My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


14. Me and My Mouth

I fell to the floor, quickly trying to scramble away as Harry followed me. On my hands and knees i crawled away quickly,trying to avoid Harry’s hands. My ankle was grabbed roughly and yanked backwards, making me fall flat on my front. My breath whooshed out at the impact, making me cry out as my chest hit the ground. The carpet burned as i was drug back, sending my hands searching for anything to grab though i came up empty handed.
“Stop moving!” Harry growled, giving my ankle a final tug before managing to flip me over onto my back. He quickly arranged himself, his weight laying on me to hold me somewhat still. My hands pushed on his chest, trying to put space in between our bodies. His large hands pinned both of mine above my head, making my baggy sweatshirt expose my belly. Gathering my wrists in one hand his other tailed down my body as he mouth went to work on my neck.
Shivers went down my spine as he left sloppy kisses on my neck, his teeth grazing my skin. I stifled a moan, scolding myself for even thinking about liking this. Harry’s hand cupped my breast, his thumb rubbing lightly over my nipple area before giving it a squeeze. It traveled lower, making goosebumps appear over my skin has his finger lightly traced the top of my yoga pants.
“Please, stop.” I said quickly, trying to hide the shakiness of my voice as his fingers lightly rubbed against my cat, sending little tidal waves of a pain, pleasure mix. His touch got harder, making me cry out in pain.
“Harry, stop. You’re hurting me!” I half shouted, trying to wiggle out from under him. His hips pinned mine down, telling me i wasn’t going anywhere.
“I just want you to remember what we agreed to.” Harry said, his dark curls tickling my cheek as his lips brushed against my jaw. My eyes threatened to close at the sensation but i willed them open, trying my damnedest to not like it.
“I told you, after you willing gave yourself to me might i remind you, that you are mine now. When i want it, i will get it. No matter where we are. What time it is or who’s around. And you agreed.” Harry said against my skin, ducking down. He bites my shirt, dragging it up away from my tummy before lightly kissing my sides. I moaned quietly as he nibbled at my side, sending desire rushing through my veins, fogging my thinking.
“P-p...please, Harry..” I managed, fisting his curls has he let my hands go. His breath washed over my skin, making me shiver has it hit the wet mark he had created on my side.
“Please what?” he asked, kissing a trail up my belly to my chest.
“Stop.”I said sternly, getting the courage to push him away from me enough to roll out from under him. He backed off, letting me up. He smirked at me.
“If you don’t give it to me, i will take it.” He said, his voice hiding a low threat.
“Wow, way to be original. Louis already tried.” I said sarcastically, letting my temper get the best of my mouth. His face turned red and he glared at me.
“Don’t you ever compare me to him again! You know what? Maybe that’s what you need. Maybe i need to see if Louis would like to come visit again. You seem to have lost all your respect for me and the boys since I kicked him out. But, that’s going to change. You don’t have to worry about that anymore.” Harry said harshly before yanking my door open and stormed out. What has my mouth gotten me into now.    
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