my attention. My hands hurt they were hold the towel so hard.
I jumped as warm hands found my waist, my head being tilted to the side has my hair was pulled away from the right side of my neck. Wet lips connected with sensitive skin, making my eyes flutter close. Soft fingertips traced up and down my side, back and tummy, giving me goosebumps. Curls tickled my face as Harry’s teeth grazed my ear before latching on to my neck. I cried out as the towel was ripped from my hands, leaving me in nothing but my spandex shorts. I attempted to wrap my arms over my chest but large hands held my arms to my sides, his mouth still harshly sucking on my neck. My neck was finally released, making me gasp in relief as his lips left my now sore neck.
“Don’t try to cover yourself. The consequences will be rather harsh if you do.” Harry said loudly, making sure Lou heard him. My arms was released as Harry walked in front of me, joining Louis’s side. My cheeks were almost painfully hot as i tried desperately to keep my arms down. My breathing got faster, it was as if my lungs wasn’t getting enough air.
“Come here.” Louis ordered, his eyes lingering on my chest before meeting my eyes, making sure the command was heard. I hesitated, taking a doubtful step forward.
“Faster, Nichole.” He said, pointing down to confirm i was supposed to stand directly in front of him. I quickly made my way forward, taking a deep breath has i took my place in front. Louis’s hand gripped my hip, pulling me closer.
Footsteps were heard and i snuck a glance around to see Harry making himself comfortable in a chair beside my bed. This can’t mean anything good.
“Do what you’ve been dying to do and kiss me.” Louis breathed, his lips brushing against my forehead. I nodded slowly, standing on my toes as i shifted my head up, closing my eyes as our lips softly connected. Louis deepened the kiss, his hand placed firmly on my lower back as he pulled me into him. He moaned against my lips as my breast were pressed into his chest, his hand squeezing my side tightly as he rubbed his groin against me.
“Get on the bed.” He ordered, his warm breath washing across my face. I nervously made my way around the side, awkwardly climbing to the middle of the bed, sitting on my feet. Louis kicked off his shoes before joining me, his blue-green eyes dark with lust as he eyed me.
“Up on your knees.” He demanded, crawling up to me. I did has he said, raising to my knees.
“Spread your legs, like this.” He said, giving me an example. I copied him, my heart beating hard in my chest. He pushed my hair back over my shoulders, letting it cascade down my back, curling and waving around my hips. Soft touches were made against my skin, giving me goosebumps as lips met mine. A soft moan escaped my lips as his hand cupped my left tit, his thumb gently rubbing over my nip. Desire pulsed through my body, gathering in between my legs.
The bed sunk a little behind me and hands gripped my hips, pulling me back against his body. Harry slightly tilted my head to the side, exposing my neck a little more has his tongue flicked over the hickey he had given me earlier. Louis nibbled on my bottom lip, my hand sneaking up to fist his hair while my other hand reached behind me, grabbing the back of Harry’s thigh to pull him closer into me.
A few minutes later i was being tugged backwards to where i was laying on Harry’s front, my head resting beside his. Louis straddled us, his lips moving from my lips to my shoulder and finally down to my chest. My mouth formed a small ‘o’ as his pink lips enclosed my nip, gently twirling his tongue around it. I ground my bum into Harry’s crotch, making him groan as he licked a bold line up my neck.
He slid an arm between mine and Louis’s bodies, lightly rubbing against my crotch before slipping a hand down the front of my shorts, playing with the lace on my panties. Louis nibbled on my nip as Harry slid his hand into my underwear. I gasped as his fingers brushed against my clit. His long fingers caressed my cat, teasing as he barely pushed the tip of his finger into my entrance. Louis licked my nip once more, kissing the valley between my breasts before turning his attention to my right breast.
Harry finally stopped teasing me, slipping his long finger inside me. I gasped as he slowly brought it out, repeating the action before gaining speed. His name rolled off my lips in airy moans, the electric feeling of pure desire gathering in my center. I vaguely noticed that Louis’s sucking matched pace with Harry’s strokes, making my back arch and my hips rock up. My hands found both set of hair, tightly tugging on their hair as Harry breathed my name against my shoulder, grinding his hips up against me. I cried out as i released, my breath turning shallow and soft as i came down from my high.
“My turn to touch.” Louis said, pulling me up off of Harry. Harry sat up, startling me by pushing me backwards, snatching my shorts off to reveal my lacy pink thong. Harry licked his lips, pulling me back up onto my knees. They switched positions, Harry on his knees also straddling Louis from behind me while Lou was between our legs. Louis opened my legs wider, sliding down further until his head was between my thighs.
“Come to me.” He demanded, pulling on my hips. I spread my legs wider, my breath coming out in short pants as butterflies gather in my belly. Louis hot breath washed over my gender, making my legs tremble already. His eyes locked on mine has his lips placed a gentle kiss on my sensitive spot, making me take a short, quick breath in. He repeated the action before licking the front of my panties. Harry’s hands became preoccupied as he massaged my breasts, his thumbs caressing my nips as he whispered dirty things in my ear. Louis’s fingers pushed my panties aside, his mouth going to work.
i gasped, my head rolling back onto Harry’s shoulder as my hand knotting in his curls, tugging on them. Louis’s tongue darted into my entrance before slowly licking from top to bottom, flicking my sensitive nub with his tongue. My body jerked, my moans getting a little louder as he repeated the actions. His teeth grazed it before his lips closed around my center, slowly sucking and twirling his tongue around it.
The pressure began to build again, seeming to be a little sweeter the second time around. My breath hitched up as he continued, my moan getting a little high pitched. Harry’s lips harassed my neck, his way of begging me for attention. In return i twisted around has he wrapped one arm around my waist to help keep me up.
My lips eagerly met his, our kiss hot and slightly sloppy. My breath became shallow pants against his mouth, muffling my cry as Louis flicked his tongue a final time, sending me over board. He slowly repeated the actions, watching me come down from my high. He pushed his way out from under our bodies, licking my excitement from his lips. I collapsed onto my bed, laying flat on my belly. My breathing finally went back to normal, sleepiness starting to filter through my senses.
“We should do this again sometime, except maybe it can be one on one.” Louis said, stretched out beside me. I ignored his statement, to tired to reply.
“Mm, better yet it can be two on one. As long as there’s another girl instead of a guy.” Harry commented from somewhere in the bed. I let them talk, lazily opening my eyes to look at the clock. Six forty five gawked at me in red numbers. I groaned. I have to be at the gym in fifteen minutes. I pushed myself up, feeling slightly embarrassed about my lack in clothing. I wondered over to my dresser, getting clean thong before snatching my other clothes off the floor and changing in the bathroom.
I walked out fully dressed in my sports bra, spandex shorts, pulling my long curly hair into a ponytail. Finding a clean pair of socks i slid them on before stuffing my feet into my nikes.
“Where are you going?” Louis asked, sitting up on my bed. I laced up my second shoe, sliding my arms through my gray jacket.
“Oh, um, the gym.” I said, walking out of my room. I heard footsteps behind me and i turned to see both boys following me.
“It’s almost seven, the gym is closed.” Harry said from behind me. I sighed.
“I have a friend that knows the people that own the gym. I’m meeting her there. Gotta stay in shad ya know.” I say, walking out of the door and closing off the conversation.    
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