Catalina and Harry attended the same school for years yet they don't speak. That is until Senior year. Cat and Harry are complete opposites, Cat is one of the prettiest girls in school, but is also known as a Nerd and Harry? He's the schools Player. What happens when Harry's eyes land on a girl so Rare?


1. Chapter 1

Senior Year. Probably one of the best years of High school, sure the past three years have been wonderful but I'd rather not deal with the High school drama that comes along.

Today is the first day of Senior Year, and I am oh so happy. The fact that I don't know a lot of people or wasn't considered popular didn't affect me, I liked my life, grades, and friends.

"Catalina! Get ready!" the annoying high-pitched voice fills my ears. That ladies and gentlemen is my cousin Litze, but everyone calls her Lexi. My parents thought it would be a wonderful idea if she comes and stays with us until senior year is over. Why? Oh, maybe because her parents kicked her out. She was caught doing drugs, and sleeping around witch she swears she hasn't. Yeah right.

I am not one who has a relationship week after week, or even day after day like Lexi. To be honest the only relationship I had is my current one. Chris Martinez. He's no one special, but to me he is my everything. 

Anyways, I'm going off topic. I groaned and got up shooing Lexi away, "Go,"

After I got ready I looked in my mirror fixing my straightened hair, hopefully it stays. I go down stairs into the kitchen and greeted by my loving family. 

"Hey Catalina!" my younger brother Jordan chirps, "Hey,"I glared at him for saying my full name, I loved my name but it annoys me.

"Catalina you should tryout for Cheerleading, Lexi is going to tryout and I think it'll be good for you!" my mom said. "No" I snapped.

"Catalina, that wasn't a question. You are trying out"

"Sorry Mother but I'd rather not be categorized as a slut. And I sure as hell am not doing any sort of activity with Lexi." I snapped walking out of the kitchen, I grabbed my bag and walked to the garage getting into my little Black Honda FIT my parents got me for school only.

I drive to my schools building which consist of four floors obviously being for each year.


"Babe," Chris hugs me from behind. 

"Hiii" I turn to face him and give him a peck on the cheek.

Chris and I have been together for about a year now and no we haven't done it. i just don't feel I can trust him enough.

"I miss you," he says into my neck. I giggle feeling his breath tickle me. 

"CAT" I hear someone screech, I spin facing my bestfriend Liz. 

"Liz! Hey," I said pulling away from Chris to hug Liz. "Have you seen Harry? He's so hot I just wanna f-" I cut her off before she can say anything else.

"Um no. Shut up." I've seen Harry, we've literally been in the same grade since 8th grade when he transfered here from the UK.

"But he's so hot"

"Relax Liz he's just a guy. I bet you can't even get him to kiss you let alone fuck you," I said as I put some books into my locker, Chris laughed. 

"Bet you i can," She walked over to Harry who is in his little group of players. Literally all of them have stolen more than 3 girls virginity's, I'm not even lying.

She approaches Harry and wraps her arms around his neck. He smiles wrapping his arms around her waist. Now, Liz's back is facing me. Nice butt viw Liz. Harry's eyes meet mine then back at Liz, he then pins her agains the lockers and starts kissing her. Harry's group starts to cheer, I groan and turn back to my locker.

"My money please Cat," Liz sings.

"I cannot believe he kissed you, ha" by now Chris went to his friends and left Liz and I alone. 

"5 bucks my tomorrow. I'm going to class now."

I think I offended her. I close my locker and walk to my first period.

"Your friend is a little thirsty isn't she?" a deep voice says. i gasp and turn around to face the familiar man. 

"Says the guy sleeping with every girl everyday?" I reply.

"At least I'm getting some. Unlike you." he argues reffering to Chris.

"You don't know me or what I do." I snap getting more and more pissed.

"No. I don;t know you. But I do know your little boyfriend and what he does" he chuckled walking away. 

What is that suppose to mean?

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