My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


8. Night Out

Forty-five minutes later i was walking through the mall, or well, what i would call a mall. It was actually about four blocks of nothing but clothing,shoes, accessories and other stores. I wove in and out of traffic, walking through random stores to see if i find anything interesting. I bought a couple of shirts here, a couple of jeans there before coming to another store. I walked through its doors, and faced nothing but lingerie in all colors, styles and sizes. I felt my face catch on fire, my eyes darting everywhere to find something else to look at, finding nothing helpful.
“Can i help you, miss?” A lady asked, not letting me answer as she grabbed my arms, holding them out beside my body as she wrapped a lanky tape measure around my chest.
“You, my dear, are a 36C. Your section would be over there.” She said pointing to the far back wall on the left before strutting off to help other women. I sighed, thinking why not. I needed new stuff anyway, i was just to lazy to actually pick stuff out that i liked. I shifted through the racks, find four bras that i actually liked. A lacy black and purple one, a solid red one, a baby blue one and a nude colored bra. I smiled, proud of myself.
“Oh, we have matching panties for those, if you would like to look.” The lady said, popping up from the air. I nodded, shifting my bags as i visited the panties counters. I bought multiple pairs, probably more than i really needed but then again, who could ever have to many pairs of cute panties. Or any type of panties in general. I paid for my items, grinning back at the lady as she winked at me. I shopped in other stores for another two hours, enjoying myself as i bought what ever my heart desired.
My countless bags contained dresses, skirts, shorts shirts pants shoes undergarments, an empty Dr.Pepper bottle and jewelry. I called for a cab, laughing has he popped the trunk and helped me shove my bags in before sitting quietly as i rode home. Well, back to the hell hole i will have call home for the next six months.
The cabby helped hand me my bags, laughing as i struggled at first before taking the money i owed him and left. I barely made it up the steps before the door was yanked open and angry green eyes glared down at me, as i expected they would.
“Where have you been?” He asked, ignoring the obvious answer. i sighed, feeling my good mood vanish.
“Shopping. I needed to get out of the house.” I said, shoving past him with my bangs in hand. I heard the door slam and his angry footsteps fall in behind me. Neither of us said a word as i lead the way to my room, setting my bags on my bed before turning to face him again.
“You don’t leave this house unless i say you can.” He said, his jaw set. My mind faltered, and i wanted to smack myself for it. Even though he was pissed and we hated each other, he was beautiful. His cheek were red, showing how pissed off he was. His full lips were moving though i couldn’t hear what was coming out of them has i studied his face. His dimples played peek-a-boo as he ranted and raved and his green eyes were glowing with rage, though they still managed to sparkle.
“Are you even listening to me?” He asked harshly, catching my attention. I kept my mouth shut, not knowing what would be worse, telling the truth and saying not or lying and saying yes. he pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes in frustration.
“Your not leaving this house again unless i’m with you or i say you can go. And let me catch you trying to sneak out to see some boy. You think what Louis was going to do was bad.” He threatened before stomping back out of my room.
After that, days passed by slowly, my recreational activities consisting of watching the telly when ever the boys wasn’t home or sleeping when they was home. They came and went as they pleased, every now and again i would wake up and catch a girl sneaking out from Harry’s hallway. Those days was usually the ones when i’m in a bitchy mood. Something just didn’t sit right with me about it.
I laid on my back, sprawled out on my bed, half of my body on the bed while my upper half laid off the bed as i hung up-side-down playing Candy Crush on my phone. I heard before i saw Harry stomping down the hallway, headed towards my room. I ignored him, thinking he was coming in to bully me for the lack of something better to do.
“Get up, take a shower, and put on something short and tight. We’re going out tonight.” He said before stomping back out of my room. I stared at the space he had currently occupied, feeling a little confused on what i was supposed to do until i heard a “Now!” echo down my hall. I sighed and slowly got up to prevent a dizzying headache to occur.
I did what i was told, shutting my broken door before walking to the bathroom, stripping down as i went. I took my time in the shower, making sure i shaved the proper way before massaging shampoo then conditioner in my hair. The hot water started to loose its warmth, so i shut it off, wrapping my towel around me and another around my hair. I towel dried my hair as i walked out of the bathroom towards my dresser. I dug through my now over-stocked undergarment drawer, picking a matching lacy black thong and bra. I smiled to myself, feeling sexier as soon as i slipped the soft fabric on over my skin.
I rewrapped my towel around my body, brushing my hair out before blow drying it and then taking a straightener to the mess i called hair. I done my eyes with the smokey look, making my golden brown eyes look a little brighter with the dark contrast. My lips were dabbed with clear lipgloss before i even chose my out fit for the night. I shifted through my closet, looking for something short and tight as Harry has demanded. My fingers brushed against smooth fabric, catching my attention. It was perfect.
I pulled it out, looking it over. It was indeed short, looking quite small under my inspection. I took it off the hanger, pulling it over my head, making sure to keep it away from my face as i did so. I tugged it down into place, my eyebrows shooting up when i saw it came only three inches below my bum. It hugged my curves, showing my small waist and wide hips. It cut a bit low in front, showing off a little bit of cleavage. I shrugged. He said short and tight. I took the time to paint my nails a bright red, giving them a clear coat to make them shine. I thought about wha ti needed to do when i remember deodorant. It would be completely humiliating to go out and then start to stink. I found my clear gel deodorant and quickly applied it, happy that it would show on my dress.
After my nails were done, i looked in the bottom of my closet, reaching for the first box i saw. I pulled back the lid, revealing a pair of closed toed, black velvety four inch heels. I sat on my bed, slipping my feet through the size six shoe. I stood, strutting my way over to the full body mirror. I smiled, feeling sexy and desirable. Just then my door busted open, revealing Liam.
“Harry said come-” He said, stopping mid sentence when his eyes rose from the ground, catching my tan legs as he looked up. I felt heat rise to my cheeks, a little embarrassed and shy now that someone else has seen me.
“Harry said to come on. We are waiting on you.” He said, recovering his train of thought. I nodded, spritzing some warm vanilla body spray before following Liam out of the house.

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