My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


47. Left Alone

Harry’s POV

    I sat in the nursery, rocking slowly in the rocking chair. I can’t believe she’s gone. She was so fast to leave here, with Liam of all people. After they left, the rest kinda followed. So, now I’m sitting in my empty house with way to much time to think. I looked around the nursery room, remembering how long it took to make and how excited we all were to show her. Nichole looked so surprised and happy when she saw what we had made. It had been all my idea to do all of this. And, as it turns out, it was for nothing. She left anyway. 

    I shouldn’t have yelled at her. She was right. Maybe if I wasn’t such a flirt and paid more attention to her then she would still be here, with me. I didn’t want her to leave but I basically kicked her out along with Liam. Niall followed soon after and everybody kinda just drifted away. It was like she was the glue holding us all together, her and the little ones in her stomach. 

    My stomach growled at me but I ignored it, knowing I don’t have much food in the kitchen anyway. I haven’t left my house all week, so I would have to go outside to get more food and I just don’t think I could do that right now. So I continued to rock in the rocking chair, looking at the crib. What will happen when the babies are born? Knowing Liam, he already has plans for the nursery if the room isn’t already up and done.

    Nichole’s birthday is today and I know that they are all over at Liam’s. I was invited by Louis but I rejected the invitation. I don’t need to go crashing her party with my bad moods. I can feel me slipping back into the old Harry Styles. The mean guy, the one hat always looks pissed off about something. I don’t wanna be that guy anymore. Sighing, I got up and left the room, repressing the way she looked at me when she had found out I was behind it all. I could feel her hug me if I think hard enough.

    I walked through my house, feeling extremely alone in all the silence. The rooms I walked through wasn’t as warm as they used to be. The colors feel kinda faded, not as bright as they once were, days ago. I came to a familiar doorway, bracing myself as I walked in. This is my first time in this room since she left. Her stuff was gone and the room looked bare with no life in it. 

    There was no splash of color where clothes had dotted the floor and all her stuff was gone. I checked the bathroom, finding nothing that could remind me of her. She didn’t even leave a hair tie or ribbon. After checking the entire room once again, I gave up. The only think she left behind was memories and her floral scent. I went through all of the rooms, hoping that she had left a shirt or something behind in one of the other rooms. I even went as far as checking the laundry room. My search became an obsession, leaving me searching franticly for something that had once belonged to her. 

    After finding nothing, I made my way into the kitchen, grabbing what’s left of the pop tarts and opening the fridge. Pouring the last bit of milk in a glass I threw away the empty jug and went to walk out of the kitchen when something caught my eye. On one of the chairs was a wad of clothing, just sitting there. My hopes rose a little as I put my stuff down, yanking the fabric up. 

    It was hers. She had accidentally left it here. I buried my face in it, inhaling deeply as I began to cry. I had fucked up everything I had worked for months for all in about ten minutes. I let it all out, holding the cloth tightly, the fear of me letting it go and it disappearing growing with every second.

    Maybe if I apologize, I could fix this. Maybe she won’t hate me anymore. But, how? My mind clicked together and I forgot about my hunger, nearly running back to my room. I dug through my closet and pulled out a tiny square box. Finding a little bow, I put it on the box and grabbed her jacket and my keys. This may not fix anything but at least I can see her one more time.

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