The Beast Within

In a world where magic is outlawed and virtually extinct, Princess Fiamatta suddenly finds her world turned inside out by the traitorous word. From royalty, to fugitive, to leader of the rebels, Fia is forced to work with a handsome, arrogant magician she found locked away in a dungeon.

btw, this is my NaNoWriMo story so criticism is much appreciated! Thanks :)


25. Act 24

The soldiers had sealed off the city, surrounding it entirely. When I reached it there were two soldiers who stood between me and the forest just beyond the city. I stood in the shadows, trying to come up with a plan to get through when they were called over by their superior. Seizing my chance I darted through the small clearing into the safety of dense foliage. I did not go unnoticed though, I could hear shouts behind me. Someone had noticed my figure when it darted from the city, and now I could hear the breaking of branches behind me, signaling their pursuit.

I was ran through the grass, dodging trees as branches cut my face. Stones embedded themselves in my soles, and each breath was like a sharp knife slicing my lungs. But I had to keep running, faster and faster. I could not turn back; I had to live. Not only for my sake, but also for Ida’s sacrifice. Her body was heavy in my arms, but I did not let it slow me down. I forced my legs to carry me faster, just until I reached the lake. I could stop at the lake. I repeated that phrase in my mind over and over like a mantra, willing it to give me the strength to get there.

Finally, after what felt like a lifetime, I emerged onto the soft sand of the beach. The moon was low as the predawn light frightened it back under the horizon. I stared at it, lost in its light until I heard my name. I looked to my left to see Logan standing a few yards away from me I glanced behind me, not hearing the soldiers. I figured I had lost them sometime during the chase. Out of the corner of my eye something moved and I looked back to Logan. A young man had run up beside him. He looked only slightly older than me, perhaps nineteen, but his golden hair and dark, almost violet, blue eyes were unmistakable.

His head shook slightly in disbelief as I walked to him. He held his arms out and I placed his sister in them. My eyes looked away, unable to meet his questioning gaze and I stepped back.

“I am sorry for your loss.” Even though my voice was not above a whisper, it still cracked with every word. I was barely aware of Logan’s approach as he came towards me. He placed his hand lightly on my back and steered me down the beach, allowing Ida’s brother to grieve in privacy. 

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