My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


39. Surprise!!!!!!

The next few weeks flew by quickly, the doctors appointment coming up. Harry did everything he could to keep peace between us, helping me with anything he thought a pregnant women shouldn’t do. Like clothes, washing dishes, cooking. Yes, at first, it was really aggravating. I felt like i couldn’t do anything. But, now i was grateful for his presence, my body getting tired easily now. I was in some light pink yoga pants and a grey shirt, standing on my dark purple mat. I spread my legs out, one in front of me and one behind me. I stretched my arms up above my head, holding for twenty seconds before slowly lowering them so they were stretched out by my side.

    “Hey, are you- what are you doing? Are you going in that?” Harry asked, looking  tad confused. I giggled, shaking my head.

    “It’s called yoga. And, no, i’m not going in this. Give me about ten minutes and i’ll be ready.” I said as i bet down to roll up my mat.

    “Here, you go get ready and i’ll do this.” He said, kneeling down to take my mat from me. I sighed, letting him have his way. I’m too excited to argue with him.  I find out the sex of my baby today. 

    I rushed around my room, grabbing things out of my closet and stripping down with the door wide open, not even bothering to close it. I put on something comfortable, brushing my waves out. Over the months i’ve gotten my hair cut twice, making sure it stayed in the middle of my back now. I love my new hair cut. I huffed as i turned around, smiling at Harry.

    “I’m ready. Let’s go.” I said, taking Harry’s hand. We have become quite close in the past month. We aren’t a couple, not even close. We haven’t even thought about talking about it. I’m just really comfortable with him now. We walked through the house bidding our goodbyes to the boys as we walked out the door.


    “So, are you excited?” The doctor asked, smiling at me. I grinned back, earning a squeeze from Harry’s hand.

    “Super. Let’s go.” I said, pulling my shirt up over my belly. I was so excited that the coldness of the gel didn’t even bother me. The medal plate from the handle smoothed the gel over my skin, a picture appearing on the screen. 

    I squeezed Harry’s hand hard as tears appeared in my eyes, grinning at the screen. That’s my baby. My unborn child. My new responsibility. I looked up at Harry as he stared at the screen, his face in awe of the small figure that moved on the screen.

    “Again, he is healthy and seems to be very happy.” Doc said, pointing to the outline of the baby.

    “Wait, he?” Harry asked, catching on before i did. The man nodded his head, grinning.

    “Congratulations, you have a baby boy.” He said, giving us a moment to soak it in. Now that i know the gender, it all seem to finally set in. I’m going to be a mom. Hopefully way better than my mom was. We talked for a few more minutes about the baby before my tummy was cleaned and we were heading out the door.

    We sat in the car at a red light when Harry pulled out his phone, dialing a number before putting it to his ear. I could hear the phone ringing on the other end before it cut off, a voice answering.

    “Hey, we are on our way home.....yeah..... We will be there in about thirty minutes....yes, we are.... We’ll tell you when we get there.... Okay, see you then. Bye.” He mumbled into the speaker, trying to keep his voice low. He clicked end and put the phone back in his pocket as he drove forward, keeping his eyes on the road.

    “What was the about?” I asked, looking at him as i absentmindedly rubbed my tummy, feeling little butterflies. Harry shook his head, his curls bouncing a little as a smile played in his lips.

    “Nothing that you need to know about right at this moment.” He said, taking a right. I sighed, thinking. Hm. I wonder if they know next week is my birthday and making it a big deal. I doubt it very seriously. 

    “Okay, i’ll just wait then.” I said, yawning. It was time for my nap. Harry smiled, taking one hand off the wheel to grabbed mine, his thumb rubbing circles on the back of my hand. The rest of the ride was spent in a comfortable silence, letting me take a nap. 


    I was gently shaken awake, Harry’s voice pulling me out of my sleeping state. I blinked up at him before rubbing my eyes, glad i didn’t wear any make-up. I yawned, stretching as far as the car would let me go. I smiled sleepily at the curly headed boy, watching him get out of the vehicle, shutting the door behind him. 

    I watched him walk around the front of the car, coming around to open my door for me. I grabbed his hand, working my way out of the frame. I held his hand as we walked up to the front door, placing one hand on my belly as i walked. Just as we got to the door i was stopped and turned around, my back facing him. I turned my head to the side, catching movement out of the corner of my eye. He kissed my cheek before pulling something out of his pocket.

    “Face forward.” He ordered, gently turning my head so i was looking ahead of me. I sighed as a grey piece of clothes was put over my eyes, tied tightly behind my head. I looked around the cloth, trying to find some place that i could look out, but finding none.

    “Don’t worry. I won’t run you into anything, i promise. The boys and i have a surprise for you.” Harry said, the sound of the door opening accompanying his voice. 

    My hand was grabbed, tugging me forward. I took an unsure step forward, praying that i wouldn’t face plant. I was lead through the house, Harry’s soft voice talking me through the whole thing. We finally came to a stop, Harry knocking on the door in a specific pattern. A door was opened and i was gently pushed inside the door way. 

    “Are you ready?” Harry said in my ear, excitement showing through his voice. I could tell he was grinning, making my own lips turn up into a smile as i nodded my head eagerly. The blind fold was undone from my head, allowing me to open my eyes.

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