You Can Run

There's one person who shares your tattoo with you. Mine, is a small bird on my lower left hip. The way our society worked was, this tattoo wasn't just any tattoo. You were born with this intricate marking. Your mission in life is to find your soul mate, in this case, someone with the same tattoo as you in the exact same area. The hard part is, there's many people on this world. "You can run, but you can't hide Princess."


7. 6



I bolted up, sweat lined my forehead, brown hair clinging to my face and neck.


     Its just a bad dream, it's not like you're living it. Wait, you are. You're fault. Should've never went to the party.  My conscious pat at me, as I sighed and ran a shaky hand through my knotted hair. I got up from my 'bed', also know as the couch, and padded across the wooden floors to the bathroom. I pushed the door open and tip-toed inside, shutting the bathroom door behind me. I flicked on the light, turning on the shower, stripping off my sticky clothing.

            I stepped into the shower, letting the water scorch my sore and tired muscles. I shampooed and conditioned my hair, and washed my small frame, thoroughly. I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a nearby, white towel, and stepped onto the bath mat. I dried off quickly, letting my hair tumble down into its waves. I traipsed to my bedroom and walked into the closet.


Justin was right when he said he'd broken into my house and retrieved my clothes; I found my favorite pair of combat boots, stacked in the corner. I slipped into some undergarments and grabbed a pair of high-waisted shorts, a white 'You Can't Sit With Us' muscle tank-top, and my black combat boots. I brushed out my hair and let it stay straight since I didn't have any hair products aside from a brush. I slipped on my black 'Killin' It' beanie and looked in the mirror.


         I'm surprised I got this much freedom as far clothing wise. Normally I wouldn't have a thing to wear in situations like these, but luckily I do. I slowly walked towards my door about to open it, when I heard various amounts of voices erupting from the living room. I quietly creaked the door open and pressed closer to see who the voices belonged to.


I immediately spotted Ryan and another unknown boy, sitting on the couch opposite from Justin, barely paying attention to the words spilling out of Justin's mouth. Justin sat across from them, his hands folded, as his tongue swiped across his lips. On another couch were two other people I didn't recognize, they were currently digging through numerous duffel bags.


    "We've got three pounds of weed, one pound of cocaine, and six handguns with bullets in this bag." One of the unknown men spoke, tossing the bag to the ground.


Cocaine? Weed? Guns?


  I felt like I was in immediate danger, intimidated by all of those men; including what they had in those bags.


   "In this one, there is fifteen guns, one grenade, and four boxes of bullets. These two bags alone should be able to get us through the day, yeah?" The other one commented, tossing the bag to the side and grabbing another one.


   "How many guns are in that one? Plans have changed and we have one big job today. Here are your ID's." Justin interjected, as he passed out plastic cards.


   "There's one left for the girl, Savannah. Her new name is Jenna. Remember that, I don't want any fucking mess up this time." Justin tossed my ID card to the side, folding his hands again.


  "Uhh, there are only ten guns in this bag with two boxes of bullets. Is that gonna last us?" Ryan questioned, as he searched the bag again. Justin clenched his jaw, bolting up. His chocolate, brown eyes searched the room before looking in my direction.


         I jumped back, gasping as I scurried to the closet pretending to be looking for something. I hope he hadn't seen me, I didn't want to get on his bad side. At the looks of it, I already was. The bedroom door burst open and Justin grabbed me by my forearm an dragged my out of the room into the hallway, his grip tightening as we came closer to the living room. I whimpered in pain as he dropped my arm and jerked me forward, as I stumbled into the living room.



  "Look who I found ease dropping on our meeting." Justin pushed me forward, my body now standing in the middle of the living room and shaking with fear. The men around me chuckled as I made eye contact with Ryan, his eyes darting around the room to everything but me.


"So this is Savannah? Your mate?" The boy next to Ryan spoke for the first time, raising an eyebrow.


  "Yeah, this is her Chaz. Now lets go, bring the bags. We've got business to handle. Grab your ID off the table, Savannah." Justin ordered to me as I slowly grasped the plastic in my hands. All six of us walked out of the house and into a sleek, black Range Rover. I slid into the passenger seat, putting my ID in my pocket as we jerked forward down the driveway to an unknown destination.


~ ~ ~


   Almost four hours later, we pulled to a stop in a parking lot of an old warehouse. I pushed open my door and followed Justin and the rest until we walked onto a main street. I followed them through the twist and turns of the road until we stopped in front of a brick house with a white fence. We walked to the side of the house, Justin and his men zipping open their bags and pulling out masks and gloves. Along with weapons and other hazardous things of the sort.


    My blue, irises widened even more when I realized we were about to rob this house. The sun had far gone and it was darkness soon surrounding us. Justin tossed me a mask, gloves, a black hoodie, and a handgun. I quickly threw off my beanie, pulling the mask onto my face and slipping the hoodie on my body. The hoodie surprisingly fit perfectly and I put on the gloves, picking up the gun with a shaky hand.


    "What the actual fuck do I do with this thing?" I sneered through the mask, dangling it in the air.


