The Beast Within

In a world where magic is outlawed and virtually extinct, Princess Fiamatta suddenly finds her world turned inside out by the traitorous word. From royalty, to fugitive, to leader of the rebels, Fia is forced to work with a handsome, arrogant magician she found locked away in a dungeon.

btw, this is my NaNoWriMo story so criticism is much appreciated! Thanks :)


47. Act 46

“This hearing has been called to order,” Logan announced. “The main point is to discuss foreign affairs with the countries outside of Terra Veneficus. The focus will be the hostile take over of Onsia, by the wizard Reinard Straiyer. “

A murmur went up through the officials, but Logan’s steely gaze brought them back to silence. Finally, it was directed at me. This was the first time he had looked at me since we last parted outside the Citadel. I let my full rage shine in my eyes so he would know exactly what was waiting for him when we had a moment to speak, alone.

“Princess Fiamatta Onsia, you may now plead your case to the council as to why we should aid you in your quest,” he said as he sat down. That arrogant look was back on his face. I felt as if he was looking down on me, finding my struggle entertaining from his mighty perch. Well, I’d give him something to watch. My eyes scanned the council quickly before I launched into the journey of my plight.

“Officials of Terra Veneficus, I come to you from the Kingdom of Onsia to warn you of a grave threat. The wizard Reinard Straiyer has taken over my thrown and is pillaging the land. He will stop at nothing until he has the world beneath his control. That means eventually, once he has built up enough power, he will dare to attack here. I am asking for you to unite with me under a common threat so that we may both have a future.” I paused for a moment to judge the impact of my words. An official took that moment to speak.

“Princess Fiamatta, there is a stark difference between your country and ours. We have Master Magicians to protect us from such threats, there is no way that Straiyer would be able to combat them. Therefore, he is not our enemy because he knows this and would not attempt to attack us,” he said confidently. The others around the table seemed to nod their heads in agreement, but I was ready with a comeback.

“The biggest mistake one can make in battle is underestimating the enemy. You may pride yourselves on your Master Magicians, but perhaps you have not been informed that your First Master Magician was kidnapped by Straiyer once, and it was I who freed him. If he was able to accomplish such a feat do you truly think he can not come up with a plan to attack this land?” My words silenced the council and earned me a glare for Logan, but I didn’t care. It actually only heated my fire even more and urged me to continue. “Perhaps your magician also refused to mention that Straiyer has access to royal blood.” I didn’t really know what that meant, but I figured that if Logan wanted my blood because it was royal, then it must have some meaning to it. I was vindicated by the astounded gasps and shouts that went up around the room.

I could feel Logan’s rage radiating across the room, directed in a high concentration at me. His voice boomed as he tried to calm the officials down, but they did not listen to him this time. I stood in the middle of the chaos I had started, satisfied, now that they saw Straiyer as an enemy this was my chance to swing them to my side.

“You should understand now why it is imperative that we join forces. Together, we shall take down Straiyer and both of our kingdoms shall be saved.” I reiterated. This time my words seemed to sink in, and for once I felt that perhaps some of them would agree with me. Logan seized this opportunity to stop the hearing.

“Now that we have heard from the Princess, the council shall deliberate until it comes up with an answer,” he said decisively and then nodded to the guards. They came over and ushered Caiden and me out the door once more. This time though, instead of going down the giant spiral staircase they brought us up. After a few floors we stepped into a hallway that spanned the diameter of the Citadel and branched off into small rooms. They opened one of the rooms down the hallway on the right. Roughly, they ushered us in. It was a tiny bedroom, carpeted, with a bed in the corner by the window, a bureau, a dresser and even a small closet.

“You are to stay in here until the council has come up with a decision, “one of the guards informed us. He closed the door and locked it from the outside, trapping us in. I looked around the room and sat on the bed. It had been over two weeks since I had been in one; I never could have imagined that I would miss it so much. I rested my head down on the pillow, closing my eyes, and sighed happily at the comfort. My heart filled with nostalgia as I remembered my room at home. If I tried hard enough, I could still smell the sweet night air that was scented by the lilacs outside my window. The fleeting memory drifted away from my mind as quickly as it came when my eyes fluttered open once more.

My gaze fell upon Caiden who was staring out the window. He was looking down below at the market, but this his gaze stretched out farther until it was locked on the horizon. I got up and stood beside him, staring out at the distant horizon as well. Home didn’t exist outside of a memory anymore. It would have to be created from scratch once we got back to Onsia, if we got back to Onsia. At the rate this council was moving, we would never make it out of here.

Just as that thought crossed my mind the door opened and a golden robe floated through, draped on a pair of shoulders that irritated me. I refused to look any higher than that because I knew that those pair of eyes he had were shifty. I couldn’t trust them. Logan excused the guards from the room when he entered. Once the door had closed behind them he paused for a moment, his back to us before he seemed to gather himself and turn to face us.

Neither Caiden nor I acknowledged him. He seemed to expect this and just started talking anyways.

“When I entered the Citadel I had assumed that they would allow me to explain and then would be willing to help you since you returned with me. But once I entered through the doors I was swarmed by people. I have been missing for so long that I underestimated their celebration. I could only get out a few words about you being in the city, but they misunderstood me and assumed you to be my kidnappers,” he sighed as he finished his insignificant explanation. I didn’t care that he was swept up in the moment. I heard Logan’s footsteps move across the carpet over to me. “Fia,” he whispered in my ear. I skittered away from his presence, trying my best to keep my composure.

I had never before felt such a tumulus desire to both hit and kiss someone at the same time. My heart was furious at him, and pounded thunderously in my chest at the sight of him. And yet the sight of him stirred another reaction from me. This one was more primal, but just as strong. My body ached to feel his arms around me; his lips against mine; his hands on my skin.

I shook my head in an attempt to clear those thoughts from my mind. Logan just stood and watched me from where I had previously stood.

“At least say something to me,” he said seriously. His voice held no trace of emotion, this was his way of masking his feelings. I had no idea what he truly felt, but I knew what I wanted him to feel.

“Say something? You want me to say something? Like what, would you like me to perform for you in front of the council? Was that show amusing for you? I hope that it was! Please, tell me, what was your favorite part?” Sarcasm gave my tongue a sharp edge as I continued on, getting louder and louder. “Was it when I was arrested outside, in the public market? Or perhaps it was when I was put on trial for a crime I didn’t even know existed. And don’t forget to add in the threat of having a magician invade my mind! No, it definitely had to be when you threw the little princess in a dank dungeon and left her there without any indication of release!” My voice had crescendo to the point where I broke through Logan’s mask with my tremendous anger. “But no, none of that matters in comparison to you lying to me. I asked if anything would happen when we returned to the city, and you said no.” My voice suddenly dropped away, my yelling left it hoarse as I continued on. “All you said was no.” I had no idea how long the tears had been cascading down my cheeks but finally I was able to bring my eyes to his. I could see the sympathy and guilt reflected in his eyes, but I didn’t care. “Get out,” I growled at him.

“Wait Fi-“

“Get out!” I screamed as loud as I could. Deep inside, I could feel myself collapsing inward. My legs pulled me down into a crouch. Then I was sitting, hugging my legs close to my chest. Soon my face would crumple like a piece of paper, and I would be useless. Logan stared at me, conflicted whether to come comfort me or to leave. Before he could move, Caiden walked to me and crouched down. He shot a glare over my shaking body at Logan. Finally, Logan bowed his head and left, defeated. 

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