My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


13. Forgotten

Something shifted underneath me, moving slowly and gentle as it moved, like it didn’t want to wake me up. A gentle voice was speaking before a shout was thrown out,making me sit straight up in bed, wide awake. My eyes were wide as i processed the scene in front of me.
Harry was standing in the doorway, his legs spread aggressively as he curled and uncurled his fists at his sides. Liam was at the foot of the bed, talking in low, calming tones as he spoke to Harry.
“We didn’t do anything. When she came out of your room she was a mess. I gave her a shower, made her take some meds and then i held her while she slept. That’s all,mate.” Liam said sternly but calmly, not picking up Harry’s anger like Louis did. Harry was fuming, his face red as his eyes contrasted greatly,shining a vibrant green as he glared at Liam.
“Gave her a shower? I’ll told you that she is mine! Nobody else can have her, including you Payne.” Harry shouted, pointing at me. I raised my eyebrows, quickly sliding off the bed,wincing at the pain in my lower area. Standing in between the two boys, I turned and faced Harry. His glittering eyes caught mine, filled with anger.
“We didn’t do anything, Harry, nothing happened. He made me take a shower gave me something for my headache and then let me sleep, so stop being such a controlling dick. And what’s all this about me being yours? I never agreed to that!” I said, distracting him from Liam. To my surprise, Harry chuckled, a low, mean sarcastic sound coming from his plump lips.
“Oh,really. You never agreed to being mine? Do you not remember the conversation we had last night?” He said, staring at me. I tried to collect any part of anything related to what he was talking about but all i could catch was his masculine body hovering over me, dripping sweat has he was moving against me. My cheeks burned at the memories.
“You don’t remember do you?” Harry asked harshly, moving to stand right in front of me. At least he wasn’t yelling anymore.
“She was drunk,Harry, she probably doesn’t.” Liam spoke up, coming to my defense. I wasn’t proud of drinking that much but at the time it seemed like a good idea. If i would have known it would get me into this much trouble i would have sat in a corner the whole night.
“Shut it, Payne. We will talk about this later. You are no longer needed in here, leave.” Harry said, returning his hateful glare to Liam. Liam looked at me, searching my face to see my response. I nodded once, silently telling him i can handle it. He hesitated.
“Leave!” Harry shouted, making me jump. Liam threw one last look at me before heading towards the door.
“Shut it on the way out.” Harry demanded, watching Liam closely. Light brown eyes apologized before they disappeared behind the thick wooden door of my room. I was now alone to fend for myself.
I stared at the floor, studying my red toes as the thick silence fell around me. Harry just stood in front of me quietly, not moving. I could feel his anger radiating from his skin, hot and heavy.
“So you don’t remember agreeing that you are mine?” Harry asked harshly, taking a step to stand directly in front of me, our fronts touching. My face was grabbed, being jerked up to look at him. He towered over me, making me have to crane my neck to meet his angry eyes. I stayed silent, not knowing how to respond to his question. My silence was all he needed.
“Fine, maybe this will remind you. You won’t forget this time.” He said, gripping my upper arms tightly as he shoved me backwards.

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