   "Just tuck in the back of your shorts and cover it up, take the fucking mask off and the gloves. New plan, you're gong to be the innocent girl, selling something to whoever the fuck lives here. Then, we come from the side and go in. Remember, we're looking for Charlie King, and he lives here in this shit hole. Here, sell this to him." Justin informed all of us as I removed the gloves and mask, grabbing the chocolate bar.


  "Why am I selling just one? That's weird isn't it? Why not a whole box?" I inquired, scrunching up my nose in confusion. Justin rolled his eyes and threw his hands in the air.


  "Just fucking go along with it. Damn, why are girls so difficult? Now, lets go. We need to do this soon before he leaves." Justin pushed me towards the door and nodded for me to walk up the creaky steps.


This is it. My chance to fucking escape and here I am, selling chocolate. I ran a hand through my hair and stepped onto the welcome mat, rising my fist to knock, bringing it down and completing the action. The red door almost immediately swung open and revealed a middle-aged man, with gold rings on every one of his fingers.


  "The fuck ya' want? Knocking on my door like its some type of toy. Who are ya'? Ya' one of them East Siders? Huh? Cause' I'll kill ya; right here and now, darlin'." His New York accent rang in my ears as I held up the chocolate.


  "I'm just selling chocolate. Would you like to buy some? It's only one dollar. Not too expensive." I wriggled the chocolate in the air, raising my eye brows.


Just as the man was about to take it, Justin and the boys came up with their guns loaded and aimed right at the man. His look of shock turned into pure anger, as he chest rose and fell rapidly.


    " I fuckin' knew it! You were one of them boys! I knew I shouldn't have taken ya' shit! You're a fuckin' cop out for these twats!" He threw his hands up as Justin pushed passed him into the house.

 I took a step forward and another until I was inside the house and shut the door behind me, shaking with fear.


I'm gonna die.



I'm gonna fucking die!


   The boys sat the man down and tied him up, taking off their masks and letting out a breath of air.


   "You owe us money. Where is it?" Justin was the first one to speak, smiling evilly.


"Its in my fuckin' pants under my balls. Ya' still want that shit now?" The man laughed sinisterly, motioning towards his penis in his pants.


     "If you don't give it to us now, then we will fucking shoot that non-existent shit off!" Justin spat angrily, as he aimed the gun towards the man crotch area. Justin took the bullets out of his gun, walking in slow circles around the man.


"Listen here, Charlie. We're gonna play a little game, I'm gonna take all the bullets out of this gun except one and shoot at your dick until you tell me where the fuck the money is." Justin took all the bullets out, leaving one and loading it up again. He stopped right in front of Charlie and smiled. My mouth fell agape as I knew the end results of this.


"I'm going to give you  three tries to tell me where my money is. If I hear one damn excuse I'm going to pull this trigger. Lets start shall we? One, where is my money Charlie?" Justin asked, ready to pull the trigger.


    "I don't know. I had it but then lost it." Charlie laughed, obviously not knowing he was about get his manhood shot off.


 "I fucking hate excuses, Charlie." Justin pulled the trigger, nothing coming out, I flinched and so did the man in the seat. "Two, where is my money, Charlie?" Justin asked again.


"Okay man, I swear I had it. I swear on my life I had it. Please don't shoot." Charlie begged for his parts as he looked at Justin with pleading eyes. Justin's face hardened as he pulled the trigger again, still nothing coming out. I breathe a sigh of relief along with the man in the chair.


     "Another excuse? You must not want that thing. This is last and final fucking chance to tell me where my money is. Three, where is my money Charlie?" Charlie simply slumped and pressed his eyes shut, shaking his head.



"I-I don't have it, Justin. I really don't but I can make it up to you right? I can work for you for the rest of my life. Just please let me keep my manhood? Please." Charlie pleaded, looking up at Justin who showed no mercy in pulling the trigger as if he wasn't a man himself with the same thing down there. This time however, a bullet came flying through the gun and making a loud noise. My hands flew to my mouth as I held back my scream. Charlie cried bloody murder as the bullet pierced through him, his upper half making the whole chair fall over.


    I couldn't help it anymore and I screamed, I screamed at the man, the blood, and everything else. I screamed at the guns, the boys in front of me, and I screamed at myself.


I screamed at myself for letting me get into this situation.



I screamed at myself for complying to what Justin told me to do.



I screamed at myself for going to the party.


I screamed at myself for being me.


At that moment, everything turned slow motion and I slid to the floor. Numb tears flowing out of my eyes.


Justin knelt in front of me, taking a hold of my face and caressing it.


I flinched and pulled away. The man's screams never ceasing along with mine.



I screamed even louder when they stood me up, pushing down some of my shirt to reveal my neck.


I screamed when they pulled out a syringe and put liquid into it.


I screamed when they jabbed it in my neck.


And I'm sure, I would've screamed when my limp body fell to the floor, my eyes rolled back, and  darkness completely surrounding me.





~ ~ ~


a/n: I have an unhealthy obsession with chapstick.


Updating soon.


Hope you enjoyed that scene.


A y a n n a



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