The Beast Within

In a world where magic is outlawed and virtually extinct, Princess Fiamatta suddenly finds her world turned inside out by the traitorous word. From royalty, to fugitive, to leader of the rebels, Fia is forced to work with a handsome, arrogant magician she found locked away in a dungeon.

btw, this is my NaNoWriMo story so criticism is much appreciated! Thanks :)


48. Act 47

Caiden slipped his arms beneath me and carried me over to the bed. He sat down and cradled me in his arms as my eyes continued to pour out as much water as they could shed. My sobs were as loud as screams for a while, and even in his strong arms, I still felt as if my trembling shook the bed. I don’t remember how long we stayed like this. But I do remember the comforting feel of his hand stroking up and down my spine, and the soft whispers of his soothing voice trying to calm me down.

Eventually I had no more tears left to fall. My voice could bare no more usage. And my body was so weak it felt as if it would break at the slightest touch. Slowly, my eyes glanced up at Caiden’s face. His eyes were shut. I tried to sit up in his lap. The movement caused his eyes to flutter open. I was caught by the color of his irises. The violet seemed brighter in his blue eyes than it had been when we first met. I stared into them, trying to figure out when they had changed.

“Are you alright now?” he asked me, staring right back. I nodded silently. Although I was far from alright, I was at least done for crying. He gave me a small nod and tightened his arms around me. I stiffened at first at the hug, but only at first. I quickly melted against him, finding comfort in the heartfelt gesture.

“Thank you,” I croaked in my broken voice. He nodded and held me for a few more seconds before releasing me.

“You’re welcome,” he told me in a relaxed tone. We just sat in silence, enjoying each other’s company until a guard came in. He informed us that the council had made a decision and were ready for us now. I casted one last glance back at Caiden before I got up out of his lap and stood.

We walked with the guard back down to the council room. Once more, everyone was in their seats and watched Caiden and me approach the podium. This time, one of the officials stood, it was the older gentleman with blue eyes, that spoke.

“The Government Council of Terra Veneficum has decided that in the case of aligning with Princess Fiamatta of Onsia, against the wizard Reinard Straiyer, we will accept and join forces with the Onsian Rebel Forces,” he announced. I felt a smile threaten to break out across my face at the words as my mind filled with disbelief. I didn’t think that they would honestly agree to join me. I had figured that their hatred for my ancestors would cloud their judgment, like Logan’s did. My heart soared once the news truly sunk in that they had agreed. To my surprise, the official continued.

“Such acceptance shall only be valid in the light of these terms and conditions: after our victory, Princess Fiamatta Onsia and First Master Magician Ayres are not allowed to fraternize on any level besides official business.” His voice echoed throughout the room. The only other sound left besides the ringing of his voice was the clamor of Logan’s chair falling back as he stood up.

“What is the meaning of this?” he snapped. His anger almost seemed to surprise me. I was still feeling numb from before, so I couldn’t even manage shock towards the condition. At this point, it would be easy to follow.

“This suggestion was brought up by Second Magician Raize and the council has agreed with her reasoning,” the official explained, as if that would be enough to satisfy Logan’s anger. Immediately the silver eyes turned to the second magician. She looked back at him, indifferent to his boiling rage that was emanating from him.

“What kind of logic did she bewitch you with?” His voice was slick with distaste, as if the words themselves carried a foul flavor as they left his tongue.

“Rational logic,” she said strongly as she stood to face him. “Something that you seem to be incapable of.” For a few moments they stared at each other. The electricity between the two crackled in the room. Behind them, clan banners that hung on the walls began to blow lightly, despite all the windows being shut.

“Enchant me with your rationale.” Sarcasm dripped from his words. Raize never flinched.

“You two were spotted outside in a romantic manner by one of the guards before you entered the Citadel. Although the guard did not realize it your true identity, he clearly described you with her. That is a problem. We cannot have you interbreeding with outsiders. You are a role model for all others within our race, you if you begin a trend they will follow. Soon, there will be no magic left in the world.” Her voice rang clear throughout the room. They had no effect on easing Logan’s seething anger. Instead, they seemed to fuel it.

“You have over stepped your bounds Raize. My personal life is none of your concern. Besides that, it is not fully proven that magic runs in bloodlines. In fact, many magicians are coming from human families.” His mouth was still poised to continue but Raize cut him off.

“They are but one trick magicians! Such weak magic flows through them, it is only strong enough to perform one or two spells. The power of magic is within blood, it always has been. “ Her eyes glared into him as her harsh words came out hard from her mouth. “This is the will of the council, you cannot change that.”

Her last words seemed to trigger something within Logan. It was the subtle glow in his eyes that caught my attention, and incited emotion within me for the first time. My heart began to pound to the rhythm of fear as Raize’s eyes widened in the same reaction. Her hands ignited on fire and she tried to raise them to attack Logan, but she struggled to even move them. The fire that cloaked her hand was extinguished as the air around them began to swirl. The tension in the room thickened and intermingled with the fear of the officials as they watched Logan tower over Raize as she began to sink to her knees. Protest showed in her face, and only a few guttural moans were able to escape from her throat as she tried to break free of his possession, but it only encouraged Logan to go harder. She finally dropped all the way to her knees.

Once she had, a cruel smirk jumped across his lips, matching the cruelty in his eyes.

“Perhaps one man should not have this much power, Raize.” His voice came out eerily calm. His hand reached down and violently gripped her raven hair. That was the trigger that finally broke me out of my daze.

“Logan stop!” My voice was loud, and much stronger than I thought it would be. Although he didn’t progress, he did not release her either. Slowly I approached him one step at a time as my words pressed further, “You know this is wrong, you are not the kind of man to do this.” I reminded him.

“Do you realize what they are trying to do? They want us to be apart, for the sake of something so trivial.” The disgust tainted his voice once more, and his own words seemed to encourage him to resume. His hand yanked Raize’s head back, exposing her throat. The wind around them began to blow stronger. The third magician was in his seat, chanting some spell in an attempt to stop Logan but it didn’t appear to be having any effect.

“I realize what they are doing, and I accept the condition,” I told him. My heart was beating faster than I could feel in my chest. It was then that the true impact of the condition struck me, but it was too late. I had no choice.

Finally, Logan looked over me as my words reached him. In that split second, Raize saw her chance and lunged at Logan, knocking him over. Her electric eyes blazed in their sockets as she stood to her full height over him.

“Raegashair sienth.” As she hissed, a black ball appeared in the palm of her hand and began to swirl. My body reacted faster than my mind as I found myself leaping over the table and standing between Raize and Logan.

“Don’t,” I pleaded with her. For a moment our eyes locked, and a small flame of hope flickered within me. But as her hand drew back, ready to throw the ball my flame died. The next moment seemed to happen in slow motion. Logan was reaching up to push me away, his hand was just barely able to grasp my shirt as the ball came hurling towards me.

Suddenly there was a bright flash of light, a flurry of sound, searing hot pain, and the feel of arms wrapped around my body. 

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